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If you ask a layman something about web development, he/she would mention PHP. Yes, that is the power of PHP. It is one of the most mature and reliable programming languages in the software industry. Despite the arrival of many new technologies, PHP continues to prove its efficiency and usefulness. Due to its reliable nature, you must choose Custom PHP Web Development Services for your business.

However, there are many arguments against using PHP web development. You can easily find hundreds of blogs and opinion pieces on the disadvantages of PHP but the statistics paint a different picture altogether. As per research, around 83% of all web services are still being coded with PHP. Major market leaders like Slack, Facebook, and Spotify depend upon PHP. Thus, it is not an overstatement to say that PHP still runs the market.

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Why Choose Custom PHP Web Development Services for Your Business Process


PHP helps in tons of money by being freely available. As you may already know, it is an open-source framework and comes under the General Public License. Due to this reason, you don’t have to spend your budget on downloading and licensing costs.
Moreover, it boasts of an active community which comprises of international users. As a result, it has a vast pool of resources that help in the continuous enhancement of functionalities. As it is a mature language, almost every solution has been verified by experts and can be directly implemented in your code.

Faster Development Cycle:

Due to its high reusability factor, PHP reduces development time by a great margin. It is an object-oriented language and has many pre-built reusable components. Also, there are various PHP frameworks like Laravel, WordPress, Codelgniter with their specific functionality. It also functions like GET and POST which make optimization easy and quick. Due to these functionalities, PHP is a favorite between developers.


PHP is compatible with most servers, platforms, and databases. As a result, you can run your code on Windows, macOS, Unix, or Linux. Furthermore, it supports servers like Apache, Microsoft IIS, iPlanet, Xitami, Netscape, etc. Similarly, it supports more than 20 databases including MySQL and MongoDB. because of these qualities, it is ideal for developing cross-platform applications.

Easy to Integrate:

It is an embedded language that makes it easier to integrate with HTL, XML, and JavaScript. Additionally, it is a server-side language too which makes compiling easier. Due to all these dynamic properties, a project can easily implement new changes at any stage of development without facing any complication.

Multiple Options for Hosting:

We all know that PHP is a versatile language and most web hosting providers support PHP. In fact, PHP generally comes with a hosting package without any extra cost. There are many hosting packages that include free web host plans or inexpensive shared plans with a free domain name that comes with PHP.

The Right Custom PHP Website Development Company for You

Alphonic Network Solutions has to be your first choice if you want to include PHP development in your next project. With a rich experience of 6 years, we have completed illustrious PHP projects with finesse. Our team has the right expertise and dedication to provide you with the best PHP web development services.

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