How to Develop a Doctor Appointment Booking App like ZocDoc and Practo?

How to Develop a Doctor Appointment Booking App like ZocDoc and Practo?
How to Develop a Doctor Appointment Booking App like ZocDoc and Practo?

ZocDoc and Practo are kinds of apps that are designed to make it easier for patients to identify and schedule doctor appointments, increasing patient convenience and accessibility to healthcare.

To assist them in gaining a digital presence and patients, it can be an app designed specifically for hospitals that manage the schedules of all doctors affiliated with the institution or persons associated with a public repository such as Practo and Zocdoc.

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How Does A Doctor Appointment App Like Zocdoc And Practo Work?

How Does A Doctor Appointment App Like Zocdoc And Practo Work?
How Does A Doctor Appointment App Like Zocdoc And Practo Work?

If you’re creating an app to schedule doctor appointments, similar to Zocdoc or Practor, you should be interested in how these applications function in order to design the user flow of your own. So, this is how users can begin using this app to schedule doctor appointments who fit their needs step-by-step:

User Account Creation and Configuration
Whether a user is a patient or a doctor, they must first create and add details to their user profile before using any app.

If the user is a patient, they are required to disclose details about their allergies, history of significant medical procedures and treatments, current medications, etc.

In the event that the user is a physician, they must disclose details about their training, accomplishments, areas of expertise, important surgeries performed, and more.

Perform a thorough search and look up reviews and ratings.
The patient only needs to conduct a few searches to find the kind of doctor they need. Therefore, in order to choose the ideal doctor who meets their requirements, provides a positive patient experience, has efficient treatment plans, and has received excellent ratings and reviews, customers require a powerful app that is jam-packed with sophisticated search filters.

Make an Appointment
Once the patient has selected the best doctor for their care, they can view the doctor’s schedule to see which days and times work best for them for an appointment. These apps typically allow for real-time appointment scheduling, eliminating the possibility of scheduling conflicts.

When a patient schedules an appointment, the doctor receives a notice on their app, allowing them to approve or disapprove the request. The patient’s app will alert them to the approval of their appointment as soon as they accept the request.

Combination with Individual Calendar
Apps for scheduling doctor appointments, such as Practo and Zocdoc, can be integrated with personal calendars. Patients’ and physicians’ personal calendars will be reminded to attend the medical consultation following confirmation of the appointment, ensuring that they never forget it.

Video Consultations/Telehealth
This video consultation, or telehealth consultation, option is available through both ZocDoc and Practo. With this, individuals can meet virtually with their doctor to discuss minor medical concerns rather than having to go in person.

Creation, Renewal, and Follow-Up of Prescriptions
Certain apps for doctor appointments allow users to make digital prescriptions for themselves after the visit, renew them if necessary, and update them upon follow-up visits. In this manner, patients can obtain a history of their prescriptions, which they can utilize for future medicine or to seek a second opinion from other physicians.

Provide a Review and Scores
Patients will be prompted to rate and review the medical app once their online doctor appointment for consultation session has ended. They can use this to rate and review the doctors in order to assist other patients in finding that information beneficial and making well-informed judgments.

Payment Method
The last step requires patients to pay online for their doctor appointments for consultations. The caveat is that while some apps ask for this information at the time of consultation booking, others can do it after the visit has ended. To minimize the last-minute rush, it is strongly advised that patients pay the consultation or booking fees at the moment the appointment is approved.

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Why Should You Create An App for Medical Appointments?

Why Should You Create An App for Medical Appointments?
Why Should You Create An App for Medical Appointments?

The advantages of developing an app for doctor appointments can differ depending on the type of business and institution, including hospitals and standalone product-based enterprises. Nonetheless, the following ways the end aim will overlap and help them:

Large Doctor Network
There is a vast network of physicians and healthcare professionals available through telemedicine and apps that schedule doctor appointments. Additionally, it allows patients to choose from a variety of physicians with varying specializations to choose the best physician for their individual needs.

Therefore, whatever your needs are—be they for gynecology, primary care, mental health, or skin issues—let us know. Physicians from all specializations can use these apps.

This software for scheduling doctor appointments is convenient for both doctors and patients. These applications are frequently simple to use and intuitive, making it simple to find the best doctors, make doctor appointments with them, and have the doctors approve requests.

Expanded Healthcare Access
Despite being named a doctor appointment booking app, the app provides access to a wider range of healthcare services, such as obtaining prescription drugs online, scheduling lab tests at home, locating reputable surgical and medical emergency centers nearby, and more.

Patients can benefit from this app, particularly those who reside in underserved or rural places. Thus, individuals can avoid having to physically go by consulting medical doctors from any location.

Enhanced Experience for Patients
The idea of a doctor appointment system simplifies the entire scheduling procedure and facilitates medical consultations. Finding the finest physician who fits their needs, confirming their availability, scheduling a doctor appointment, and showing up for the consultation is all that patients need to do. The system’s increased usability contributes to a better patient experience when scheduling a visit with the physician.

Enhanced Involvement of Patients
Through the app, patients can easily schedule a doctor appointment, making it easier for them to interact with the healthcare practitioner. Patients may feel more engaged in the course of treatment and in the choices made regarding their care as a result.

Diminished Administrative Tasks
You may reduce administrative duties and burdens on healthcare workers by automating your doctor appointment scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation processes using your healthcare app. The administrative and reception staff at your hospital will be able to devote more of their attention to patient care and other healthcare support.

Effective Management of Time
Doctors can review and adjust their schedules based on scheduled appointments by using this app. They can even shorten patient wait times and lower the likelihood of overscheduling and missing appointments in this way.

Updates and Availability in Real Time
These applications are designed to display patients’ access to doctors in real-time. For instance, the doctor’s online or offline status, the closest potential appointment, etc.

Additionally, the app updates in real-time so that patients are informed of any changes to the appointment schedule that can accommodate their preferred time slot following each booking confirmation or cancellation.

They can take immediate action by receiving real-time updates about appointment requests using the doctor’s app.

Opportunities for Integrating Healthcare Apps
Although the doctor appointment app is still only an idea, you have the option to develop it into a fully functional, networked hospital administration app. by the incorporation of features and additional healthcare software solutions, such as reporting, pathology access, EHR systems, etc

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What are the Must-Have Features of the Doctor Appointment App?

What are the Must-Have Features of the Doctor Appointment App?
What are the Must-Have Features of the Doctor Appointment App?

Thinking of all with the health-tech revolution, your doctor appointment app must have the following features:

Establishing and Creating Stakeholder Profiles
Creating and configuring user profiles is a medical app’s primary development responsibility. This screen is where the user will enter their name, email address, mobile number, sex, and age to log in to the app.

For the creation of the patient profile
Additionally, you can request other health-related information from the user, such as height, weight, allergies, diabetes status, presence of any specific diseases, blood pressure, etc. It would serve as the patient’s individual health record.

For the Creation of the Doctor Profile
You request information from doctors about their years of experience in the sector as well as their areas of specialization, such as cardiologists, gynecologists, general practitioners, etc. The precise days and times, the location of his clinic, the names of the hospitals to which he is affiliated, etc.

For patients to make better decisions, you can even include features that display their reviews and ratings once they build their profile. To further ensure that doctors are easily accessible to medical professionals, you might ask them to include buttons for direct appointment booking, calling, or chatting.

In addition, you can allow physicians to upload a photo to their profile and a few images of their clinic.

Checker for Symptoms
Patients frequently lack knowledge about the type of medical condition they are experiencing or which physician to see first. Many patients see general physicists as a precaution, but occasionally their primary medication may not seem to be working.

Therefore, you need to give your patients the ability to check their symptoms and then consult doctors for a better cure using your medical appointment booking system.

Geolocation Pin Attached
A feature known as geolocation pinning is necessary for patients who intend to see a doctor in person to choose the closest and most qualified medical professionals. Not only that, but they may use your app’s network to locate the top physician in any area.

Additionally, it facilitates patients’ use of the fastest and most direct path to get to the relevant hospital or doctor’s office.

More Complex Search Filters
Your geo-location pinning serves as the initial filter, or as it were, the first step towards assisting patients in finding the physician of their choice. Subsequently, you can incorporate more filters to narrow down the search results, such as star ratings, number of years of experience, range of consultation costs, medical degrees, etc.

Evaluations and Stars
It is a well-known fact that most patients choose to contact specialists or doctors based on their ratings and reviews.

In order to improve patients’ app-using experience, assist them in locating the finest doctors in their search terms, and empower them to help others, you must include this function in your doctor appointment app.

Online Scheduling for Medical Visits
It is the primary feature and concept behind this app’s development. It enables patients to schedule healthcare appointments. What details then do they have to supply? Simple steps like the patient’s name, age and date of birth, phone number, email address, symptoms, gender, address, preferred appointment time, and date will all be covered. Patients must submit the form once all of these details have been completed.

Such requests will be communicated to the appropriate clinician after the form is received. The doctor can choose to accept, decline, or reschedule the doctor appointment to fit in with their everyday routine.

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How Much Does It Cost to Create an App for Doctor Appointments Similar to Practo and Zocdoc?

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App for Medical Appointments Similar to Practo and Zocdoc?
How Much Does It Cost to Create an App for Medical Appointments Similar to Practo and Zocdoc?

First of all, creating an app for a doctor’s appointment cannot be estimated precisely in terms of cost. The influence of numerous app development cost elements, such as the following, is the cause.

  • the app’s complexity;
  • number of features and capabilities you wish to include;
  • criteria for UI/UX design with minimal screen count and striking components;
  • Kind of team you are hiring; for instance, freelancers, in-house staff, or remote staff;
  • number of skills you employ;
  • The number of years the squad has been together;
  • the talent’s home nation;
  • stack of technologies to be applied in, etc.

In addition, the cost is contingent upon the engagement type selected. Based on this, most IT specialists advise choosing the dedicated hiring model, which allows you to hire personnel on an hourly basis. As for the hourly hiring model, well, that too has regional and national variations in cost.

Of course, project cost is a major consideration. But when it comes to the digital product that your whole company depends on, it’s better to prioritize build quality over cost-cutting.

It’s also critical to confirm that the project’s budget and the quality you receive from it are compatible.

Once everything is organized, you also need to understand the best ways to monetize your app for doctor appointments in order to increase the sources of income for your company.

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How to Monetize Your Doctor Appointment Application?

How to Monetize Your Doctor Appointment Application?
How to Monetize Your Doctor Appointment Application?

In addition to your primary source of income, your doctor appointment system can yield income in a variety of ways, such as:

Model for Subscription-based
For doctors to pay you money to publish their profile on your app and use its premium features, you can develop a subscription-based business plan. In addition, you can offer patients premium services to entice them to become devoted clients and benefit from free consultations, lab testing, and other services.

Within-App Marketing
Physicians can make use of this in-app marketing capability. To increase the number of doctor appointments, you can urge doctors to pay to have their profile boosted and displayed at the top.

Superior Features
This may be a component of another subscription-based business plan. A subscription model focused on data that requires doctors to pay for access to patient medical records is one option you can suggest to them, in addition to the others.

Health Care Provision
In order to provide an additional revenue stream, you can charge patients for platform handling fees if you have incorporated an online medical store for home delivery that charges for delivery.

Paid Referrals
With the help of this two-way revenue-generating module, you can charge medical professionals platform handling fees in exchange for referring patients to consult with and support them in running their practices.

These are obviously only a few ideas; you may also include modules for monetization.

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Why Should You Onboard Alphonic for Your Doctor Appointment App Development?

Why Should You Onboard Alphonic for Your Doctor Appointment App Development?
Why Should You Onboard Alphonic for Your Doctor Appointment App Development?

The field of medicine has made enormous strides, and the healthcare sector is growing and becoming more established. In reality, since they were integrated with medical science, mobile apps have rapidly advanced, simplifying patient lives and providing them with top-notch services.

However, you need the assistance of technology specialists to create an app similar to ZocDoc and Practo for scheduling doctor appointments.

This is where Alphonic, a top healthcare app development company, can be of great assistance to you. They can help you with the entire product lifecycle, from design and development to post-delivery support.

Thus, get in touch with us right now to go over all the options for your comprehensive doctor appointment app concept.

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