List of Best Food Delivery App Clones and Services in 2022

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Are you looking to develop a food delivery app? As the market for food delivery is flourishing due to the growing needs, the best food delivery app clones can help you take benefit out of the market. In this article, we have discussed the top 5 food delivery app clones and services in 2022.

What is a Food Delivery App Clones?

There are a lot of food delivery apps already existing in the market today which offer amazing features targeted towards both the user and admin side. The common features provided by these famous apps mixed with their great functionality makes developer vouch for them while building a similar app for other businesses. Here, the food delivery app clones can be a great way to build future apps with the same functionality and features replicated.

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Best Food Delivery App Clones

  1. UberEats Clone: UberEats is highly used as one of the best food delivery applications across the globe. UberEats provides extraordinary services with attractive offers in many countries and its pricing model is the main reason behind its success. Timely delivery and quick customer service are other factors that add perks to the end users. It covers all the features UberEats have such as – food delivery, food tracking, admin dashboard, restaurant listing, promo code, etc.
  2. Foodler Clone: The key benefit that attracts users to Foodler is the cashless payment option consumer can use while receiving the food. As other clone apps accept payment via card, cash, or e-wallets, Foodler accepts amounts in two ways, Foodler bucks, and Bitcoin.  Foodler bucks are collected as reward points every time you order food from this application. Bucks are also added based on customer loyalty. Another attractive feature of Foodler is its reward program that facilitates customers to get free meals at different time intervals. This app has a widespread reach and Foodler Clone can help you get similar features for your food delivery app clones.
  3. Grubhub Clone: This clone has a number of restaurants in the country providing 24*7 food delivery services. One of the appreciable features of Grubhub is that it facilitates users to search for attractive deals in restaurants located nearby. Customers are eligible to grab deals with heavy discounts throughout the year. The listing of restaurants on this platform is quite to the point for all kinds of users. 
  4. Zomato Clone: The success of Zomato can be estimated by its increasing popularity day by day. However, at present, it is focusing only on the Indian market. It has covered almost all states and even cities of India. It comes with features such as heavy discounts, an easy listing of restaurants, food delivery tracking, promo discounts, restaurant listing, etc.
  5. Deliveroo Clone: With a Deliveroo app clone, you’ll be able to offer your customers a seamless ordering experience from start to finish. Your customers will be able to easily browse through your menu, select their desired items, and track their orders in real-time – all from the convenience of their mobile devices. And with an integrated payment gateway, you can be sure that your customers will be able to make payments with ease.
  6. Swiggy Food Delivery App Clones: Swiggy is another popular food delivery app quite famous in the Indian market. With the competitive features of food delivery and an intuitive UI, its clone can be used for food aggregator businesses to offer similar features. 

Common Features Used by Food Delivery App Clones

The Food Delivery App clones which exist in the market use similar features and functionality. While all these apps are designed with the purpose to satisfy the needs of both consumers and businesses, they all offer competitive functionalities that are favorable and proven in the food delivery ecosystem. Here are some of the common features listed below:

  1. Searching Restaurants: The ability to search for restaurants is a key feature for food delivery apps. This allows users to find the restaurants that they are looking for and makes it easy to order food from them.
  2. Menu & Ordering: The ability to view the menu and order food is another key feature of food delivery apps. This allows users to see what is available from a particular restaurant and makes it easy to order the food that they want.
  3. Payment: The ability to pay for food is another key feature of food delivery apps. This allows users to pay for their food using their credit card or other methods.
  4. Tracking of Order: The ability to track the delivery of the food is another key feature of food delivery apps. This allows users to track the progress of their food delivery and make sure that it is delivered on time.
  5. Discounts and Offers: This can be used as a hook to retain consumers and give them the benefits to order food more and often. This is an exceptional feature that increases orders for restaurants and makes the food delivery app clones popular in the market.


food delivery app has the power to scale up your food business. However, to develop a successful food delivery clone app, in-depth market research and marketing are equally important in alignment with the tech expertise due to the immense level of existing competition. If you are looking for one such app, connect with Alphonic to get your food app development by tech experts.

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