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In 2020, every business idea culminates in a mobile app. And, every mobile app runs on either two platforms – Android or iOS. Most business people have little knowledge about choosing the right platform for their mobile apps. The reality is that both platforms have their specific pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss what makes the Android Mobile Application Development ideal.

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What Makes Android Mobile Application Development a Hit?

Android is the OS of the masses. People of all ages and regions love it. It is not uncommon to find a shopkeeper in South-East Asia with an Android phone. Similarly, you may also find a CEO with a smartphone running on Android OS. The power of Android lies in its huge spectrum of serving varied customers.

Android is the undisputed king of the market and it is going to cover 87% of the entire market share by 2024. Furthermore, there’re 2.8 million apps on the Google store. If a business wants to reach a wider market, they must choose Android app development.

Why Android Mobile Application Development is a Perfect Choice for a Prudent Businessperson


The main goal of any business is to penetrate wider markets and not restrict oneself. The market is getting cut-throat with passing time and missing out on a big chunk of the population would be disastrous. As discussed before, Android rules the world market share and Google App store boast of unprecedented success. Naturally, an Android app is your best bet to reach the maximum number of people.


Android applications use Java as the main programming language. Therefore, it is easier to port them to other platforms like Symbian, Ubuntu or Blackberry. Thus, a single code can be modified and used to serve multiple platforms.


Android app development is less costly than iOS. Google provides the SDK at a nominal fee and there’s no licensing cost involved. It is also an open-source technology which makes Android app development even simpler. Thus, the process of application development in Android is comparatively less expensive.


Your development team won’t need any special equipment to develop and test your Android application. The code is compatible with most devices – be it Mac or Linux. Thus, developing and testing an Android application is hassle-free as opposed to iOS.


When you have a business idea, you would want it to be made and presented to the market as soon as possible. Android app development ensures that your application has a shorter TTM (Time-to-Market) with ease. A simple Android application only requires a few hours for deployment. So, if you want to be a market mover in a certain segment, choose an Android app development company.


Android is more flexible when it comes to customization. You can get an application developed as per your business operations. You can also add or remove modules as per the changing needs of the business. There are plenty of features available for Android applications. If you want an interactive application, Android should be your choice.

You’ve Found the Best Android App Development Company in India and the US

Alphonic Network Solution has been working in Android app development for the past six years. Our committed and talented team has broken many records in Android development and our clients’ trust is proof of that. We understand what makes an Android app tick and how it can drive your business. If you have an idea to discuss or any questions to ask, don’t hesitate to drop us a hello.

For more info: Whatsapp us at +91 9887133338

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