What is the Best Approach To Creating a Job Portal Website like Indeed

Indeed Alternatives
Indeed Alternatives

More than 50% of job seekers use indeed. Here the question is, why are they using indeed rather than using the other job portals? What makes it unique? Indeed is a leading job search portal that allows job seekers to find jobs from different domains and companies. Job seekers and companies can connect through indeed alternatives to eliminate the gaps between finding the right candidate for the right profile.  If you are a job portal development company USA, This blog will discuss the best approach to create indeed alternatives and job portal websites. 

Top Features of a Job Portal Website like Indeed

If Indeed inspires you, you should understand the highlighting features to add in the indeed alternatives that you are developing. Some of the top features of indeed are as follows:

Features for Employers

Here are the features of Indeed for Employers:

  1. Free Job Posting: It allows companies and HR recruiters to post free jobs on the portal.
  2. Sponsored Jobs: Indeed allows its corporate users to pay for ads to boost their ads among the larger target groups. 
  3. ATS Integration: Indeed Apply is a feature that lets you connect your job posting with an Applicant Tracking System to streamline your hiring process in an easy way.
  4. Indeed Hire: indeed also offers you a specialist to find candidates saving time and effort for companies. 

Features for Job Seekers

Here are the features of Indeed for Job Seekers:

  • Finding Jobs & Listing: Indeed features a list of jobs with a salary range, location, job profile, and company details. A job seeker may easily apply for a job after checking the complete details. 
  • Company Reviews: Indeed offers a complete company profile with reviews and ratings to help job seekers decide whether to apply for a particular company or not. 
  • SMS/Email Notification: Indeed works as a job notification site that offers you updates on new job listings and popular job postings catered to the preferences of a job seeker. 
  • Online Resume Builder: Indeed offers an online resume builder for candidates to create a resume.  

Indeed Alternatives – Step-by-Step Guide for Creating a Job Portal Website

It can be challenging to create a website like indeed, but if you are a job portal development company USA, you can develop indeed alteratives by keeping the right aspects in mind. This guide will take you through creating a job portal website like Indeed:

  1. Market survey

Before starting the development process, you should do market research to understand the specific audience and what they like to see on the website. Since indeed already have a large user base, you need to understand different dimensions and user requirements to make it different from what already indeed features. Being a job portal development company USA, you should target creating cutting-edge Indeed alternatives through market research. 

  1. Identify the features

A job portal website should have a range of features that cater to the needs of both job seekers and employers. Choose the segments you like to see on the website and include advanced search and filter bars, job listing, and applicant tracking system. You need to create a list of features you need in the indeed alternatives to make them more user-friendly.

  1. Decide the Development Platform

Decide the platform on which you like to create your websites, such as WordPress, PHP, or any other framework. Since the website will be dynamic, these two options are majorly used to cater to job posting, job searching, listing, sorting, etc.  You should also integrate many more features revolving around job searching and posting.  

  1. Develop Your Website

Once you have decided technology platform, it is crucial to develop the front-end and back-end of the website, considering its UI and what database will be used to store the data. You can start with creating wireframes of the screens and planning an Information Architecture to understand how different website features will interact with users such as companies and candidates. 

  1. Test with Real Users

After the development phase, it is crucial to test your job portal with the target audiences, as they will be able to tell you better about how the features are working well and if there are any issues. Before starting mass marketing your job portal, this is the best approach.

  1. Marketing of Job Portal

As everyone knows, that indeed drives massive traffic on its platform and is driven through different marketing channels which include google search ranking, advertisements, referrals, etc. You also need to plan a thorough marketing strategy to launch the product. You may also use social media campaigns, paid ads, B2B collaborations, and SEO strategies to increase the visibility of your job portal.

Why Develop Job Portal like Indeed?

There are a lot of platforms for job searching, and all platform offers diverse choices to candidates and companies. As a job portal development company USA, you need to design and develop a job portal keeping in mind the right aspects of job matching with the right profile and company. The Job Portal needs to be designed and developed to make the user journey easy and helps in finding a job or candidate easy for both the company and the candidate. Since the job search market is booming, there are amazing opportunities lie out in the market.


Indeed alternatives like Job Portal development can be a great idea if you are looking to start out your own venture and want to seek good revenue. If you are interested in HR and Job Market, you can hire the best job portal development company USA such as Alphonic to get your job portal developed.