AWS Amplify_ Build Apps Fast With This Toolkit From Amazon

AWS Amplify

Are you looking for an AWS service to build your application efficiently? Then look no further because AWS Amplify is a powerful tool for modern web and mobile developers! With AWS Amplify, you can quickly and easily build, deploy, and host your web and mobile applications, using a wide range of cloud services and features. 

Whether you are a seasoned developer or just getting started, AWS Amplify has something for everyone. With its intuitive interface, rich feature set, and strong integration with other AWS services, AWS Amplify makes it easy to build and deploy high-quality, scalable applications ready for the modern world.

The main intention for the launch of Amplify was to unite the user experience across all platforms like the web, mobile, etc. It helps users to choose the platform they feel are most comfortable with. In this blog, we will look at the benefits of AWS Amplify.

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Benefits of Amplify

AWS Amplify offers several benefits if you are looking to develop a scalable app, some of those benefits are listed here:

1. Free to Start

Amplify is a free-to-use toolkit that does not require the user to pay for its basic features. It offers multiple features free of cost, but you will need to upgrade to a paid plan if you cross the threshold of the technical requirements. 

2. Development is UI Driven

By using AWS Amplify for building your project, you get a simple and modern user interface approach. The design of its CLI and workflow is seamless in nature, thus providing extra speed during the development of the application. 

3. Backend Support

Amplify enhances application performance by providing built-in support for backend management. It uses serverless architecture to make the backend management easy.

4. Web-Based Analytics 

AWS offers a web-based analysis dashboard for project managers, developers, and designers, which proves to be an extremely useful use case. It includes enforcement metrics along with tracking of attributes and users. The analytics can be tracked and managed by teams. 

5. Pay as You Go Model

AWS enables users to pay for only the services they have used. They have a cost-effective and flexible payment model.

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How Does Amplify Work?

Amplify deploys and builds serverless applications within the cloud. It gives a full-stack application platform that mixes both server-side and client-side configurations. Amplify consists of three components:

  • Libraries 

Amplify libraries provide assertive, easy-to-use, and declarative interfaces for web and mobile developers to interact with the backend services. The libraries are available for Android, iOS, and JavaScript.

  • UI Component

AWS Amplify user interface component is an open-source UI that includes the cloud workflows in the application. It uses AWS CloudFormation which provides full transparency to the user. 

  • Command Line Interface (CLI) 

The Command Line Interface of Amplify is an integrated toolchain that allows you to include more features and cloud services into your application. It configures the backend in your application with a single command. 

 Features of AWS Amplify 

Here are some of the great features of AWS Amplify:

1. Authentication

Amplify offers user management and secure authentication powered by Amazon Cognito. You can use the CLI to incorporate configuration authentication workflow in the application. 

2. DataStore

DataStore is an on-device storage engine that creates the experience of working with distributed cross-user data just like working with local data. It syncs data between web apps and mobile and AWS cloud database to assist you in building offline and real-time applications faster. 

3. Interaction

With the use of Amplify, you will be able to build interesting and interactive conversational bots with only a single line of code with the same deep learning technologies that power Amazon’s Alexa. 

4. PubSub

It is very convenient to exchange messages between your application’s backend and application instances, making real-time interactive experiences. It is usually provided by Generic MQTT Over WebSocket Providers and AWS IoT services.

Amplify Pricing

AWS offers both free and paid plans for its users. Its free tier allows users 1,000 build minutes per month for deploy and build features. It also covers 5 GB of stored data per month and 15 GB of served data for the hosting feature.  The free tier expires in 12 months after which the user must switch to the paid tier.

The pricing for its build and deploy feature is $0.01 and for hosting, Amplify asks $0.023 for every GB stored and $0.15 for every GB served. 


AWS Amplify is the best choice for a developer if they are building an application or improving the one they already have. It allows you to specialize in your goals instead of maintaining the infrastructure from scratch. Developing applications with notifications, APIs, and built-in authentication can be done with the minimum amount of work. To sum it up, AWS Amplify can be called a blessing for web and mobile developers.

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