How Long Does it Take to Go Live with a Blockchain Development Project

Blockchain Development Project

Blockchain technology is a trending factor nowadays, but most f people know blockchain as cryptocurrency and bitcoin only, still it has a lot more to it. In the last few years, this technology has completely transformed the way businesses and people work and make transactions. The word “digital transformation” fits perfectly and defines blockchain technology. blockchain development project represents a decentralized network, and businesses are not leaving any stone unturned to leverage the benefits offered by this opportunity. They are constantly in search of a reliable blockchain development project that can create custom solutions as per your business requirements. But what is the process of getting a blockchain development project for your business and get it deployed in the market?

In the last few years, we have seen that blockchain development project and its applications have seen tremendous growth, and many start-ups & enterprises have already invested in blockchain development project in many more ways. As cryptocurrencies are totally dependent on the blockchain, the demand for blockchain development project is also increasing. As bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency in the market, people can now easily perform P2P transactions through wallet applications at zero cost fees.

Cryptocurrencies made a huge impact in the global markets and so many vendors have started to accept crypto payments. To make successful crypto payments, blockchain wallet apps are required. As per recent surveys, financial companies can save up to $12 billion dollars every year by adopting blockchain technology. So, businesses have started to invest in blockchain development project for profitable results and benefits. But still, you will be having a question in mind, what is the cost of developing a bitcoin wallet application and how long will it get to get your project deployed in the market.

In this article we are going to discuss the factors that may affect the cost of blockchain wallet app development and how long will it take to get live with your blockchain development project?

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What is Blockchain Wallet Development?

Blockchain crypto wallet application development will assist you with making crypto payments from your wallet accounts to other wallet accounts with very nearly zero transaction fees. Aside from crypto transactions, it additionally helps you with sending, get, and move digital forms of money. This wallet application holds all the cryptos securely. So, if you are running a crypto trade, it helps your clients with exchanging advanced monetary forms straightforwardly on your trade or a mobile and web wallet application.

This bitcoin wallet application upholds a wide scope of significant cryptographic forms of money. For example, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and so on. Additionally, this application displays the crypto balance in your account. It contains both the private key and public key to give a protected crypto transaction. In this wallet application, private keys go about as secret keys. So, we need to enter the private key to make the crypto transactions from your application. So don’t impart your private key to other people. Then, at that point, you may lose your assets.

Then again, public keys go about as a digital address. It is straightforwardly associated with the blockchain wallet application balance. There are various types of storage in the bitcoin wallet application. Like the hot wallet, warm wallet, and cold wallet. The hot wallets are online wallets and you can access them only from the web. Numerous finance managers prefer hot wallet applications for storing digital forms of money and tokens. The cold wallet application is offline storage. So, an internet connection isn’t required. Numerous start-ups and new companies prefer cold wallet applications instead of hot wallets. Warm wallets are a combination of both cold and hot wallets in the blockchain wallet application. At this point, there are five fundamental kinds of blockchain wallets in the marketplace. For example,

  • Mobile wallet
  • Desktop wallet
  • Web wallet
  • Hardware wallet
  • Paper wallet

Why Companies Are Adopting Blockchain Development Project?

However, blockchain development project has been well known at first as a base for the steady functioning of each cryptographic money, it is currently being viewed as a data set that can be used practically on any mobile application. The blockchain is a decentralized record that tracks the transactions between various parties that are shared with all of the stakeholders. This makes the framework exceptionally simple and upgrades application security as no deceitful transactions can be made and nobody can alter the transactions without the information on the partners.

Different features can be coordinated using this innovation. Not only the digital transactions are made more available by using new techniques through blockchain technologies, also any shared transactions in mobile applications end up being a natural fit with this innovation. Accordingly, blockchain helps in managing unalterable and devoted records of transactions of any sort dependent on the necessities of the mobile application.

Blockchain applications can disturb the current plans of action extraordinarily by giving low-cost instantized arrangements. Blockchain protocols can make advanced transactions in business measures more open by using new strategies. The manual, long-haul cycles can be automated with the use of blockchain.

The solid encryption underlying the blockchain innovation will make blockchain stay for long, regardless of whether cryptographic forms of money lose the race. This innovation with its support of many major monetary foundations, real estate consortiums, medical services associations, and different enterprises that need to follow transactions safely will remain stylish in the coming years.

Common Features of Blockchain Wallet Application

Here are some common features offered by cryptocurrency eWallet application development company to make your business thrive in the market. As blockchain wallet has various users, there are two distinct panels, i.e. the user panel, and the admin panel and each panel has some specific features:

User Panel

  • Registration
  • Buying Bitcoins
  • Selling Bitcoins
  • Requesting a Deal
  • Filtered Searching
  • Profile Management
  • Push Notifications


  • Dashboard
  • Registration
  • User Management
  • Advertisement and Membership Management
  • Content Management and Analysis
  • Manage Pin Reset Request
  • Manage Withdraw Request

Must-Have Features of Blockchain Wallet Application for Win-Win Situation

Developing a blockchain mobile wallet application will help you to expand your business on a wide horizon and grab more users:

Two-Factor Authentication

Integration of the Two-consider Authentication your blockchain development project development will upsurge the principles of your application. It is a sort of safety feature that functions as an auxiliary layer of safety for the application. So, it tends to be totally gotten to exclusively by the client. This feature requires not just a secret word and username from the client. However, it additionally requires some auxiliary data like OTP for allowing access. So, this feature can certainly upgrade the security of the crypto transactions that are prepared inside the blockchain development project. However, the clients can pick whether they need to initiate this feature in the application or not. Also, this feature makes the wallet application more adaptable for crypto clients.

Push Notifications

Push notification is one of the must-have features for the blockchain wallet application. This feature is nearly utilized in mobile applications. It will help the administrator or the owner of the blockchain development project to tell the clients with some data. Like the cost of digital money, transaction disappointment, and transaction achievement. Also, this feature helps the application clients to be refreshed with all the record action progressively. Be that as it may, push notification will also advise the application clients at whatever point they send, get, or move digital currencies. This feature will also be valuable for sending offers, limits, and vital updates to the application clients.

QR Code Scanner

The essential purpose for the blockchain Android application development is an issue-free transaction. Also, no intercession of outsiders or any focal position. In this current time, numerous blockchain development project is advancing in the marketplace. Those wallet applications will have a QR code scanner include as an obligatory one. Since it helps the application clients to filter the code then, at that point add security keys to the application for moving the getting the advanced money. So, by utilizing this feature in the application, clients can perform 100% secure transactions. This caused numerous finance managers to incorporate a QR code scanner for blockchain development project.

Multi Crypto Support

By utilizing the blockchain development project, it is extremely simple to move crypto starting with one wallet address then onto the next. You need to offer different digital currency backing to your application clients. So it assists you with drawing in crypto dealers from all pieces of the world. Create your blockchain wallet application with multi-cryptos and dispatch them internationally. So, it makes the transaction simpler for your application clients.


Considered as one of the main features of most mobile applications, the approval stage assumes a significant part on account of wallet bitcoin security. Under this feature, assuming the client needs to get to their bitcoin account, they need to fill in a structure with access keys. In addition, access is also ensured through two-factor confirmation, which it adds an additional layer of safety convention when clients make any transactions. Google Two-Factor Authentication is additionally a powerful method to guarantee that the application is consistently protected from hackers and fraud.

Auto Cancellation of Payments

The auto cancellation features in the bitcoin portable application are an incredible advantage for clients. Particularly, when a client accidentally makes payment twice, the application consequently identifies the copy demand, and the second payment transaction is naturally erased. Clients are consistently cognizant in regards to payment issues and the auto-crossing out feature is supposed to be quite possibly the most well-known feature of the bitcoin wallet application. Some of the time because of network issues, clients make payments twice, which is a major worry for some clients.

What is the Cost and How Long Will it Take to go Live with your Bitcoin Project Development?

When it is about Bitcoin Wallet application or blockchain development project, there are many key points that affect the cost of the blockchain development project. The main things are the funds you need to help and the security of the wallet. Depending on the funds you want to add to your wallet application, the expense will differ. Additionally, a wallet application being a financial software, it must be 100% secure and hack-proof. Along these lines, carrying out cutting-edge security provisions will also affect the general development cost.

It is hard to identify the specific cost of the Bitcoin blockchain development project, however, the development cost varies between $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the application scope and platform support required. It is advised to define the scope of your wallet application, security necessities, and development platform before the start of the project to find out the Bitcoin wallet application development cost.

Depending on the physical location of the business, people or the services can choose from any of the three below-mentioned engagement models Offshore is the way when the services or business visionaries need the project to be finished from the remote area. Onsite is the point at which the business people need the task to be done in the workplace premises. So according to the rule, the required and hired wallet Mobile App developers are sent to the workplace alongside the assigned work.

Hybrid application development is the mixture of both and is opted when the business people need to seek the application within minimum time. During the available time, developers are sent to the workplace and after that, the group works from a remote area.


So, hire a Right Development Partner Starting with an imaginative idea, interesting ideation, energy, and the right Mobile App Development Company yes will drop the blockchain wallet cost and time structure for developing a blockchain development project up to 40%. In this manner, prior to leaving with the application advancement procedures of a blockchain wallet Mobile App, the organizations and the business should approve and check the previous work history and the time required and contributed by the Mobile App Development Company for designing blockchain wallet Mobile App. It is always advisable to think about all the reliable blockchain development project firms because of involvement, goodwill, and cost.

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