Choose the Best PHP Framework for Ecommerce Business

Best PHP Framework

Building an online store is nothing similar to a brick-and-mortar business. Integrating digital information in your business requires some right tools and efforts. Best PHP frameworks are for eCommerce website development as it offers a wide variety of in-built tools and features. These platforms can help you to build reliable and flexible websites.

As per the latest reports from, the eCommerce market will reach a milestone of $5 trillion by the end of the year 2021. With a growth rate of over 20% from 2020, eCommerce websites dominate the retail industry from every corner of the globe.  

This high surge in the eCommerce market is why there are open-source PHP platforms. These PHP frameworks offer the best tools for online payments, inventory management, and Customer Relationship Management. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that offers an easy syntax for coding eCommerce websites.

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What is a Framework?

A framework for software development means a library or a collection of source files and programs that communicate with each other for developing software solutions per your need. It offers a streamlined way of creating applications and solutions that are functional and reusable.

Most of the parts and components of the framework, such as code libraries, compilers, toolsets, programs, and APIs, are pre-built in the framework to make the development process easier for the developers. The developers can use these pre-existing services for writing code and eCommerce application development with the best features and functionalities.

However, the solution not only depends on finding the right eCommerce service, but it is also essential to select the right mobile application development team to execute the same.

From finding reliable and professional U/UX developers that can cater to the needs for creating an intuitive and attractive interface and user experience, a database for the future, and hiring trustworthy developers that can create reliable eCommerce solutions for your business.

Why Choose PHP for eCommerce Platform Development?

PHP framework is a popular open-source server-side Scripting and development language compatible with most applications and software development. PHP allows developers to create complex websites and applications with less code quickly. PHP’s broad features and architecture offer standard templates and plug-ins for easy source code programming. Moreover, it also has brilliant compatibility advantages to run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and limitations.

PHP framework improves the development process through secure and lightweight codes. This is all possible due to MVC architecture, i.e., a combination of HTML coding, database application, and input/output instructions.

As a huge community of developers constantly upgrades and enhances the software, there are fewer chances of website malfunction. If any issues occur, they are resolved quickly. Apart from this, below are some other benefits for eCommerce application development offered by PHP:

Faster Development

As PHP frameworks have in-built tools and libraries, the development is less quick. For example, the Bake command line of PHP enables developers to quickly create skeleton code in your application. Best PHP frameworks have a PHP Unit library for easy code testing.

Less Code to Write

As it has an in-built function, it is no need to write complete code from scratch to create an eCommerce application.

Libraries for Common Tasks

Most of the tasks performed by developers in web apps are expected. Some examples of these tasks are data sanitization, CRUD operations, and form validation. Instead of writing functions for these tasks, developers can use the ones already available in the framework.

Follow Good Coding Practices

To make the coding process easy and best for developers, the best PHP framework divide the code into categories and directories as per the function. They force you the write the code in a maintainable, clearer, and neater way.

More Secure Than Writing Your Apps

Using a PHP framework is not a substitute for writing secure code, but it minimizes the chance of hacker exploits. Good frameworks have data sanitization built-in and defenses against the common threats mentioned above.

Using PHP for web app development not only minimizes the chances of threat but also minimizes the chance of hacker exploits. Best PHP frameworks have data sanitization as an in-built defense system against the common threats mentioned above.

Better Teamwork

Projects handled by multiple developers can go wrong if there isn’t clarity about:

  • Documentation
  • Design decisions
  • Code standards

Using the PHP framework clears the ground rules for your project for better development. Even if other developers are unfamiliar with the framework, they can easily use and learn it to work collaboratively.  

Easier to Maintain

PHP frameworks offer to refactor the code for promoting DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) development. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the core framework as the developers do it.

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Best PHP Frameworks for eCommerce Business Platform Development

Most of the eCommerce systems used currently for web application development are available at a reasonable price or free. The open-source platforms are significant as they are accessible, developed, and managed by experienced developers across the globe. It is advisable to settle on the experience you need from your online store, which might be a self-facilitating or complete bundle at a small charge.

People utilize open-source platforms as they are developer-friendly and equipped with unique features. It’s a complex task for you to search for the right eCommerce platform for your business.

Keeping these questions in mind, we’ve shortlisted the following list of best PHP framework you can choose for eCommerce application development:

To pick the best PHP Framework for huge-scope applications, you should address these questions first:

  • What functionalities and parts do I need from the Framework?
  • Is the platform being regularly updated?
  • Is there a huge community around the specific framework?
  • What is the learning curve?

Following these questions, we’ve shortlisted a list of the best PHP framework you can choose for eCommerce application development:


If frameworks were people, Laravel would presumably be the lord. Assuming you need to code attractive designs, you’re looking for Laravel since it’s considered the go-to best PHP framework for web developers.

The reason for its wide prominence reduces to ease of use and essentially no expectation to learn and adapt. Moreover, it is a framework used by most developers for some serious work. So it might appear to be a simple tool at first, but it’s a monster when producing quality-assured work.

Laravel has numerously inbuilt features which uphold rapid application development on any web hosting for PHP. It contains the platform’s engine, Blade, a naïve development climate called Homestead, progressed restful directing framework, and numerous features.


Created by Sensio Labs, Symfony has an enormous community of more than 300,000 designers to flaunt. The development group of Symfony offers training classes in various dialects, yet they update their blog consistently to keep their community active.

The developers suggest the framework due to its high-level features and simple environment. Symfony segments use reusable PHP libraries, making different development tasks simpler, for example, structure creation, routing verification, object setup, templating, and numerous others.

Compared to Laravel, Symfony has a steep learning curve from the considerable measure of features it offers. However, the quickly developing community support and a few unofficial support groups make it much simpler to learn and know what the system offers.

Yii 2

Yii is among the most established best PHP framework with no support from any organization. Instead, a global group of developers offer the help and professionally deliver on a large scale per modern web app development needs. Yii 2 competes with Symfony 2 but has a simpler learning curve.

With its stand-apart features, Yii 2 is generally chosen when developers need results quickly. Its design makes it function admirably with AJAX and has incredible catching support, settling on Yii 2 a solid option among designers.

While it permits designers to display database base information into objects, eliminating the complexity of composing SQL queries on a repetitive basis. With Yii2, developers guarantee extensible and reliable web applications.


CakePHP has seen a lot of good and bad times in the best PHP framework community. But after the arrival of version 3.7, the monster from the old eras has made some presence.

Delivered in 2005 and accessible under the MIT license, CakePHP is freely available for personal and business use. In earlier stages, CakePHP attracted names like Hyundai, Express, BMW, and so on as its corporate clients, and you can consider how significant it was in its early phases.


With the best PHP framework structure with advanced features, Codeigniter is the go-to framework for developers who need to finish their projects quickly. It contains a library with a clear interface and requires a logical structure for access. Codeigniter shines for sure developers since it grants them to focus on the creativity part and requires practically no coding tasks.

Zend Framework

Zend is a feature-rich best PHP framework that offers fast application development. Suggested by a large community of developers, the Zend framework is perhaps the most developed PHP structure in the market.

This PHP framework is integrated with cutting-edge features that make it simple for developers to make large applications.

It has a few advanced features, for example, a cryptographic coding tool, a front-end supported simplified manager, PHP Unit testing tools, and others. Further, Zend has additionally collaborated with significant-tech organizations like IBM, Microsoft, Google, and others.


Phalcon is not the same as the other PHP frameworks since its coding style depends on C and C++. However, it gives progressed development components to make error-free web applications.

This best PHP framework involves outstanding features, including resource management, catching, general autoloader, and others. Phalcon is simple to use and understand and offers detailed documentation to help developers understand the PHP platform better.

The Key Takeaway

We’ve never walked in your shoes, so we have no clue what your business requirements are. However, we’ve shortlisted the best PHP framework you can use for eCommerce application development to make your business grow in the right direction.

If you have questions regarding this article, follow the comment section below, and we’ll get back quickly. Furthermore, remember to share the article with your designer companions and make their lives simpler too!

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