Deliveroo Clone App: An Ideal Application for Ordering Food

deliveroo clone

Food ordering is a new fashion to the people. It is obvious that when you can get food in your place with a reasonable price then why should you go outside? When a guest comes to your house, it is difficult to manage food suddenly.  In that case, food app like deliveroo clone app helps a lot to get rid of this kind of situation.

What is a Deliveroo Clone?

It is the software of the food application which manages the order to place properly and send properly to the destination through the clone script. It is one of a multi-platform user app which is essential to delivering food within time. The application has its end user on four sides.

Deliveroo Clone App

There are four apps for four-part of the user. All are interconnected with each other for total process. Here, details are given below:

  • User application: A user uses the app to order food. First of all, it will find the nearest restaurant according to the user and then the user will select his/her favorite one. The restaurant has uploaded its many in the app. The user will select his items and place an order. He/she have to give his address. After placing item, payment option will show.
  • Restaurant Application:

    Deliveroo clone application has order portal, member portal, payment portal. When a new order is notified, then restaurant have to prepare the food within given time. The payment will be made according to order, and admin will pay its price. Food will be delivered to the delivery boy.

  • Delivery application: There is delivery man for order. The application will find the nearest delivery man near to the restaurant. They will pick the prepared order from the restaurant and will go the user given address to deliver the item to the customer. If COD option is there, then he/she will collect money from the customer.
  • Admin application: Admin have the software to edit items, placing items and managing the process. He/she can give offers on ordering food; delivery offers for placing multiple items as well as managing the payment for each part of the user, restaurant and delivery man. When new items have to update, the admin will do that with the deliveroo app clone.

The entire process is done by the deliveroo clone script. The system must be updated with time. Being a one-stop solution for the restaurants it can transform a basic one into a famous one with its wide range of services. It, not only aid the firm to have higher customer satisfaction, moreover it will bring in more revenue for the firm.