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Dry Cleaning App Clone - Alphonic

If you consider the life of an unmarried guy or about the family where both the individuals are working. It’s tedious for them to clean their clothes or even they may feel difficult to allot time for cleaning activities. Just think when they will have time to go for DryCleaning App Clone as well as washing shops or services. Basically, they do these works during their holidays.

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Yet, imagine a scenario in which somebody takes their garments from their entryway and deliver them after performing the required services. Truly with alphonic.in application this is conceivable. This will spare heaps of the time of the end client. The application developed by alphonic.in will help the individuals to book plans for clothing services wherever they are.

This is one of the attractive and ideal ideas for new business. So if you are keen on a comparative business, get in touch with alphonic for the application and also to know more points about our services.

Interesting Features of DryCleaning App Clone

1. Client account setup

Consumers are able to build their own profile with ordinary frame enrolment or social associate. You can also alter your own profile as well as a secret key and also can go out of their profile just by availing the logout option.

2. Convenient and Satisfactory Pickup

Customers can choose their own desired time for picking up the garments in the dry cleaning app clone with no sort of difficulty. Interestingly, the clone script developed by alphonic has many interesting features and it allows the users to track their request status and the washers will reach their doorstep for picking up the item.

3. Track the Clothing Request

Once the garment is picked up, then you can see the date of delivery with time, and also you will be updated with the status periodically. View the rundown of material with the price. In, DryCleaning Clone the cost and list of materials will intimate to the customers via email and push notifications.

As I mentioned earlier, notifications about your material will be delivered to your contact info periodically.

4. Order List

Consumers can have a look at the list of their requests and also in our clone script you are also provided with the erase option. Additionally, you can view the full data of your request, status, and cost without much effort.

5. Online Payment process

Once the order is done and your garment is ready for delivery then the customers will be enabled with payment options. Customers can pay via online mode just by using their debit or credit card.

Customers can also post their views and reviews about the services in the dry cleaning app clone. Therefore the DryCleaning App Clone Script can develop with the help of alphonic.

For more info: Whatsapp us at +91 9887133338

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