Online Job Portal Development – Cost & Key Features

Online Job Portal Development

Job Platforms are getting quite popular these days as it offers numerous opportunities to both candidates and businesses in various ways. If you are looking for online job portal development, this blog will help to answer all your doubts.

Job Portal Development is a crucial need of today’s time where both employers and employees need something to bridge the growing gap in terms of demand and supply. As companies are always in search of the right candidates while on the other hand candidates also keep looking for reliable jobs. To leverage this trend, the online job portal development can be a great solution to look into this opportunity of demand and supply in the job market.

What is Online Job Portal Development?

An online job portal development is a website or app that allows job seekers to search for and apply for jobs online. Job portals typically host a database of job openings, and job seekers can search for and apply for jobs through the job portal. Job portals can be used by job seekers to search for jobs that match their skills and qualifications. Job seekers can also use job portals to submit their resumes online, and employers can use job portals to post job openings and search for qualified candidates.

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Cost Considerations

The cost of developing an online job portal will vary depending on the features and functionality required. A basic portal with job listing and applicant tracking features will cost around $5000 to develop. If you need additional features such as online payments, video conferencing, or a customized design, the cost will increase accordingly.

Determination of the exact cost of an online job portal is a critical task. 

  1. The actual cost can even not be estimated by all developers as it depends on the features to be incorporated till the final launch on IOS and android. Further, app development is a complex and lengthy process and companies like to charge on a per hourly basis which is quite expensive.
  2.  As per industry research, the development can cost between $40 to $60 per hour. This indicates an overall cost of $40000 to $60000. 
  3. However, it also gets affected based on the location of the mobile app developer. For example, in developed economies like UK and US, this cost may reach up to $200 to $250 per hour. 

Features of an online job portal development

The development of a job portal is a multi-level process. It includes everything that employers and employees may demand in terms of offering the best solution.

Features for users’ panel

The user panel is the interface through which users will interact with the online job portal development. It must be intuitive and easy to use, while still providing all the features and functionality that users need. 

  • Easy sign up using a contact no, social media id, or email address.
  • Easy uploading, updating, and deletion of resume
  • Profile management
  • Use different filters while searching for an appropriate job like the place, experience, keyword, and so on. These can save a lot of time for employees and employers.
  • Assistance in writing a professional resume for beginners.
  • Notification service to keep users updated.
  • Scheduling interviews.
  • Minimum charges for premium services to which the maximum users can avail.

Features of Recruiters Panel

An online job portal development project also involves the creation of a Recruiters Panel. This panel is a tool for recruiters to use in order to post job openings and manage applications. In order to create a Recruiters Panel, developers must first understand the needs of recruiters.

  • Continuous posting of work
  • Login/Subscribe
  • Easy filtering of resume
  • Automatic sending of invitations for selected employees
  • Subscription plan at minimum rates.

Features of Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is the core of any online job portal development project. It is the control center from which all administrative tasks are performed. The Admin Panel must be designed to be user-friendly and intuitive so that even non-technical users can easily perform all the necessary tasks. 

  • Management of marketing and advertisement activities
  • Management of profiles
  • Management of posted content by users
  • Keep track of earning records
  • Management of security and privacy policy
  • Management of listing

Advanced features

Most online job portals these days offer advanced features that can make your job search easier and more efficient. For example, many portals now offer the ability to search for jobs by specific keywords, locations, or even job categories. This can help you narrow down your search to only the most relevant results.

Miscellaneous Services

  • Timely, appropriate, and quick backend solutions
  • CV development
  • Document scanning
  • E-learning courses based on the skills and qualifications of employees
  • CMS registration
  • Dashboard management
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Payment gateways


The increased requirement of preferred job roles has led to an increase in the development of online job portal applications. It is expected to increase at the same rate and thus, It is advised for companies to develop applications with advanced features users may find their applications effective in the long run. It is also appropriate to contact a reputable online job portal development company like Alphonic that can easily integrate innovative ideas with technologies to assist job seekers and employers in the best possible way.

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