Fantasy Cricket Web Development Services- Cost and Key Features

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We all know the craze about cricket and how much people are mad about it. Being a source of entertainment, people do love to watch it and they also aspire to become a part of it by playing fantasy cricket tournaments. Since fantasy app and web development is becoming mainstream these days, it is also driving huge revenue to these companies. As an opportunity to earn huge money, the web development of these platforms is one of the best things to be launched in the market and this is the biggest reason you should not miss out on the opportunity in any case.

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The Global Fantasy Cricket Market offers a huge opportunity to web development companies as it is expected to grow by $22.3 Billion at the rate of 3.19%. It drives both revenue and brand recognition for developers and investors to eye amazing returns on it.


Introduction to Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is a game of skill- It tests the player’s knowledge of the game, strategy, and prediction. It is a fun-filled virtual game that can make the gaming experience more enjoyable for those people who aspire to play cricket. In current times, Fantasy cricket is gaining popularity across the globe as it not just allows them to feel close to the game but also gives them interactive fun by offering virtual reality.


The concept of fantasy cricket has been in the market for quite some time, but it has only recently gained popularity due to its close association with real cricket tournaments and leagues worldwide.


What is fantasy cricket mobile app and web development?

Fantasy cricket is one of the most famous and widely played games in the cricketing world. In this, players can create a team and can select the squad of their choice. The team of players selected by gamers will play against each other and at the end, it will close with a total number of points making the team with the highest points a winner. The varied features which can be integrated into the fantasy cricket web development include- a team leaderboard, man of the match, best bowler, chart toppers, international and national rankings, best player award, etc.


Why Choose Web Development for Fantasy Cricket?

The web is a widely used platform that offers an easy and interactive experience to players. Due to the scope to accommodate wide features and space to deliver a smooth experience of playing a virtual game in a better way, the fantasy cricket web platform can turn out to be an exceptional solution. It also helps in better connectivity, engagement, and traction.


Cost of Fantasy Cricket Website Development?

The cost of developing a fantasy cricket website may involve multiple aspects which usually result in varying costs. It is considered the factors associated with features, time complexity, system architecture, hosting or cloud solution, etc. These are some of the common aspects that decide the cost of fantasy cricket web development. In terms of market insights on pricing, it may cost anywhere between $20k-$50k. 


Fantasy Cricket Web Development – Key Features

Fantasy cricket web development can be a complex and challenging process, but there are a few key features that can make the process much easier and more efficient. Here are the key features which you should consider.


  1. Robust UI Design: One of the most important features is a robust and user-friendly interface. The easy UI makes the gaming experience up to the mark and gives opportunities to get used to the navigation and features of the fantasy cricket gaming website.
  2. Strong Backend & Database: Another important feature is a well-organized database. The database should be easy to search and should be designed to store all of the necessary information about the players, teams, and matches. This makes the functionality smooth and robust.
  3. User Dashboard: In gaming websites like fantasy cricket, insights become a critical element to make users keep coming back to the application. The user dashboard should be created in a way to motivate users to spend most of their time playing games.
  4. Game Zone: The typical interface of the game zone should include a list of games and tournaments with opportunities to win. It should include everything right from the cost/tokens to joining the game to level up the performance of players.
  5. Team Creation: In fantasy cricket, team creation is the biggest part so this needs to be developed keeping the latest cricket trends and players in mind. This is something that will bring newness to the gaming leagues.
  6. User Management & Control: It is important to give users certain rights to maintain and update their profiles. This also keeps privacy at the topmost priority.
  7. Leaderboard: The leaderboard is another feature that keeps the competitive spirit up among the players and invites them to play matches again and again. This ensures better retention.


What Makes Fantasy Cricket Web Development Unique?

Fantasy Cricket Web Development needs to be done keeping in mind various aspects related to the latest trends in cricket along with what new-age players expect out of the gaming leagues. This can only be done through a strong integration of insight and interactivity through better connectivity of the backend and front end. The development consideration should also include which type of framework or programming language needs to be used to develop such a type of platform. To help you achieve all this, Alphonic can offer you a scalable solution to developing a full-fledged Fantasy Cricket website that people will love.

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