GrubHub Clone: One Step Solution for Restaurants

grubhub clone

Have you ever ordered your food from the website? Well, you may have experience of booking food over the phone from nearest food delivery point. Now, technology is giving facilities to book your food item at your favourite restaurants. It became very simple by using grubhub clone food application.

What is GrubHub Clone?

GrubHub is an online platform where you can order your food easily, and the rest job will be done by the application. Clone script is developed by the company to provide service differently to a different user. The software is linking customer, restaurant, delivery boy and app admin with a different app for a different user.

GrubHub Application

Here are the steps of the application which complete the full process of ordering and placing food.

  1. Customer app– Application for the customer, helps to find the nearest restaurants to the user. Then you have to choose the food item for the menu provided by the restaurant by the company. After choosing your food, place the order by giving you r location of delivery. There is payment gateway for your food item. Choose among them which are suitable for you.
  2. Restaurant app– Now, the GrubHub clone app is used in restaurants too. But, what is the purpose of this! GrubHub basically connects the restaurants with their customers using which both the supplier and the customer place orders and receives orders respectively. For instance, if a customer opens the app on behalf of the specific restaurant, then the person will be asked for placing the desired Once the order is placed restaurant will be informed, and they can proceed to prepare the order.
  3. Delivery app – Moving forward, GrubHub clone app aids the restaurant to manage orders with efficiency. Once the order is placed by the customer through the app, it will notify the restaurant about the placement of order. It will automatically inform the nearby delivery boy regarding the prospected delivery and expected time to deliver the food to the customer using the predetermined time for cooking and transporting the same. Once the information sharing is done, the application will inform all the parties regarding the delivery schedule and details regarding the order as well as delivery.
  4. Admin App – well, this one is the best part of the app, and where using a single window administrator can watch all the function ranging from customer to delivery. GrubHub clone app will not only help the admin to make the process smooth, moreover, aid the admin to allocate different task at the same time without any issue. In Addition, the application provides suggestion to the admin and guides the person to control the business with ultimate efficiency.