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Just Eat App Clone Script

Food ordering is an important part now a day where you want to have your food in your place. People are still struggling with calling and ordering food, where technology is giving us an opportunity like a food ordering app. Moreover, Like Just Eat Clone, the delivery of food becomes easier and more convenient.

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Why it is used Just Eat Clone Script?

Basically, the mobile application is based on a different platform, and it can connect to the customer easily when someone is ordering his food by clicking. There is a lot of processing to manage all those things within a certain time. Just Eat Clone Script does that. It links up with the customer, restaurant, delivery boy, and the money process.

Features of Just Eat Clone

Just eat app clone

There are four modes of features for every side through ordering food to reach the food to the customer:

  1. Food app user
  2. Delivery driver
  3. Food restaurant
  4. Admin of the app

These four modes are interconnected through a script which has been set up to link them all in a synchronized way. Correspondingly details are mentioning in the below section.

Food App User

Customers have the just eat clone food app on their devices. First of all, one needs to order food items through the application. The software will find the restaurant where it is made within the nearest location of the user. Customers may have also choices to choose their favorite restaurant for booing items. After selecting, the order has been placed.

Food Restaurant

A new order message will ping to the restaurant website and the probable picking time also is a show on their site. According to that, the selected restaurant has to prepare the food within the given time.

Delivery Driver

When a customer chooses and places an item, the Just Eat App Clone will send a notification to the delivery boy who is nearest to the selected restaurant at the same time as sending a notification to the restaurant. He/she needs to reach the restaurant first. After picking up items, he/she will move towards the customer’s location.

Admin Job

Furthermore, Admin has full control of the app. He/she will script the software which will give a suggestion of choosing items and restaurants, managing the order by making them possible to reach within time by preferring location, making the multiple order delivery at a nearer place which will pick a delivery boy.

All software related issues and work maintain by the Just Eat App Clone Script, and those are very much important for the company Alphonic. Identically Admin needs to maintain some offers in order, giving discounts; delivery offers, etc. to grab customer’s attraction always.

For more info: Whatsapp us at +91 9887133338

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