Step-by-Step Guide To Successfully Hiring a .Net Developer

Hiring .Net Developer

There is no doubt that hiring skilled application developers to your workforce team can improve the process of mobile app development for far better results. And as the technology is improving day by day, it is important for enterprises to hire professional developers, specially ASP.Net developers for flexible web app development services.

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With various programming languages in the market, the demand for ASP.NET which was launched and developed by Facebook is on the top of the line. This is the reason why ASP.NET has emerged as the most demanding and widely used language for web application development. As per reports from WhiteHat Security, 28.1% of all web applications have been developed with the ASP.NET framework.

If you want to go with the latest trends of web application development, then you need to rope in some of the best and highly skilled ASP.NET developers. The process of combining a professional development team is not easy as hiring skilled, efficient, and affordable developers is hard to come by. You have to prepare to put in some effort and go through an elaborate hiring process for hiring skilled ASP.NET developers. But this long process for choosing the best ASP.NET developer for your project will be your worth as it is going to yield some profitable results and will boost your online presence. But before understanding the requirement for hiring an ASP.NET developer, let us consider why you should choose ASP.NET web application development for your next dream project.  

Why Choose ASP.NET for Web Application Development?

The technical architecture of ASP.NET based on a unified development model makes it a leading framework for creating web-based applications. So when integrated with the .NET framework, it is proven to be a powerful framework for creating scalable and dynamic web applications. Considering the following points will make it clear why choosing ASP.NET is the best choice for web application development.

  • The inconveniences in the .NET frameworks are eliminated through the separation of program content and logic.
  • The built-in caching feature of the .NET framework makes the development process easy.
  • It makes the web application offer flexible performance with some optimal features such as early binding, JIT compilation, optimization support, and aforementioned caching support.
  • The web servers of the web application can easily monitor the web pages with multiple applications and components.
  • The web apps developed with the .NET framework can easily handle multiple processes and requests simultaneously as they are closely monitored and managed.
  • The windows authentication and inherent application configuration feature improve the security of the web application developed using the .NET framework.
  • All the applications developed using the .NET framework have in-built application configuration features for quick deployment in the market. This improves the user-friendliness of the applications.
  • Dynamic web pages can be seamlessly and smoothly created with .Net framework.
  • The .NET framework is designed to detect memory leaks, unbounded loops, and other glitches as soon as they appear and then sends a quick alert to the users.
  • The need for elaborate coding is eliminated in .NET app development, which makes the deployment process of even large applications quick.    
  • As this framework is independent of programming languages, the developers can easily choose the language they think is best suited for web application development.  

Why you should Consider Hiring ASP.NET Developer?

Looking at the wide range of benefits offered by ASP.Net, hiring a professional ASP.NET developer for your web application development is an obvious thing to do. As the demand for these professionals is increasing continuously, you should focus on hiring someone that can add the most value to your profession in some of the most cost-effective ways.

Reduced Costs

Technology has evolved a lot when it comes to the web application development vertical. With a lot of MNCs emerging out in the country, the only enviable web application is not enough, having digital infrastructure is also important. So hiring ASP.NET developers on a full-time basis can help you in this situation to reduce the development costs. However, the cost of hiring ASP.NET developers depends on the area as well as the experience of the developer.

Better Skills 

As a large chunk of web development projects from every corner of the world is being executed, the demand for hiring ASP.NET developers have a clear edge over the competitors in terms of skills, resources, experience, and expertise. You can also leverage the benefits of ASP.Net developers to boost your business productivity.

Timely Delivery

Individual who have already worked with web app developers in the past know if the deadlines are crossed or the timelines for project delivery is delayed, it can result in loss of a lot of resources, capital, and revenue. Undoubtedly, every business wants to hire ASP.NET developers that can deliver the projects on time to eliminate delayed delivery timelines and deadlines. You can rely on professional developers that can offer you products on time for better business ROI and results.

Elaborate Portfolios

While dealing with a wide range of products, these ASP.Net developers become skilled with all the latest trends of web app development to show it off in their portfolio. Before hiring an ASP.NET developer, you have the option to explore the portfolio to know more about the projects they have successfully delivered in the past.

Use of Latest Technology 

As we have mentioned above, these ASP.NET developers are equipped with the latest trends of advanced digital infrastructure. Regular updates are an important aspect of web application development, so you can trust these ASP.NET developers that your product will be integrated with the latest version of the .NET framework.  

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Steps to Successfully Hire a .Net Developer

The process to hire an ASP.NET developer must be to such an extent that it empowers you to search for a professional who can cater to the objectives and expectations of your business in the most practical way. Here are a couple of steps that will help you with making the right choice:

Step 1: Detailed Job Description

ASP.NET designers have diverse ranges of abilities and skills. To have the option to explore the universe of sourcing successfully to discover a talent that is an ideal choice for your association, you should create a very much organized and point-by-point set of the job descriptions. The focus here needs to be on successfully communicating your requirements and the scope of the work. You can get inventive and depend on an out-of-the-box way to attract attention to the work listing, but ensure that the emphasis on imagination doesn’t eliminate the content of the description.

Step 2: Specify Hiring Model

Companies normally depend on the following three models while utilizing the services of a developer:

Fixed Cost: Where you pay the expert a fixed cost for the completion of a task. This model works best when you are working on a one-time project with specific needs.

Full Time: This implies you hire the rest in a full-time limit, and they’ll be working from your office premises as the rest of your staff. If you have continuous, long-term prerequisites, this model is the most practical option.

Freelance: You hire an ASP.NET developer as a freelancer and pay them on an hourly basis. This model is most appropriate for immediate needs when you don’t have the opportunity to go through the complexity of the hiring process.

Depending upon your necessity, focus on a model that turns out best for you and specify it in the job description.

Step 3: Searching Right Platform

The most important part of the process for hiring great talent is realizing where to search for them. Do some research to discover which job platforms or boards do .NET engineers use the most and then direct your talent chase to these sources. By putting some effort into researching where the big fish are, you can hire your .NET developer more strategically and find some promising abilities.

Step 4: Verify Skills

When you start getting applications, the method involved with screening the applicants depending on their ability, experience, and skill starts. It’d be innocent to simply take the claims made on the candidates’ resumes at face value. We all know that resumes can be metaphors for one’s genuine abilities. To hire dedicated ASP.NET developers, you should set up a successful test to screen and filter the most encouraging candidates.

In case if you’re a non-techie, rope in senior individuals from your tech group to set up and examine the test for the candidates. This is a time-tested strategy to ensure you don’t miss out on a promising candidate only because their resume needs luster or recruit one with disappointing skills simply based on an amazing CV.

Step 5: Take Interviews

When the cream from the huge pool of candidates has been filtered, the time has come to get the interview phase to recruit ASP.NET developers. The initial phase in this process is a general interview that your hiring group can set up and lead for you. Obviously, you can sit in, if you’ve invested resources in the interaction.

The candidates who successfully cleared the first round can now move to the next round, i.e. technical interview, where the major focus is to know about the candidate’s area of expertise. Make sure that the professionals from the tech team such as tech officer or senior architect is a part of this interview. The focus of this interview should be on the following:

Accomplishment: Discuss the previous work experience of the candidate and ask them in details about the projects they have successfully delivered and the tools, strategies, and processes they have used for the development of those projects. This is a crucial factor to determine whether the candidate is a right choice for you or not. After all. Experience is the key to know about the skills and expertise of the developer.

Technical Know-How: Check the knowledge of the candidate with the latest trends and fashion of the technology. A professional developer is always updated with the latest trends and tries to incorporate them into their body of work.

Understanding of Your Business: Does the candidate you are planning to hire understands your business ethos? Can they relate to the job they are interviewing with your business objectives? You must ensure that the candidate you are hiring for the job can sync with the goals and objectives of your business.

The Basics: To know about the knowledge of the candidate you are planning to hire, go back to the basics. Talk to them about the different aspects of the .NET application development process for better understanding.

Discuss SQL Databases: There are various factors that decide the outcome of the ASP.NET application development process in the present scenario. To make sure that the candidate you are hiring is enough skilled, ask some advanced technical questions about database techs such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and so on.

Assess Communication Skills: Communication skills are not considered a strong suit for people with technical background, but still is considered an important part of their role as they will be communicating with the other members of the team. In some cases, the ASP.NET developers need to communicate with the project clients, so communication skill is also an important thing.

Step 6: Seal the Deal

At the end of the selection process and the interview, you will have two or three potential candidates that suit best your requirements. Now it is time to discuss important things such as expected salary, total working hours, delivery deadlines, and so on. It is advised to keep two or three candidates shortlisted at this stage if in case the conditions are not agreeable to your top choice. It will eliminate the need of starting the hiring process beginning as you can move to second or third choice if the top candidate do not agree to your terms and conditions.

The Key Takeaway

Once you have finalized the candidate that is on the same page regarding the terms and conditions of the job, the major goal of hiring an ASP .Net developer has reached the conclusion. Alphonic is a renowned ASP.NET application development company that has a pool of professional ASP.Net developers that ensures the delivery of top-notch solutions for better business productivity and increased user engagement. Talent combined with seamless and transparent communication ensures that our clients enjoy our services for growth of their business in right direction.  

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