How Much Does it Cost to Outsource the Project to a Node.js Development Company

Node.js Development Company
Organizations are grasping benefits from intuitive websites and mobile applications in today’s digital world. As an owner of such a business, you should focus on trending innovations. Now, you may be thinking about the approaches to improve your platform from a technical viewpoint. Well, don’t stress a lot. We have a complete guide for you to do so.
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To make your website or application appealing to the crowd, you need a robust framework for the platform. This brings interest to Hire NodeJS Developers or some famous NodeJS Development Company. Walmart, Uber, and Netflix are totally based on Node.js, and all know how they are known to be top-tier applications. Their run-time environment depends on V8 JavaScript, a phenomenal tool to create high-performance adaptable, and powerful web applications.

Node.js is gaining popularity and is preferred by most developers today, as it offers full-stack JavaScript tools and technologies for fast processing, JSON support, and a rich development ecosystem.

But, before we go into the cost of web application development with NodeJS, how about we understand why you need to have an application with this JavaScript run-time environment?

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Benefits of Choosing NodeJS for Application Development

Do you realize that 85% of organizations hire NodeJS developers to create strong web applications, while 43% use this framework to develop scalable and feature-rich enterprise applications? Moreover, the backend of top-notch online eCommerce platforms such as AliExpress and eBay is fueled by Node.js. As per W3techs, it is used by probably the best high-traffic websites like Groupon, Netflix, and PayPal.

Here are some reasons why Node.js development has acquired remarkable popularity these days:

Easy to Learn

NodeJS is equipped with a JavaScript programming language that is very popular among front-end developers. This reduces the learning curve and enables the developers to easily learn and master the backend of NodeJS development. The developers can share the same language on both the server and client sides, eliminating the need to switch from the backend to the front end and vice-versa. This also reduces the need of more developers for web application development, minimizing the costs as well.

Highly Scalable

Benefits to Choose Node.JS for Real-Time Application Development

Another major benefit of using NodeJS is its scalability. Application developed with NodeJS offers the developer’s cluster module feature to balance the load over multiple CPU cores. Moreover, the application created with this JavaScript has a highly scalable run-time environment, both in vertical and horizontal directions. This highly scalable feature of the NodeJS framework makes it the most preferred choice of developers.

Quick Application Development

The lightning-fast speed of NodeJS web application development makes the development process simple and easy, allowing developers to create multi-user applications such as chat and games wi6h real-time data synchronization.  

Robust technology Stack

Being an open-source platform, Node.js is more cost-effective than other JavaScript-based servers. It features a modular nature, making it faster and easier to develop a web application on Node.js.

The open-source property of the NodeJS framework makes it more cost-effective as compared to other JavaScript-based servers. The modular nature of NodeJS makes the web application development process fast and easy.


The NodeJS development framework for backend application development gives complete access to full-stack JavaScript technologies and tools to developers. This results in high efficiency and improved productivity for high performance and incredible speed.

How to Hire NodeJS Developers for Web Application Development?

Basically, there are three options available to choose from for hiring a custom web application Development Company. First, you must have a complete description of your requirements to find the perfect partner for your project. Below are the three options available for hiring a NodeJS application development partner:

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Outsourcing Companies

This option is considered one of the ideal approaches for start-ups and large-scale projects. You can easily hire a NodeJS development team from another country to reduce the overall development cost of your project. You can outsource NodeJS developers that will offer you long-term development and maintenance with a secured web application.

Most outsourcing companies prefer signing NDA and receiving regular client feedback to boost their brand’s reputation. These companies also offer a dedicated project manager to manage and regularly update you on the development progress. Some of the biggest perks of outsourcing Nodejs Development Company is reduced development cost, quality work, and great team experience.


Hiring a freelancer may be the most attractive option, but many risk factors are involved. You need to look for a qualified and professional NodeJS freelancer to complete your NodeJS project. This option is only suggested when you need to make some minor changes to your project or your project is a quick project.

However there are many specialists around, but they are always an exception. Most experienced specialists work on everything and they can handle multiple projects easily. But it is tough to stay connected 24/7 and manage complexities.

In-house developers

You can also work with your in-house NodeJS development team. By choosing the most suitable candidate from your in-house team, you can easily control every aspect of your project. This option is considered one of the most expensive as you have to set up a workplace with a system and many other unexpected costs. Apart from all of this, it is a good option as you have full control over the development process.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of NodeJS Web Application Development

Various factors affect the development cost of NodeJS applications, some of which are:

Choosing the Engagement Model

Initially, to determine the development cost, you need to choose the right engagement model for your project. Whether you need an in-house developer, work with a freelancer, or should consider outsourcing a development team? Working with an in-house team may cost you more in the case of long-term development and maintenance, but you will have complete control over your project. You also have to pay a regular salary and consider other perks even when they are not working on your project.

Hiring a freelancer is a cost-effective option, but it may lack of professionalism and time management. Also, it is not suggested to trust a freelancer for complex or large web application development. Outsourcing a Nodejs development company is considered one of the best options for web application development as it ensures the best value as you will get top-class NodeJS developers to work on your project. So it is essential to determine the engagement model which works perfectly with your business requirements and the type of application you are planning to develop.

Experience of the NodeJS Developer 

The cost of hiring a NodeJS developer also depends on the experience and knowledge of the NodeJS developer. The software and programs developed with NodeJS are totally different from those that are created with other JavaScript frameworks. The developer must have an in-depth knowledge of the backed-end development.

Also, the developer should eliminate other common mistakes, such as event loop blocking, multiple callback invoking, not integrating supervisor programs, etc. At the same time, the developer must have dedicated knowledge of the NodeJS run-time environment.

The development experience of NodeJS developers directly affects the web application development cost. As per PayScale, the average starting salary of a NodeJS developer is around$67k. NodeJS developers with a market experience of around 5-10 years have an average salary of around $105k. On the other hand, NodeJS developers that are in the market for a long time may have an average salary of around $113k. So the total compensation of NodeJS developers may be around $72k to $116k annually.

So, the higher the experience of the developer working on your project, the higher is the development cost.

Features of the Web Application

Each feature and function of the web application has an inherent cost. The more complex features are being integrated into the app, the more complex the coding will be. The features may include payment methods, API integration, and so on. This means the more development hours, the more development cost will be.

Level of Security

All the applications developed with NodeJS have a higher level of security. But suppose your web application is a high-end enterprise-level application with some top-class features. In that case, the cost will be more than other NodeJS web applications with a standard level of security. If your organization has hundreds of employees and you plan to build a powerful ERP web app with high-level security, the development cost will be high.

Maintenance and Support

It is not surprising for a web application to have errors and problems in the future, including downtime, technical glitches, and so on. It requires regular support and maintenance to keep the app running smoothly and offer a high level of user experience. This will help you solve user issues and ensure that the application is always updated with the latest features. All the aspects of support and maintenance will come up with additional costs.

Third-party services

Most web applications support third-party services. This will help in building much-needed features and offering a comprehensive user experience. The development cost is also affected by the integration of third-party services.

How Much Will it Cost to Outsource Nodejs Development Company?

There is no definite answer to the question. The cost of hiring NodeJS developers depends on the quality you expect out of the project. There are various organizations where you can hire a dedicated team to deal with your Node.js development.

According to Indeed, the normal cost of hiring a Node.js designer in the USA is $11100. Moreover, it starts around $7800 to $116000 per year. For other people, the charge might vary from one country to another and the experience of the node.js developer.

  • Australia:$90,000
  • Germany:$50,000
  • Western Europe:$51,551
  • Eastern Europe:$24,000
  • North America:$74,081
  • UK:$84,000
  • Asia:$48,948
  • India:$20,000

If you are looking for a developer to work on hourly pricing models, it ranges from $30 to $50 per hour. Suppose you are looking for a more affordable option. In that case, we recommend outsourcing the project with offshore Node.js developers or a NodeJs development company that you think can do the project without compromising quality.  

If you are searching for a developer to deal with hourly pricing models, it varies from $30 to $50 per hour. If you are searching for a more affordable choice, we suggest outsourcing the task with offshore NodeJS developers who you think can do the project without compromising the quality.

The Key Takeaway

A few factors influence the cost of Nodejs development – the hiring model of a nodejs development company you pick, the kind of web application you need to develop, features and functionalities, level of safety, the expertise of the Node.js developer, third-party service integration, and maintenance & support you may need.

However, the quality and cost of NodeJS development will depend on the developer or organization you outsource. You should hire an accomplished NodeJS development company with a proven track record in creating robust, superior, and adaptable web applications.

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