How to Build a Food Delivery App Like Grubhub?

GrubHub Clone App

With the widespread capitalism all across the globe, people have been pursuing multiple jobs or making challenging careers to cut through the chase. Time has become the most precious and irreplaceable commodity so people look for options to save it. This gave birth to the era of food delivery apps. Since people no longer have the bandwidth to go out and buy food for themselves throughout the day, the food delivery apps market has become an ever-growing market with scope for expansion. This market has seen a never-like-before shift when COVID-19 hit the world. If you wish to get into this business you can easily create an app of your own. There are multiple options like the UberEats and GrubHub clone apps from where you can get the reference to start this business and earn on a huge scale. 

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Functioning Of A Food Delivery App 

The success of a food delivery app depends majorly on its quality and functioning. It is prudent for the said Grubhub clone app to be regularly monitored and maintained to avoid any glitches. It is also important for the owner to gather as much feedback and reviews as possible from their clientele to make the best of their application. The two major components of a food delivery app include – 

  1. Vendors – There must be a huge variety of restaurants, fast food joints, and cafes offering multiple types of cuisines to the customers. You must target to partner with the maximum number of restaurants available in the radius of the customer using the app. You must also cover expensive as well as economical food vendors that deliver quality cuisines to attract customers.
  2. Delivery Agents – Another important pillar of a food delivery app is the delivery agents. The delivery agents associated with your company must be trustworthy, polite, and hardworking to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.  Flexible shifts and reward-based incentives can also be introduced to boost the morale of the delivery agents and give them a boost in the right direction. 

Placing an Order

From the point of view of a developer, there must be several operations that need to be performed before placing an order

  1. You must add your city and specific region, to check the number of available restaurant options near you
  2. You can select the restaurant which suits you the best based on cuisine, ratings, delivery time, and price range
  3. After selecting the restaurant, you can browse for the type of dish you would like to order and compare the prices
  4. Once the dishes have been finalized, you can add them to the cart and confirm your delivery address
  5. In the end, once all the details have been filled you can review the order and make the payment

Delivery Cost

The price of the order is considered to be the most important deciding factor of its success. The delivery rates should be nominal and clear so that a customer makes it to the payment gateway. The process of calculation includes two types of deciding factors – Fixed price and Variable price. The Fixed price is the one mentioned on the menu and is applicable when the delivery address is within a certain radius of the restaurant. The other factor is the variable price when the delivery address is slightly far from the restaurant and the customer has to bear some extra cost to place the order. 

You can also add coupon codes, special offers, or reward points system to attract customers and attain their satisfaction. This also leads to an increase in the number of orders being placed and guarantees customer loyalty. 

Reward system for Delivery agents

Since delivery agents also play a crucial role in the functioning of the Grubhub clone food delivery app, you must add a reward and recognition program for them as Grubhub does. This gives proper recognition to the deserving candidates as well as creates an environment of healthy competition among the rest of them. If there is open communication between the customer and the delivery agents then the chances of successful completion of an order increase. The customer can provide ratings to the delivery agents which can help you monitor the progress of their work. It also helps in eliminating the possibility of conflicts or troubles between customers, delivery agents, and restaurants. 

Launching of the App

Once the app is finalized, you must run a trial of its Beta version within a limited census. You must ensure that the application is available on both iOS and Android platforms so that you can get the maximum number of customers. You can also run a marketing campaign to create a buzz in the market before launching the app to attract customers. After the launch of the application, you can survey to understand the possibility of any possible glitch or miss. 


We can say without an ounce of a doubt that the food delivery business like Grubhub is one of the fastest-growing trends on a global level. With the advancements in science and technology, you can also become a part of this market trend and earn great revenues with not much investment. 

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