5 Tips For Successful Augmented Reality Designing

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is among the most happening technology trends. AR is undoubtedly shaping the future of various niches such as shopping, interior designing, medical imaging, etc. In 2020 alone, 83.1 million Americans used augmented reality every month! By 2024, the AR market is predicted to reach a whopping $50 billion. Whatever the industry is, the technology focuses on creating a next-level user experience. No wonder most android application development services today focus on incorporating AR technology. Although AR is nothing more than a technologically enabled interactive experience, some handy tips can help you design the best AR features. Here are the top five tips that every app development service must keep in mind.

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What is Augmented Reality?

AR is an interactive experience that blends computer-generated material with the actual world. In augmented reality (AR), sensory data is superimposed over the physical world to improve the user’s experience. In contrast to virtual reality, which constructs its own environment, AR enhances the real world for an immersive experience. Businesses engaged explicitly in mobile computing and business applications are major sectors that are seeing substantial growth in AR applications. For example, you must have heard about shopping apps that allow users to virtually try on a dress, shoes, etc. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Overall, AR has been a game changer in many industries and continues to evolve for the better!

Top 5 Augmented Reality Designing Tips For App Development Services

  • Consider the environment

Where are they going to use the app? Will it take place indoors or outside? Determining the environment will create the optimal use case. A strong start requires defining the experience size for the user. Environment type has a significant impact on AR design where you usually consider two cases:

    • Private setting: Product designers can expect long user sessions and sophisticated interactions in a private context (e.g., at home or work). The interaction can encompass the entire user body.
    • Public setting: Concentrate on brief user sessions in public locations (such as outdoors). People will want to avoid walking around with their hands up, carrying a device for an extended amount of time, regardless of how much they may enjoy the AR experience.
  • Interaction Design and UI

Another major aspect of designing AR is interaction design. It is the secret to successful augmented reality development and takes many factors into account. The best android application development services must manufacture ergonomic components with an engaging design. It is vital to arrange where the buttons and interface will be placed carefully to make the design comfortable for every user. 

Take physical limitations into account. For instance, users will hold mobile devices as they use your product for prolonged lengths. Here, holding a gadget at a certain distance or angle might become tiresome. People are looking for experiences with each product, not technologies, and they won’t enjoy a technology that is difficult to use. Thus, create an easy design to avoid bodily strain. 

  • Text and color scheme

Another crucial aspect of designing for augmented reality is the appropriate usage of text and colors. Like any media, the appropriate and attractive color and text combinations can help make the AR more engaging. Use dynamic lighting with real-time shadows, for instance, while constructing moving real-life objects and environments. Reputable and experienced android application development services that develop augmented reality applications are aware that choosing colors with strong contrast on the opposite side of the color wheel may not appeal to the aesthetic sensibilities of the target audience. Thus, avoid such mistakes and choose sensible text and color combinations to make it pleasing to the eyes.

  • Audio and visual elements

Use a combination of visual and audio cues, including motion, animation, and sound effects, to teach users. These components are necessary to encourage users to explore the application’s user interface (UI). It also helps users to understand and engage with different features correctly. The factors that are not visible in the field of view must also be considered. Sometimes it’s necessary to tell people to look around or lift their phones over their heads. Otherwise, they might pass on wonderful opportunities. Any reputable iPhone app development company business uses hover states and incorporates gesture prompts that are simple for users to give them enjoyable experiences. 

In addition to visual cues, audio also aims to improve the user’s enjoyment of the experience. Audio is a versatile tool. Sound effects can make a product easier to use. For example, try to include a sound effect to confirm that a user has picked up a virtual object. By setting the right ambiance, background music can also aid in providing users with a stunningly immersive experience. 

  • Innovative approach

There’s a reason AR is called a futuristic approach. All it demands is innovation. Finally, to give customers an amazing experience, every top iPhone app development company considers further advancements. After all, innovation is a must in AR. However, advances in augmented reality design should be limited as too many modifications may negatively impact users’ comfort levels and decrease their likelihood of utilizing the app. So, make it innovative but wise!

Hire Expert Augmented Reality Developers

Over time, more and more businesses are looking forward to adopting AR functions for their app and services. It is indeed a futuristic appeal that is steadily evolving to new heights. When implemented correctly, AR can transform the complete landscape of customer experience. Alphonic is unquestionably among the best android application development services that excel in AR. We’ve been offering a plethora of professional services in the fields of web design and development, app design & development, and software. Our team of seasoned experts, including UI/UX experts, developers, and QA engineers, are here to make your ideas a reality. 

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