Know the Details About the IBM Watson Architecture

ibm watson architecture

The IBM Watson architecture is a Linux program based on the IBM power system. Since Watson is a user-friendly, human-generated tool to compute in natural language, the architecture is simple and unique as well.

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Details about the IBM Watson architecture

IBM Watson is a parallel tool based on the IBM power 750 that racks the standard configuration. It runs on the Linux based on the Novell’s Linux Enterprise server and IBM power combined. It is made up of 16 Terabytes of memory along with 4 terabytes of the clustered storage system.

The Watson is racked with 10 random racks that include the server, networking system, data analytics, and shared disk system, and cluster storage, controller. The IBM Watson has a total power of 2880 power banks.

The deep insights of the Watson

The IBM Watson architecture is divided into different racks and steps. Here is the basic architecture of the Watson:

  • Service management

To deliver, plan, and operate the cloud services that are offered to the customers. Alphonic and other web development services use this facility to manage the clouds of the customers.

  • Cognitive

The Watson architecture takes care of computing and unlocking the unstructured and structured data with intelligence and understanding by developing the insights of the data.

  • Private cloud

It manages all the private cloud of the individual organization.

  • Micro services

Cloud native approach towards building the mobile and web application with micro services architecture.

  • Data and analytics

This architecture helps in developing solutions and analyze the data including web and social platform. It reports on the data and understands the diverse structure to drive the insights and visualization.

  • Internet of things

It connects the various IoT devices and builds apps to gain the insight of the IOT data and the clouds with cognitive services.

  • Virtualization

Virtually creates and uses the software using the IBM cloud software and the platform to store the data for the client.

  • API transformation

Exposes the business assets according to the new digital ecosystem through the API.

  • Blockchain

It is an integral part of the IBM Watson architecture since it records the history of the transaction and accounts them according to different categories.

  • E-commerce

The Watson architecture deploys, develops and the e-commerce solutions. The allophonic web development services use this feature to develop an e-commerce platform to securely connect the client data to the cloud.

  • Web application

Like Alphonic web application uses this architecture to develop integrated runtime services and deploy the apps.

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