Ios App Development-10 Features For Better User Experience

iOS app development

User Experience is the core factor that enables users to engage better with the iOS mobile app development company. To help you understand it better, this blog covers 10 Features that you should consider for a better user experience.

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The world mainly relies on mobile applications to accomplish day-to-day tasks which makes their life easy. Imagine the experience if an app doesn’t have a pleasing interface and lags every now and then. How frustrating it will be for the user. User experience is essential to be considered while developing IOS apps because it can help to improve the overall quality of the app. A good user experience can make an app more user-friendly and easier to use, leading to better reviews and higher ratings. It can also help to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


If you are developing an IOS mobile app you should consider several features to offer a pleasant user experience. This blog covers the top 10 features you should not miss in your app to ensure a better user experience. 


iOS App Development: Why does user experience matter? 

Users expect apps to be responsive and fast. If an app takes a long time to launch or is slow to respond to input, it appears to the user as if it is not working properly. Additionally, making a lot of use of the processor also drains the device’s battery. Any of these behaviors can frustrate users and lead them to uninstall the app. So, it is always important to keep the expectations of users during iOS mobile app development in mind to ensure a better user experience. 


iPhone Application Development-10 Features For Better User Experience

Here is the list of some of the best features for a better user experience: 

  1. Usability of Application (Ease of use): The development should always focus on making features easy to be used. If any experience is complex and hard to learn, it makes users drop the app. The app should be self-explanatory with easy steps to help users accomplish a task. Simple navigation and intuitive features are important for a successful app. An app can be successful if it is user-friendly, easy to learn, useful, and easy to accomplish a task.
  2. Speed and Responsiveness: Another key aspect of a better user experience is to ensure that the application is responsive and doesn’t lag while performing crucial tasks. We usually see that some apps take too much to load and create a frustrating experience for end users as it gets slow due to an unoptimized coding structure. So in order to offer a creamy experience, the speed and responsiveness should be aptly optimized.
  3. Security: The iOS mobile app development should be done in a way that doesn’t compromise sensitive information. The app should follow a stringent security protocol to ensure that information related to personal identity, debit card, wallet, etc. doesn’t leak out. It should be completely designed in a way to offer trust to end users and this aspect can go well by notifying them of the permission and access info your app may collect from them.
  4. Better User Interface: Look and feel is another crucial factor that defines the experience for the users when we talk about iOS Mobile App Development. The developers or iPhone app development company should consider designing a user-centered interface that can make the usability experience smooth and pleasant for the users.
  5. Push Notifications: Push notifications are a great way to keep constant communication with your users. It also enables you to make users take action or give them a prompt to open your app. This helps users to engage better with the application.
  6. Support: When users are stuck somewhere in the app it creates a feeling of resistance which makes them feel unsatisfied with the app. To help your users in a better way, it is crucial that you offer them support functionality within the app so that they can reach out to you in case they face any issues.
  7. Consistent Design System: It is always crucial to design apps based on well-understood mental models which aim towards making functionality simple for the end users. It works towards decreasing steps of efforts for your users to accomplish certain goals through your app.
  8. Dark and Light Mode: These two different modes offer a convenient way for users to eliminate the problems of eyestrain which usually occurs when users spend a long time on mobile devices. In modern app development, it is crucial that you integrate the choice of switching between dark and light modes. 
  9. Customization as per user need: Customizability is another crucial factor that can help in improving user experience. The iOS mobile app should offer a scope of customization to meet the needs of different users as it allows them to use the app as per their own choice and preference.
  10. Keep Your Users Excited with New Updates: The mobile app should always evolve with new features and functionality otherwise it may lead to boringness for the users. This can be done by integrating new features at regular intervals to keep the users excited.



The User Experience should always be a center point of iOS App Development as it offers better engagement and usability to end-users. This is also one of the key success factors which makes the effort of iPhone app development companies much more smooth and streamlined. 

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