How to Hire Android App Developer Rates, Interview Questions

Hire Android App Developer

So, you have an excellent Android app idea but still wondering how to turn your vision into reality?  The answer is very simple, by hiring Android app development company, you can easily reach almost at the finish line. Well, hire android app developer is said to be an easy task, but with android holding more than 70% of mobile market, hiring professional android app developers is now more competitive than ever.

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The hiring process can get worse if you already have a flexible budget or you are ready to race against time to get a developer that can get you app launched in market in less-time. The good thing is that there is no need to do it alone. You just have to find some good developers with right qualifications that can answer your questions during the hiring process. If you do not have a technical background, you can still pull out some professional android app developer for your project.

Similar to hiring an iOS developer, hiring Android developers is a long and complex cycle. With very less accessible android app professionals in the local market, limited project budget plan, and the need to scale at this very moment, it appears like a “mission impossible” type of endeavour. Moreover, if you’ve already started the development process and need to add an expert to the team of your development team, things can get more confusing.

If you truly want to hire a skilled and experienced Android application developer in your team but don’t have the any idea where to begin, we are here to help you. In this article, we will take you right through the hiring process system, from what capskills you should search for or where you can find professional developers that can fulfil all your business needs.

As per statistics, we invest the most of our phone time surfing applications. From high commitment to mind-blowing income appraisals of more than $900 billion dollars in the next three years, the benefit of building mobile items is undeniable. There are platforms and technologies used to engage cutting edge applications. However, paying little heed to the stack your tech team picks, it is important to hire mobile app developers that can leverage the full benefits of these tools.

Types of Android Application Developers you can Hire

Android developers can operate as freelancers or as a part of a huge outsourced company. The next platform is to choose what type of developers you need. There are three primary types:

Freelancer developers — in other words freelancer hired developers;

In-house developers — classic developers that work in your organization for your project;

Outsourced team — a team that developers your application from another organization.

How about we look in detail at every one of them to help you with choosing which android developer to hire.

In-House Developers

We should begin with the classic type of developers. You simply enlist an android developer into your organization. In-house teams are particularly well known with huge organizations. It is advantageous to manage your product later on or plan to make more Android applications. This software developer will consistently be within reach.

Outsourced Team

This type is the most famous. If you have a large scope project, hireing a outsourcing team of android developers is reasonable for you. Outsourcing organizations are somewhere close to consultants and in-house teams. They incorporate all the required features and limit risks. At the end of the day, outsourcing implies appointing your project to a third party.

Normally, the individuals from this team can be situated in various pieces of the world. This type likewise costs a considerable amount but a lot less expensive than recruiting an in-house developers team. For example, if you hire an android application developer in the USA, it will be substantially more expensive than in Ukraine.

Freelancer Android Application Developers

It is more advantageous to hire a freelancer developer since you can decrease your expenses however much as could be expected. In any case, don’t rely on work for a penny. To depend on developer liability, go for checked surveys. Along these lines, you can check this freelancer Android developer’s ability level if you haven’t worked with them before.

Hired freelancer developers are great for little projects and software updates. Consultants can test various bits of software, coordinate other APIs, fix bugs, and more.

So Which Android Application Developer is best for your Business?

Collaboration formats can be unique. Everything relies upon your arrangements, financial capacities, and requirements of your start-up. If you anticipate supporting your application, it is ideal to contact an outsourcing organization or in-house team. If you have a limited budget plan and a small project, it is smarter to pick hire freelancer developers.

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Must Have Skills of an Android Application Designer

Every project and application are different in size so one solution or developer cannot fulfil the requirements of every task. As per your needs or requirements, you can hire Android app developer with different skill levels. Basically, there are three types of android developers, junior, middle, or senior.

Junior Android Developer

Small experience (3 years and less);

  • Just starting to develop their first applications;
  • Small and not complex android app development;
  • Do assistant work with more experienced Android app developers.

Middle Android Developer

  • More than three years of experience in software;
  • Have enough skills to work on complex Android-based projects;
  • Can work without help from experienced colleagues independently.

Senior Android Developer

  • The highest level of Android app developer skills;
  • Over five years of experience;
  • Can lead large projects (usually have done one project already);
  • Supervises big projects;
  • Oversee many technical tasks in applications;
  • Take the position of team leader.

Let’s sum up this. No matter the developer is junior or senior, they should at least have:

  • the technical knowledge
  • able to work in a team
  • be able to find and fix bugs and errors

If you just want to fix a small error or add some little updates to your project, then you can hire a junior developer. But if you are going with a complex android application development, then you should consider a team of middle specialist with at least a senior level android app developer.

Android App Developers Hard Skills

So, what skills are fundamental for an android developer precisely? There are two kinds of them — hard and soft skills. Knowing them, we can characterize what characteristics we need from our competitor and what inquiries to pose in the meeting.

The hard skill of skills of Android application developers contains:

  • the developer’s technical information on software languages and frameworks
  • skills in the necessary software tools.

Here are some hard skills that Android app developer must have:

  • Java experience. Java ability is non-negotiable. It is the most well-known programming language for creating Android applications.
  • A good developer need to have the skills to fix bugs in another person’s code.
  • Practical knowledge and skills in working with Kotlin and View. (With ViewTeam and Android SDK, just as Java Core, RxJava, Dagger, and Android Framework)
  • Involvement in API. You can really look at his skill and ability by getting some information about the XML/SOAP and JSON/REST APIs
  • understand the standards of UI/UX configuration, just as SQL and SQLite
  • Involvement in Google Play. This remembers posting as well as updating applications for the market
  • Understanding the back-end. A basic understanding of this side of the development cycle is sufficient here.

Recruiters alone can’t completely see the value in the hard skills of developers. To do this, organizations enlist a CTO or hire senior Android developer to evaluate the candidate.

Narrowing the specific hard skills, similar to Java or Kotlin, React or Flutter, you define the tech stack. It is a bunch of tools to execute your IT thought.

Soft Skills of Android App Developers

Concerning the soft skills, we need them to perceive how the Android application developer will function with the team and the customer. Additionally, it shows how quick developers can tackle job and manage pressure issues.

The most well-known hire android app developer soft skills are:

Collaboration and sociability. Regardless of whether a developer works n a task freely, he will in any case confront creators, advertisers, or managers over the long run. A mobile application developer should have the option to speak with both technical and non-technical individuals.

Great cultural compatibility can go far in an effective collaboration. Offer similar qualities ​​as the remainder of your organization.

Team Work. Working in a team is key for an Android developer regardless of the skill level.

Stress Management. It is consistently unavoidable to deal with issues during the android application development measure. You should have the option to turn and manage pressure.

Inspiration. Being a good mobile application developer implies continually learning new things. Innovation is developing each day. The errand of an Android developer is to stay aware of market requests.

Time Management. Taking care of job on time is the key ability. No one necessities a postponement of a while. You can get some information about working by scrum approach to really look at this expertise.

While recruiting a freelancer software developer or outsourcing team, really look at the surveys. Nobody else can tell you regarding this expert other than an angry customer.

How to Hire Android App Developer?

It’s an ideal opportunity to discover how to talk with developers to hire. Suppose you discover a few developers whose abilities match the prerequisites of your task. How would you ensure they are taking care of their work competently? The main alternative is to talk with them.

Tip #1: Determine App Development Platform

The tech ability of your future development team totally relies upon the application you need to make. So, choose whether you need a local application for Android, iOS or a cross-platform application worked with Flutter application development or comparable innovation. Clearing it up, you’ll make the further inquiry a lot simpler.

Native App

Native application is a program intended to work on a specific platform or gadget. If there should arise an occurrence of mobile application development you have a decision between Android or iOS gadgets and you need to enlist Android or iOS developers individually.

Cross-Platform App

An unmistakable feature of cross-platform applications is the capacity to work with more than one platform or gadget. For instance, a mobile cross-platform application can work flawlessly both on iOS and Android. If you need a cross-platform application, you can consider to hire flutter app developers. Flutter is one of the most solid and amazing framework for making cross-platform applications.

Tip #2: Review Portfolio and Case Studies

An elegantly composed portfolio can show you substantially more than the rundown of abilities. It can uncover all insights concerning past projects like prerequisites, challenges and the manners in which they were tackled, enterprises, tech stacks and that’s just the beginning. Therefore, you’ll get a substantially more straightforward image of past works and mastery of application software engineers for recruit.

Tip #3: Collect Reviews from Previous Clients

Audits and appraisals are a foundation of your last decision of IT seller. Each stage that gives data about IT project workers has an audits area where you can learn point by point criticism about every IT organization from past customers.

Focus on the overall score, what issues carried customers to the developers, and how the cycle went. Other than that, you can generally contact past customers through LinkedIn and request fair input about the participation interaction with the improvement group and things that might be taken cover in the background.

Tip #4: Pay Attention to Communication

When searching for mobile application developers abroad, remember that correspondence challenges might emerge. The degree of English straightforwardly influences the general participation productivity. The improvement group should obviously comprehend your necessities, while you ought to effectively get advancement reports. A solid distinction in English level can undoubtedly prompt false impressions between the two players and missed cut-off times. While picking the nation where you will re-appropriate the task, search for the district with the most elevated English Proficiency Index (EPI). The higher the score, the more prominent your opportunities for employing application engineers with a decent English level.


Hiring a mobile application developer is a dependable choice — that is the reason you need to add both specialized and social fit application advancement inquiries questions and replies to up-and-comer screening. Taking as much time as is needed to screen up-and-comers and talk through workflows guarantees a useful cooperation.

To hire mobile application developer group made out of first rate engineers, consider beginning an office abroad. Sourcing ability from Ukraine, Argentina, or Mexico is a productive method to reduce working expenses — see this for yourself by running our spending mini-computer.

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