Location Spoofing Fraud and It’s Impact on Food Delivery Apps

Food Delivery Apps

The popularity of food delivery apps is increasing, and fraudsters are finding new ways to scam food delivery apps. One such way is location spoofing. Read this blog to know more about it.

There are many ways tricksters use to trick food delivery apps and get benefitted out of it, and location spoofing is one such phenomenon resulting in big losses. Location spoofing is a technique used to manipulate a GPS signal to show a false location. This technique is often used by people to order food delivery from restaurants outside of their area or to get a discount on delivery fees. 

Location spoofing is a bad thing for food delivery apps, as it can lead to increased fraud, decreased accuracy of delivery times, and increased safety risks for customers and delivery personnel.

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Food delivery apps

What is Location Spoofing Fraud in Food Delivery Apps?

Do you wonder what location spoofing is all about? Location spoofing is a process of altering a device’s GPS coordinates to a different location to access online services or applications that are restricted to a certain geographical area. This can be done through a variety of food delivery apps, such as those that allow users to access streaming services from outside their home country. It can also be used to bypass geofences, which are virtual boundaries that are set up by companies to limit access to their services within certain areas.

Location spoofing is a form of digital deception, as it is used to deceive a device or service into thinking that the user is in a different location than they actually are. 

What is Location Spoofing Used For?

Location spoofing can be used for many purposes. Although people mostly use it for illegal purposes. A few examples of location spoofing usage are:

  1. Taxi Apps

Taxi drivers can use location spoofing to falsify their location to earn more money. It could also be used to disguise their location during criminal activity, which could also pose a danger to the passengers.

  1. Warfare

Location spoofing can change the location of ships, planes, and other vehicles. A hacker could make a fake plane appear on the enemy’s radar even though there would not be one to fool their enemies.

  1. Geofencing

GPS is used to track deliveries and delivery drivers about their locations and whereabouts. Trucks traveling a long distance are powered by geofencing systems that lock the truck until the destination arrives. Criminals can use location/GPS to spoof the truck to hijack the cargo. 

  1. Food Delivery Apps

People use location spoofing software to change their locations to a different one while ordering food via food delivery apps to fool the drivers into accepting their orders which they wouldn’t have accepted if the real location was shown. This gets inconvenient for the drivers as they do not get paid the extra charges based on the delivery distance. 

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Effect of Location Spoofing on Food Delivery Apps

Location spoofing is a big problem that most food delivery apps are facing. Companies have reported fraud losses of millions, because of which they have flagged location spoofing as a serious illegal practice. Some of these effects are:

  1. Unhappy Customers 

The biggest possible reason why a business sees a downfall is customers not being satisfied. Delivery drivers use location spoofing to their advantage by forging their locations and marking the order as delivered even if they have not delivered the order to the customer. 

  1. Excess Investment of Time

All the delivery businesses work against time. The shorter the delivery time, the more customers. But due to location spoofing, the time to deliver orders is extended, which ultimately is a loss for all delivery businesses, especially food delivery apps.

  1. Loss of Resources

This is also an important aspect to consider in the effects of location spoofing on food delivery apps, as customers order food from fake locations and create stories about how their orders were not delivered by the riders and then demand vouchers and compensation from the organization. 

Solutions for Evading Cases of Location Spoofing

Food delivery apps have recently found out that they can reduce these losses by increasing security and practicing safety measures. The problem of spoofing has been in the market for a long time, but it is recently that food delivery applications have started to see significant losses.  Here is the solution for location spoofing:

  • Food delivery businesses can create and maintain a list of food delivery applications that should not be used along with their application. Applications that let users clone and create false GPS should be banned. With the use of these third-party applications, people are spoofing their locations very easily to scam food delivery organizations. 
  • Companies can also combat this fraud with the help of location verification which will confirm their locations and will prevent any kind of spoofing. You can use software that provides security against location spoofing and offer highly accurate location precision. 
  • The company can keep track of such practices and if they find that the users are using malicious practices to access the app, they should ban such users.


As you get into the food delivery business, you will encounter countless problems, including location spoofing. You should make sure to discuss all the possible scenarios that may arise as a barrier. You must load your food delivery application with the latest features and the highest security protection against such scams to upscale your business effortlessly and to be the customers’ favorite. If you want to mobile app development while ensuring security and safety, connect with Alphonic to get your app developed by industry experts.

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