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A good Restaurant Mobile App Development Company in India, It can help you get your food business on the online map of the world. In today’s hectic world, your business would establish trust and credibility only with a strong online presence. A robust Restaurant app development in iOS and Android Platform is the first step towards that goal.

In the US alone, around 60% of consumers admit to ordering food online at least once a week and almost 20% agree that they tend to spend more on ordering-in than dining-out. These figures prove that online food applications are the future and you need to be running in the race as soon as you can.

A good Restaurant App Development Company can help you give your customers a futuristic and straightforward experience. They can help you include unique features in the restaurant app design so that your application stands out. In this article, we will discuss a few features that can help your restaurant app become a hit.

Features of a Good Restaurant App Design

  • Book Your Table /Table Booking:

The first benefit that your mobile app should give your customer is a table booking facility. A simple interface wherein they can see which tables are occupied and for what duration can help them plan a better dine-in experience. They can simply select their ideal seat by a click in a particular time through a drop-down menu and forget about waiting in a queue.

  • Review, Menu, and Pictures:

A customer is way smarter today and they always take an informed decision. Before choosing your restaurant for spending some special time, they would like to see its review by other users and compare the prices along with the menu. So, your application must have a review and pictures section.

  • Home Delivery & Pick-Up Services:

The main purpose of a mobile app is to make customers’ life easier. People love to enjoy their favorite meal in the comfort of their home and thus, a home delivery option becomes a must for your restaurant app. Similarly, pick-up services are also an added benefit. A user can place an order and state their estimated time of pick-up; this helps in getting their order prepared before their arrival and helps them in saving time.

  • Integration of Social Media Platforms:

In 2020, social media is important to remain relevant and to be a part of online conversations. Your app must have the option of social media platform integration so that users can share their reviews, pictures, and check-ins with the world.

  • Discounts, Special Offers, and Rewards:

Your restaurant mobile app can become a way to attract more customers by providing them with exciting offers and rewards. For example, they could get a special discount on their first order through the mobile app or a loyal customer would get personalized discounts. These tactics can help you win over your customers and also increase traffic on your mobile app.


Alphonic Network Solution has been a well-known name in the field of restaurant and on-demand food app development. From the past 6 years, we have developed various applications in this domain including Ubereats App Clone and individual restaurant apps. Our strength lies in our team and their expertise. Please drop us a message to learn more about our services and other details.


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