Grubhub Clone App – A Demand-Driven Food Delivery App

GrubHub Clone App

The Grubhub clone app development is a demand-driven food delivery app. Based on the type and location of the restaurant, consumers can easily place an online food order through this app. For people who love eating out, Grubhub’s food delivery service has been a great companion. With its success in connecting Americans with their preferred dine-in restaurants for online food ordering, this almost-outdated food delivery app has been around for quite some time. Due to its popularity, it is also becoming one of the inspirations to develop new food delivery apps for businesses.

Features and UI are crucial components for creating any application, so if you are looking for GrubHub clone app development, you must be aware of the features provided by the Grubhub clone app.

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Parts of GrubHub Clone App Development

The following apps must be created and designed for your online food delivery service in order to create a Grubhub-like food delivery clone application. 

  • Customer App
  • Restaurant Owner App
  • Delivery Agent App
  • Admin Panel

Customer App

  • Login/Registration  – Customers can register and log in using social networking accounts.
  • Create an Account – Personal details are required to create a customer’s profile. This includes all the basic details like contact no, address, email id, etc.
  • Smart Search – By utilizing filters and sorting options, customers can find top-notch restaurants and cuisine.
  • Delivery Requests – Customers can conveniently pick up the food order from a nearby restaurant.
  • Live Observation – Instant updates on the status of customers’ orders are provided.
  • Coupon Code – Customers can use the promo code to get a bigger discount on the overall cost.
  • Reviews and ratings – Based on their own experiences, customers can rate and review the restaurant, the delivery person, and the food quality.
  • Options for Payment – Customers have the option of paying with a credit card, cash, or another method.

Restaurant App 

  • Purchase Dashboard – Restaurants can see every order’s specifics on the order dashboard.
  • A profile update – Update the menu, name, opening hours, and visuals for the restaurant.
  • Organizing the menu – A restaurant has the flexibility to alter or add to its menu, prices, offerings, and minimum order payment.
  • Earnings – Restaurants have access to earnings reports, which contain all necessary data and payment options.
  • Review tracking – Restaurants can read all customer comments and respond to them.
  • Promotional Code Management – Restaurants regularly update their promotional codes and deals to reward loyal customers.
  • Customer data – Information about their online customers is readily available to restaurants.

Delivery Agent App

  • Delivery Request – The delivery people can start taking requests for rides from neighborhood restaurants.
  • Delivery Information – The delivery agent is fully informed of the pickup and delivery locations for the order.
  • Call/Chat – The customer can be contacted by phone or text if a delivery agent has any questions about the order.
  • The availability of the delivery person – Any time, a delivery person can switch between being online and offline. The delivery representative cannot approve a pickup request while he is offline.
  • A profile update – The name, phone number, and address of a delivery agent are updated in their profile.
  • Earnings – The delivery app like Grubhub clone app allows delivery agents to monitor their pay, commissions, and earnings.
  • Multiple Delivery Agent Shifts – To make more money, delivery agents can work different shifts during the day and at night.
  • Disable ProfileDelivery Agents have the option in their Grubhub clone app to deactivate their profiles.

Admin Panel

  • Restaurant Director – Any restaurant on the same platform may be added and managed by the administrator to guarantee a consistent supply.
  • Client Services – The app administrator has access to tonnes of data, including details on all customers and orders.
  • The Deals Manager – Create new promotions, discounts, and deals. Get authorized discounts from associated restaurants.
  • Menu Manager – Ordering from the menus of restaurant partners can be enabled by the administrator.
  • Store Manager – Key metrics can be used by the administrator to keep track of every order that the platform completes.
  • The Notification Manager – The admin can control the settings for SMS and email notifications from partners’ and customers’ apps.

Why Build a Grubhub Clone App?

The Grubhub clone app development can give you a full-fledged app with the right features and functionality through which you can run a food delivery business. Whether you are a restaurant looking to develop a food delivery app clone or you are looking to run a food aggregator business, then the Grubhub clone app can be the best thing to start with. It’s a very effective and cost-efficient way to start a business which will save you money and will help you earn good profits. 


Due to the significant advancement of online meal delivery, the market is rapidly moving toward automation and varied other options. Many companies have demonstrated the effectiveness of their services by using the app clone development script. Are you the one looking for Grubhub clone app development? Connect with Alphonic today and get it developed by experts.

For more info: Whatsapp us at +91 9887133338

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