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-Online food delivery has become a basic necessity for people in 2020. The ease of receiving your favorite meal in the comfort of your home has created a separate business niche for the food industry. If you’re too tired to cook or have surprise guest visits, all you need is a food app like Zomato App Clone to come to your rescue.

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What is a Zomato App Clone?

Zomato is an Indian startup that is one of the most popular online food delivery applications. It started as a restaurant aggregator in 2008 and has now reached countries like UK, South Africa, and even Middle-Eastern regions including Qatar. A Zomato app clone would include its best features and introduce a few unique USPs of its own. In this article, we will introduce you to the working of a food delivery app like Zomato.


If there is one business that will flourish during every kind of economic situation, it is the food business. Studies strongly suggest that the online food delivery business will surpass an amount of $200 billion by 2025. In 2020, food delivery apps are set to surpass 44 million users in the US alone. The need for a swift and efficient food app will only increase with time and this is the right time to venture into this field.


Zomato has three panels. Similarly, your Zomato App Clone Script will also have the following panels –


The user of your application will be a common man who wants to sit comfortably and order food in the simplest way possible. The job of your development team is to provide him/her with an intuitive UI and ease of use. Typically, it will have a) a log-in panel with options like an e-mail ID, phone number or authentication with social media accounts b) simple and quick payment mechanism with options like net banking, card payment, COD, and digital wallets, and c) GPS-driven suggestion for restaurants in a nearby area.


Every restaurant or food supplier would have access to the admin panel of your application. This panel will get a notification once a user/customer places an order for the admin’s restaurant. The admin has the option of either accepting or declining the order. Once the admin accepts the order, a message goes to the user and a delivery person gets assigned. Similarly, the payment after the order delivery also goes to the admin’s choice of account.


The entire mechanism of online food delivery depends upon the delivery person. Where ever he/she is present in the area where an order is placed the delivery person is notified about it. His time is tracked, once they accept the order. After making the delivery, the order stands completed. At times, they also have a few additional responsibilities. They are also responsible for collecting money on COD orders. A delivery person receives per-order payment.


Online food delivery is both a competitive and profitable area of business. What you need is a team of developers who know the details of the business and technology. At Alphonic Network Solutions, we ensure that your food delivery app is not just a Zomato app clone but is a notch better. Feel free to drop us a query for further discussion.

For more info: Whatsapp us at +91 9887133338

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