10 Ecommerce App Development Trends in 2022

ecommerce app development trends in 2022

Ecommerce Mobile apps are becoming quite popular in the eCommerce industry as it offers a lot of advantages and convenience to end users. E-commerce being the fastest growing market inculcates good profits and returns for vendors, stakeholders, and Ecom companies which makes it one of the best industries to target in terms of business.

In terms of statistics, The global eCommerce market has grown significantly during the last few years as Retail eCommerce sales were $4.28 trillion globally in 2020 which is expected to reach $5.4 trillion in 2022.

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Why is eCommerce Mobile App Development Boosting?

The Ecommerce Mobile App Development offers a lot more to consumers in terms of convenience, flexibility, accessibility, and discounts. Gone are the days when consumers needed to go from one shop to another to find the items of daily needs. Nowadays, it is becoming possible to serve consumers within a few hours as logistical challenges are getting solved through technological advancements. This is giving good leverage to companies to build their own ecommerce mobile app. Apart from this, the shift in consumer behavior is also a solid reason behind why ecommerce mobile apps are becoming popular.

Top 10 Ecommerce App Development Trends in 2022


Trends in M-Commerce app development - infographic


Here are the top 10 ecommerce app development trends to look forward to in 2022:

  1. M-Commerce or Mobile Commerce: Mobile and smartphones are used by everyone these days and this is the reason why mobile commerce is becoming popular eventually making purchasing easy for end users.
  2. Integrated social media: Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are playing a crucial role nowadays in terms of boosting E-commerce businesses. Youth as well as elders both are very active on these platforms and this is why businesses should be actively present on social media platforms to leverage sales in a better way.
  3. Emphasis on personalization: Personalization is a trend in e-commerce app development that plays an important role in improving the consumer experience. By personalization, we can offer a unique experience to each customer with options to customize features, product listings, and suggested categories according to their preferences. Personalization is all about giving customers what they want by analyzing their purchasing and search patterns.
  4. Augmented Reality: In eCommerce app development, Augmented Reality integration allows shoppers to get a better sense of what a product will look like in real scenarios and physical locations. This can be especially helpful for items like furniture or home decor, where it can be difficult to visualize how a piece will fit into your existing space and how it will look. Augmented reality can help to reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction by giving shoppers a better idea of what they’re buying before they make a purchase.
  5. AI Integration in Service: Artificial Intelligence is growing a lot in terms of improving experience. It can be used to understand the behavior, choices, and preferences of consumers and it can also automate many processes like customer service, order fulfillment, and inventory management.
  6. UI Trends for Mobile Devices in E-Commerce: People explore or shop from their mobile devices so it’s very important in eCommerce app development to adapt the design and user experience for mobile shoppers. Mobile devices have smaller screens and touch-based interfaces, so eCommerce apps must be designed in a way to help users easily attain their goals without many hassles. This is called offering a seamless shopping experience.
  7. Security: E-commerce platforms need to be secure to protect the privacy and financial information of users. To ensure a secure e-commerce platform, businesses should implement various security measures. These measures can include aspects like encrypting data, having a secure checkout process, and having a privacy policy in place.
  8. Diverse payment options: Ecommerce platforms are increasingly offering more diverse payment options to their customers. This is in response to customer demand for more flexibility and convenience when it comes to paying for online purchases like credit cards, debit cards, UPI, Paypal, etc.
  9. Flexible shipping options: As eCommerce is boosting up and continues to evolve, the reachability and delivery options are also expanding to attract last-mile consumers. Some retailers are providing same-day delivery or two-day delivery options in metro cities while others are facilitating delivery in rural and semi-urban areas.
  10. Virtual Assistant and voice-activated search: ECommerce platforms are integrating virtual assistants and voice-activated search features to provide a more convenient and user-friendly shopping experience. Virtual assistants can offer personalized recommendations, help shoppers find specific products, and provide customer support. This can be especially helpful when shopping on an eCommerce mobile app as it becomes quite handy. 


Hope the blog was interactive and you enjoyed reading about the top 10 eCommerce android app development trends in 2022. Nowadays, it is very important to have an eCommerce mobile app for your business. We know that if you want to succeed, you need to make a great app for your eCommerce venture.

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