Building a Job Search Platform Like Naukri: A Step-by-Step Guide


Want to develop a job search platform like Naukri? If yes, you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will get to know the important steps involved in building job platforms. 

In the digital era, finding the right job that matches your skills has become easier than ever. No longer do candidates have to visit different organizations and submit their CVs. Instead, they can apply at different organizations from the comfort of their home. All they need to do is head to a job search platform and start applying for their dream job. Moreover, the online recruitment market is anticipated to reach USD 47316.1 million by 2029. That is why the need for job portal development services is growing in recent times. 

Features of Job Portals Like Naukri

Before you opt for the job portal development services, it is vital to be well aware of the important features. Here are some of the essential features.

  • Simple and quick registration
  • Search and filtering options for jobs and applications
  • Job alerts
  • Job posting
  • Instant messaging
  • Job save
  • Application tracking
  • Refer friends 

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Steps to Build a Job Portal Like Naukri

Now that you know the basics, you would want to build a job search platform. However, having an idea of the right steps to follow is important. Let’s take a look at the steps involved in the development of a job portal like Naukri. 

Step 1: Conduct a Research

When you want to build a job portal, you must start by conducting research. It isn’t easy to create a platform without having the essential information. Try to understand the specific needs of job seekers and businesses. Gain insights into the features they are looking for in a job search platform. You can also gain valuable and relevant information by analyzing your competitor’s websites. Consider taking a look at the top job portals like Naukri. Moreover, gather information about the major jobs that are in high demand in recent times.

The essential information will provide a strong foundation to build the platform. Understanding and documenting the requirements will enable you to figure out the right strategy for mobile app development

Step 2: Understand the Cost of developing a job portal like Naukri

Understanding the cost of developing a job portal like Naukri is important. From hiring the job portal development services to maintenance of the platform, you need to take everything into consideration. On average, building a site like Naukri costs somewhere between USD 5500 to USD 15000. However, it will differ based on the specific functionalities and features you want. Having an idea of the overall cost will enable you to decide your budget better. 

Step 3: Create a Business Model

Once you have conducted the research and documented the findings, you are good to start with the business model. There are several business models available for job portal development. You can get an idea of the business models from the top job portals like Naukri. You may also make some changes to the existing models to suit your specific requirements. The model you implement will have an impact on revenue generation. So, make your choice wisely.

Step 4: Figure Out the Revenue Streams

After strategizing your business model, you need to focus on the revenue stream. It is all about finding the different ways in which revenues will be generated for your job portal. The most common channels include subscriptions, fees for premium content, and ad campaigns. 

Step 5: Select the Platform Like Naukri

The next step is to choose the right platform for launching the job search portal like Naukri. Basically, you have 3 options. You can build a web portal that is compatible with all devices. Or, you may develop specific apps that can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices. 

Step 6: Select a Domain Name

Selecting an appealing domain name for the job portal is vital. Choose a domain name that clearly conveys the real purpose of the platform. Make sure it is short yet memorable. It will help in grabbing the attention of your target audience and attracting more traffic. Moreover, a relevant domain name can also help you rank higher on the search engine result page.

Step 7: Design the Job Portal Like Naukri

Next, you need to partner with a job portal development services providers and start designing the platform. Make sure to add all the essential features to provide the best possible user experience. Also, ensure having a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to easily navigate through the portal. In this step, a prototype is built to gain an overview of the look and functionality of the job search platform. 

Step 8: Develop the Job Portal Like Naukri

Once you are convinced with the prototype of the platform and it gives the desired outcomes, you can proceed to the development phase. The expert professionals will take care of the technical aspects and build the app efficiently. 

Step 9: Test and Launch the Job Portal Like Naukri

After developing a job portal like Naukri, the next step is testing. Testing helps in finding any potential issues with the platform before its launch. It enables you to fix them and deliver a flawless portal to the users. The functional and technical aspects are tested in this step, and necessary changes are made. Once the job portal is completely error-free, it is launched on the desired platform.

Step 10: Update and Maintenance

Building a job portal does not end with launching the platform. It will require regular updates and maintenance services. It is mainly because the market demands and user needs keep changing. So, to ensure that the portal remains relevant and useful all the time, updates are vital. Through the addition of new designs and features, you can easily enhance the overall user experience.


Developing a job portal requires you to follow the important steps for optimum success. Now that you know the steps, it is time to collaborate with the experts. Want to build your job search platform? Connect with the experts of Alphonic Network Solutions and get your portal developed much faster.

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