Hiring React Developers – Cost and Key Aspects

Hiring React Developers

Are you looking to hiring React developers? However, finding suitable developers can be difficult. Before hiring developers for your next web app development project, you should consider their skills, technical expertise, years of expertise, and much more. This blog will help you make a clear decision. 

If you’re looking to hiring React developers, you’ll need someone with experience with JavaScript and React. They should also be familiar with web development frameworks like AngularJS, EmberJS, and ReactJS. React developers are in high demand, so you’ll likely need to pay a good salary to attract the best talent. However, the benefits of using React can be considerable, so it may be worth the investment. 
In this blog, we have discussed aspects related to hiring React Developers and also covered an analysis of how much it will cost you to hire.

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Introduction to React JS

React is an open-source JavaScript library that is used for developing interactive UI. It plays an essential role in building single-page mobile app development. Some of the biggest tech companies, like Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, etc., also use React. You should assess many factors before hiring a React developer. Here are the necessary skills you should consider while hiring React developers.

Key Aspects to Consider While Hiring React Developers

Here are some of the key aspects you should consider before hiring react developers: 
1. Technical Expertise 
The developers should have proper knowledge of advanced HTML, JSON, HTML5, ESLint, Scsslint, and Rest APIs. They should know all kinds of React core concepts like JSK, props, hooks, class, component lifecycle methods, functional components, etc. Proficiency in other tech platforms, like Jenkins, Zoho, Jira, etc., is an added advantage.
2. JavaScript and EcmaScript
It is a must for hiring React developers to know about JS syntax, features, and functions. They must be experienced in handling DOM and should have good exposure to ES6 syntax, JavaScript functions, scopes, hoisting, and event bubbling. Detailed knowledge of EcmaScript is crucial for creating spontaneous React applications. 
3. Testing Tools and Frameworks 
Testing is one of the most vital skills a ReactJS developer should have, thanks to the rising deployment needs during the development stage. Hiring react developers should be well-informed about testing technologies and frameworks like Mocha, Jest, Jasmine, etc. They should also be proficient in integration tools like Boomi, Jitterbit, Karma, etc. 
4. Experience in Working With Version Control Systems
If the project you are looking to hire developers for is complex and requires the collaboration of multiple developers and recurrent code changes, you will need a version control system to organize the development process and manage code effectively. The first preference while the hiring process should be given to those who have experience in working with some sort of version control system, as they will be able to keep track of the changes in any development project. It also simplifies the whole process of reviewing old codes, undoing mistakes, and comparing the old codes with the new ones. 
5. Flexible Learning Curve
React provides amazing community support. It is one of the finest source libraries for web development and undergoes changes and progresses every day. The developers should also be efficient enough to be able to learn technology updates and adapt according to the changes in technology. 
You should also consider the interpersonal skills of the developer, efficient communication, teamwork, acceptance of failure, exposure to critical criticism, and creative thinking. 
6. React Styling and Basics Method 
The developers you hire must know about creating React App and its functions. They should be proficient in popular CSS techniques like JSS, CSS pre-processors (LESS, SCSS, and SASS), and CSS-in-JS for styling React components. 
7.Sprint Planning
While hiring react developers, you should first ensure that they can pre-plan the workflow and finish them within the given deadline. In simple words, you should only hire developers who have expertise in sprint planning. They must be competent in dealing with deadlines and the workload given to them and, most importantly, should not succumb if the workflow or workload is heavy.
These are a few key aspects that are important to factor in while looking to hire React developers. Now let us look at what the average cost of hiring is. 

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Cost of Hiring React Developers

The cost of hiring React developers can vary due to several reasons. Let us first look at how different levels of experience can play a role in deciding the salary of a React developer.
1. Experience-Based Cost
When hiring React developers, you will need to understand the business requirements before making a decision. The cost can also vary on a case basis as to how the complexity of the application increases with time. 
  • Junior React Developers– Beginners with 1-3 years of experience, are called junior developers. They usually only have a basic knowledge of the framework and are not able to handle any complex tasks. They are usually hired to assist senior-level developers during a project. The average salary of a junior React developer goes from ₹3.2L-₹4.6L per annum.
  • Mid-level React Developer- A mid-level developer usually has an experience of around 3-5 years. They can test components with testing libraries and can also get data from an API. Test-Driven Development experience is an important advantage that mid-level developers can offer to your organization. Their average salaries can go from ₹5.7L-₹6.6L per annum.
  • Senior React Developer– Senior developers can build an entire application by using third-party integrations. They have an experience of about 5-7 years and have full knowledge of the React libraries. One benefit of hiring a senior developer can be that they can easily mould the junior developers into the best. Senior developers also have experience working with cloud technologies. The average salary for senior developers starts at ₹6.8L-₹7.6L per annum. 
2.Location-Based Cost 
Geographical location also plays an essential role in determining the salaries of hiring React developers due to differences in the average cost around the world. 
  • USA– The average cost of a React developer in the United States of America is approximately $35.33 per hour and $92,000 per year.
  • India– In India, the average cost of hiring react developers is usually cheap, and that is why other countries prefer to outsource or hire individuals based in India. The average cost of hiring react developers in India is ₹4.3LPA which turns out to be only around $5000. 
  • UK– The average salary of a React developer based in the United Kingdom is around £57,500 per year. Entry-level positions usually start at £45,000, while experienced developers can earn up to £80,000 per year.


The costs of hiring React developers can differ due to many reasons, and it is also based on the project requirements. You should consider all the key aspects mentioned above before making a decision. Looking for mobile app development company in React? Hire industry experts from Alphonic.

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