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Car Wash App Development

If we need to list those that have fundamentally changed our lives, they must be smartphones that will allow us to make our lives carefree and stress-free, because they can handle millions of tasks thanks to numerous service applications on the Internet. Currently, thanks to the invention of smartphones and mobile applications, every service you are looking for is at your fingertips. Here we also enlist a car wash app development company in Dubai.

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Growth in Car Wash Business in Dubai with Mobile App

The UAE is a center of luxury cars and it can be said that the growing number of vehicles in the United Arab Emirates has led to an increase in the market for the vehicle washing and care industry. The demand for car washing and maintenance services and products to meet demand is increasing. Because cars are king in the United Arab Emirates, the car wash industry is certainly a profitable industry. It is not surprising that the Middle East is one of the fastest-growing markets for automotive services because it is expected by the end of 2020. There will be 60% more cars in this region.

How to Make a Car Wash Application Android?

When companies make ready for  Car Wash App Development in Dubai. They always try to add the following features in their Car Wash App development.

Customer Panel Functions:

  • Log in
  • Submit a service request
  • Select vehicle location
  • Select a package and services
  • Check technician availability
  • Pay bills
  • Show order history
  • Check technician availability
  • Check technician availability

Features of The Detector Control Panel:

  • Register
  • Add service location
  • Messages
  • Accept/decline the service
  • Show completed task history
  • Ask for payment from the administrator

Administrative Panel Functions:

  • Technician registration
  • Manage service time zones
  • Add User Payments
  • Update Review

Other Advance Features:

Cloud management:

The implementation of cloud technology is essential for securely managing all data. All application-related data regarding users, payments, and orders are stored in the cloud for a smooth business process. This technology is useful to increase company scalability and monitor and secure all data and information stored on servers. This protects overall business integrity.

Heat map display:

This new feature raises the standards of the on-demand mobile application in terms of vehicle details. Basically, it shows the busiest time in a given place.

In this way, you can track the locations of the best service providers and describe companies in detail, and help users make the best choice. In particular, the integration of this technology allows application users to choose a high-quality service, and the most popular offers are displayed. At the same time, the application allows you to track price peaks only in the application.


This way you will be informed about upcoming offers. This is a great way to connect users to the application and encourage them to use the services when needed.

Promotional offers also increase the visibility of your business. Therefore, it can be helpful to make your app a hit among niche recipients.


Users can easily pay by debit/credit card, electronic wallet, net banking, etc. Various payment models, such as Stripe, Braintree, and Mobile SDK PayPal. Because of the convenience it offers, users have used this functionality. They like the hassle-free and convenient approach to this method, which also increases the visibility of the application.

Chat/voice calls in the app:

Thanks to this in-app conference feature, data and users can communicate in a transparent way. Users can inquire about the status of the order or any other request. They may also discuss other services, and companies may require them to use them. This strategy significantly contributes to attracting users ‘attention and strengthening users’ loyalty to the application.

Push notifications:

This feature is very useful to improve user acquisition and retention.

A mobile app for the car wash integrated into the push technology is useful to inform users about current offers, deals, order details, and much more. Otherwise, push notifications are also very helpful to improve the visibility of the company and to connect customers with your app. Users can thus be notified before the order is completed and before the vehicle is delivered to keep them alert and alert.

Subscription packages: You cannot miss this function when you talk about the best functions of the mobile on-demand app for car washes.

Location tracking:

With the specified option, buyers can see the nearby car wash service provider and the service provider can track the specified location to receive the services.

Google Maps is the best option due to its extreme customization options and features.

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