Difference Between Platform-Based and Custom Mobile App Development

Custom Mobile App Development

Custom mobile app development is an important factor that results in the growth of a business. Defining features that can drive revenue for a business is highly dependent on key decisions taken while developing an application. It becomes complex to select the ideal technology to fit business needs as there are multiple platforms available in the market. 

In this article, some major differences between platform-based and custom-based application development are discussed to help you in getting a better understanding.

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Platform-based Mobile Application Development

Platform Based Mobile App Development is like starting with a pre-created template and modifying the design as per the needs of the business. This strategy is highly suitable for small startups and individuals that are willing to enter into the mobile application business in a short time.

Custom Mobile Application Development

Custom applications are developed to meet the requirements of clients in different ways. With the help of the right frameworks and open source projects, it is possible for developers to approach custom mobile app development through tailor-made features to meet the goals of clients.

Differences between Platform Based and Custom Mobile Application Development

  1. Scalability

The reusable code inside custom mobile app development helps in easier deployment and development. This allows companies to modify and scale their product efficiently at the initial stage. Further, the development of a platform-based application works on set constraints and can’t be modified beyond that scope.

  1. Delivery Speed

It is a commanding factor in choosing the profit and proliferation of a mobile application. A business that rolls out a mobile application with all functions is by and large recommended. With the help of customization tools accessible to platform-based mobile application development, it becomes easier to boost the conveyance time of a specific mobile application. On the other hand, android app development may take time and effort.

  1. Resources Required

Custom Mobile App Development needs resources to facilitate development. On the other hand, Applications developed using a platform-based approach are quicker to develop, incur less cost, and are faster to deploy as compared to the customer-based approach.

  1. Scope of Features

In MADP or Mobile App Development Platform, the scope of features are predefined and developers can utilize those modules to build the app. Whereas, if there is some business requirement to build features that are not readily available on these platforms then custom mobile app development can come to the rescue to deliver what is required.

  1. Expenses or Costing

Building up a cross-platform incurs a lower cost compared to the custom mobile application. If a developer is looking for cost-friendly mobile application development, platform-based development is the best suitable option.

It is advised to businesses that they should consider the end user needs while going for either platform or custom-based approach. However, it would be highly profitable for the companies if they can use a combination of both approaches to ensure maximum advantages to the users.

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