How Alphonic Develops Dream 11 app Clone Seamlessly

Dream 11 app development

The Dream 11 is one of the most popular fantasy cricket apps which exist in the market and if you are looking to get your own Dream 11 app clone developed then Alphonic can help you with the right approach to get a full-fledged fantasy cricket app. 

There are many fantasy cricket apps available in the market which offer amazing excitement and fun to users. One such popular app which exists in the market is Dream 11that has gained great popularity and spotlight over a short time. Alphonic being an app development company can help you develop a Dream 11 app clone seamlessly. 

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What is the Dream 11 clone app?

Clone in the world of mobile app development is a term used to indicate a ready-made solution or script that can be utilised to develop one’s own Fantasy sports app. Due to the advantage of open-source, ready-to-use codes are gaining great importance, and developing app clones with improved features can offer great benefits.

What Features a Dream 11 App Clone Should Have?

There are various features that one should consider while developing a Dream 11 app clone:

  1. Profile Creation: This is the first step after onboarding the user over the app where he can create his profile adding his bio and other important details such as avatar, skills, location, etc. 
  2. Player Management: This feature allows users to select the players based on international leagues and tournaments through which they can create their teams for app competitions. 
  3. Leaderboard: Without competitiveness and excitement, the fantasy cricket app will be incomplete. The app should develop a sense of competition to increase their interest and engagement in the application. 
  4. Dashboard Analytics: This single screen should give users a comprehensive analysis of their performance including tournaments won, rankings, rewards, technical aspects, best player list, trophies, etc. 
  5. Close to Real Gaming Experience: The fantasy dream 11 app must be designed in a way that looks like a real tournament and gaming experience for the users. 
  6. Game prediction: This is another feature that can infuse a sense of contest among the users. You can reward users based on the right predictions done by them during the match tournaments.

Alphonic can integrate and build all these features in your fantasy cricket app to help your users get the most out of the app. In terms of technical aspects, the app can also have push notifications, payment gateway, profile settings, etc.

Stages of Development – How Alphonic Helps in Every Stage

Here are various stages of development where Alphonic can help:

  1. Getting the right team and expertise

When hiring an iOS app development company, you should analyse main aspects like the experience of developers, timeline, and development cost to ensure clear communication and expectations before you begin. Alphonic has a great and dedicated team to offer you expertise in developing your fantasy app.

  1. Feature Selection

The features must be selected based on data and information collected from market research. It should cover all such aspects that are already there in competitive applications in the market. Experts at Alphonic help in Selecting the right features to help in building a seamless app that engages users in a better way.

  1. Selection of Tech Stack

There are various programming languages and tech frameworks available in the market. One should access the advantages and disadvantages of frameworks or platforms like- flutter, java, Kotlin, etc. Alphonic being a top-notch development company offers expertise in every framework and deploys developers on the project after accessing which platform is best as per the user’s need and client expectations.

  1. Developing Dream 11 App Clone

This stage comprises actual application development and MVP is created to check the feedback from real users. Once it is done, the app goes into the testing phase.

  1. Testing

Any application must be tested before its final launch. It needs to be done on various aspects to ensure that users should not have any issues related to bugs and inefficiency.

  1. Publishing

When it comes to publishing, your app is rolled out to the market through google play or the App store so that the users can download it.

Conclusion – Fantasy Sports Market & Dream 11 App Clone Development

Fantasy sport is expected to grow to a great extent in the near future and thus the development of a clone of Dream 11 can be profitable. However, its success will largely depend on the features added and their functionality as per the user’s demands. Furthermore, the privacy and security of the users is the first and foremost concern that must be acknowledged by app makers while going for development. Alphonic take care of all such aspects and offer expertise in developing market-ready applications for clients.

For more info: Whatsapp us at +91 9887133338

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