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As a matter of fact, you looking for a remedy for creating an online food booking software script that may be ideal for restaurant businesses like Foodpanda Clone Script?

You an ideal food booking script which may be identical to the Foodpanda clone, Food app clone and the script developed by are efficient on both the web and mobile platforms. Equally, You can get the customized app with your own brand name with our services. In the developed script, every customer is capable of ordering their food simultaneously, and also they can able to proceed with payment.

The admin (who hold the web back end) of the site will earn a commission from every order also, the payment is offered to the admin and it’s given by the restaurant for every order and as soon as payment is done then the delivery staff will hand over or deliver the food to the desired customer.

How does our restaurant ordering system work?

1. Placing of an order by the customer via web/mobile

Customers are capable of ordering their favorite dishes, right from the comfort of their choice through their web or smartphone, developed using our food ordering script.

2. The restaurant receives order via a web app developed by Alphonic

Of course, the restaurant management directs the order for food that the customer has placed, to the concerned restaurant, in a matter of seconds.

3. Customer receives confirmation

An acknowledgment of the food order takeaway is given to the customer, and he or she is informed of the expected time of delivery of the product.

4. The restaurant starts to prepare an order

Equally important, the necessary steps are taking to prepare the order and get it ready with perfection for the final consumption by the respective customer.

5. The restaurant assigns orders to the delivery staff

Identically, the delivery staff gets a new order notification from the restaurant to deliver the food to the concerned customer’s place. The delivery staff updates the status to the restaurant as well as customers.

6. Delivery staff delivers the food to customers

The order is delivering to the address given by the restaurant. On delivering the food to the desired customer, then the E-signature was obtained from the customer and also an acknowledgment notification will be sent to the restaurant.

Our Services

Therefore, you can get everything via our services, and some of the interesting features of our script include:

  • 100% source code
  • One-Time payment
  • Customizable
  • In your brand name
  • RTL feature
  • Secured

Customer Benefits

Customers can sign up using both the web and mobile apps. He can easily maintain a user profile with the address and also you can:

  • Choose the delivery type as per your requirement via our developed script.
  • You can search restaurant’s within your location
  • Filter option
  • Sort all the items according to their preferences easily.
  • The payment option can be done via COD (cash on delivery) or by online mode.
Foodpanda Clone Script
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Foodpanda Clone Script
Are you looking a remedy for creating an online food booking software script which may be ideal for restaurant business like Foodpanda Clone Script or Just Eat Clone?