Why is it Crucial To Develop Educational Android App

Educational Android App Development

Educational Android app gives a lot of opportunities to enter into the whole new world of EduTech. If you are a developer or an educational company, you should definitely go forward to building your own educational app.

Educational Android app has become one of the fastest-growing segments and occupied a significant portion of the mobile app design and development market recently for good reasons, as it is one of the things that have changed the landscape of EduTech. With nearly 2.8 billion Android users worldwide, it’s no surprise that developers are increasingly looking to create educational apps that can help teachers, students, and parents access educational resources on their smartphones or tablets. 

These apps make learning easier by connecting students with academic and informative content in an interactive format and tracking their progress over time. Therefore, whether it’s a primary school or a large university, developing an app has become a must-have for all educational institutions as it allows them to deliver study materials effortlessly while providing them with the unique opportunity to reach students located far distances, even across continents.

Why Is It Crucial to Develop an Educational App Development?

There are many benefits of creating an educational app which is as follows:

  1. It Makes learning more accessible

A powerful educational app with a lot of features and functionality allows students to access educational resources on the go at any time and place without being tied to a physical location or textbook, making the learning process even more convenient and flexible.

This helps students of all ages and backgrounds, which also removes some of the hurdles faced by those from underprivileged backgrounds who may find it difficult to attend regular classes or have limited financial resources. It can also solve language barriers through translation or captions.

  1. Increased engagement through customized solutions

The Educational Android app enables institutes and teachers to engage with their students in a remarkable way that a traditional classroom setting usually lacks. Now, students can easily receive relevant content tailored specifically towards their individual needs through mobile devices, ensuring greater engagement levels among learners, ultimately leading to increased participation rates, better performances, and overall improved results. The teachers can also use tools on the go to make education more interactive.

  1. Enhanced reach offers the scope to capture new markets

As mentioned earlier, an educational android app provides schools with an excellent opportunity to approach new audiences. From potential applicants at the university level wanting to access the pre-enrollment course material to primary school kids willing to get familiarized with core subjects like math and English, and even adult learners looking to pick up new skills and knowledge, such apps can be highly beneficial in a broad range of use cases for institutions that aspire to expand their presence into new demographics or regions.

  1. Creates an additional source of massive revenue

Indian EdTech startups have successfully raised $10.02 billion of venture capital within the first quarter of 2022, and the industry is projected to touch even higher heights in 2023. This means that educational apps can be a significant revenue channel for institutions. 

The demand for these apps is on the rise, thanks to cheap data rates and the availability of high-speed internet across the country, offering enormous possibilities to monetize educational content and resources to an unprecedented extent.

  1. Gives Opportunity to Enter into EdTech Ecosystem

The EdTech or Education Tech Ecosystem is growing rapidly, and if you build an educational android app, then you can sell your own courses or tie up with teachers to teach various subjects and skill sets to a massive audience. It will open doors for revenue and will also increase the reach of your application.

Cost Estimation to develop an educational app

The cost of creating an educational android app can vary widely depending on factors such as the level of app complexity, development time, and other key considerations. Basic apps may cost between $15,000 and $50,000, while more feature-rich projects can require substantial investments, with costs potentially reaching up to $100,000. Additionally, it’s important to factor in expenses related to ongoing maintenance and updates when budgeting for your android app development to avoid any unexpected costs.

How to Develop Educational Android App?

If you are looking to develop an educational android app, you need to consider various options in order to get the best results. The first step is to choose a reliable development resource that knows android app development. It can either be part-time, full-time, or freelancer. It completely depends upon the application requirements, complexity, and budget on whom you choose.


The demand for educational apps is only set to increase as more and more content providers look to create engaging digital experiences for students, teachers, parents, and institutions. Developing an educational android app is no longer a luxury but has become rather a necessity if you want your school to stand out in today’s competitive EdTech landscape. Looking for your own app? Connect with experts from Alphonic.