Things to Know Before Developing Dream 11 Clone App

dream 11 clone app

IPL fever is on, and many people are behind the dream 11 clone app. Many of them are busy creating their reverie teams with real-life cricketers.

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Dream 11 has been ruling the industry for so long, and its expertise has out-marked the entire fantasy sports segment. With the highest number of viewers and downloads ever, this app has permeated the entire fantasy sports app development industry, leveraging all-encompassing profitability for the business.

But it’s not just the business, users face too much competition on these applications. Nowadays, users are looking for something fresh and an easy-to-play platform. The addiction to fantasy sports apps is growing rapidly, and in increasing demand by mobile app development companies, and end-users as well. From a business standpoint, they want fantasy sports app solutions that can drive more users and revenue to the business. And from the users’ endpoint, they want a platform that allows them to watch, have fun, win grands, and earn real money while playing online.

Regular and high demand for different sports app platforms raised the bar of profits for app development companies. Dream 11 clone application continues to drive the dream application campaign with over 20 million dynamic customers. This application is highly chosen because members are earning some real money instantly.

From football to ice hockey and cricket, Dream 11 application offers rounds of every sport played everywhere in the world. Depending on the sport, customers have the opportunity to play professionally. After some time, some Dream 11 Clone Applications were also developed to see how famous these sports are. Alphonic Network Solutions has taken up this task and strives to provide you with the most promising Dream 11 clone app solution. The best thing about this app is that you can also add your elements and make you stand out from the crowd.

So, consider the following points to develop an awesome Dream 11 Clone App.

Dream 11 Clone App

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Define your objective

You cannot go to a mobile application development company with your venture unless you have similar goals as everyone else. It is a kind of pool in which everyone swims with their own rational goals. As a visionary, and as a game brand, it is important to maintain the revenue model. The goal at this point is player engagement and store utilization. By clarifying your goals at the outset, you have the opportunity to select the right partner for improving the application.

Conduct Statistical Survey

The investigation is critical for determining the rate of development of explicit games in our country. Be hopeful, because applications like Dream 11 can be used all over the world, so think accordingly. This survey will provide you with an overview of the development components in the specific area of the Dream 11 clone application.

Prior Planning

It is advisable to plan everything before jumping into the pool of app development. Prior planning of your business reserves, market fragmentation, the app specialty, targeted groups, financial plans, and radical highlights including cut-off time.

Pre-decide game format and rules

Once you find the answers to all your questions and are all set to build the Dream 11 clone app, you need to build the game standards and rules. Characterize the games’ guidelines, and inform the customer how to keep away from the obstacles at the later stage.

Accessible on both platforms

From the users’ endpoint, the two platforms mobile and web, are similarly significant. As we are aware of the fact that mobiles are the highest need of each individual these days, hence app access on the mobile will directly hit your business revenue. Furthermore, nothing can be in a way better than having these

Dream 11 clone applications on web stages, so it will be wonderful to have these game applications on both platforms.

What is the Dream 11 Clone Application?

People who are more prone and active towards the game sector are well aware of Dream 11 Apps. It is one of the most popular options that people trust and it makes a name for itself. The idea behind this app is to allow users to create their own teams and play with any players they want.

This app has proven to be the best for all gamers who wish to play without leaving their couch. All you need is a device where this app can be downloaded and there you go, all set to begin the gamers journey. The app has been designed to ensure that fantasy sports can be easily accessible to people.

Now if you are one of those people who is looking to build a similar app, we are here to help with the best framework. It is the Dream 11 Clone App from the house of Alphonic Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd, which is exquisite and different from the other app-developing companies. All you need to do is, reach us.

Dream 11 clone application development features

Once you tick the above checklist, it is essential to consider the features of the Dream 11 clone app. Must have user app features for Dream 11 Clone App.

  • Login/Register: Users can register themselves via Google or social media accounts.
  • Profile: The user can manage their personal profile by using dashboard features.
  • Search: This allows users to search game-related and features-related information available on the app.
  • User Screen: This screen shows the necessary information and all the options of access that are available to users.
  • Contests: With this feature, the user can see the complete details of ongoing and upcoming contests as per their choice.
  • Create your own contest: Users are allowed to create their own contest with the submission of an entry fee.
  • My contest: The creators can view the details of all the plates and edit the details of the players.
  • Payment Modes: It facilitates the users to pay via various payment gateways.
  • View Transaction: On this screen, users can view the details of the transactions, such as earnings from every match, the number of games played, number of games won and lost.
  • Invite and earn: The Dream 11 app allows the users to generate the referral URL that can be shared with different groups, friends, and family members to join the game. This gives credit points to the users.

Why is Alphonic Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. best to collaborate with developing your Dream 11 Clone Application?

Alphonic Network Solutions Pvt.Ltd is a provider of specialized app development services and dream 11 clone source code. We recommend that you contact us and discuss your Dream 11 Clone App development project. We will hear from you and our team of professionals will work to present you with one of the best app solutions. We offer:

Affordable pricing: The biggest advantage of working with Alphonic Network Solutions is that you hire an app developer that we offer at the lowest rates on the market. We offer feature-packed apps, with all the add-ons from the user endpoint, which makes customers enjoy their apps.

App Delivery on Time: As soon as we finish listing your app requirements, our team starts to access the project deliverables, complexity, and features you intend to include in your app. In order to offer you a better understanding of apps, we walk you through all the stages of app development.

Full Customer Support: We don’t just believe in developing the apps; we believe in developing a bond. Our experts are always available to assist you with your queries. Alphonic Network Solutions Pvt.Ltd. assure you the greatest customer care services and work on complete customer satisfaction.

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