How an On-demand App Can Help Grow Your Business

On-demand Mobile App Development

Customers are leading busier lives than ever before.  They have better things to do with their time than going for grocery shopping at a brick-and-mortar store. More than that, they want anything and everything, instantly.

This is where on-demand apps help out. And as you know it, on-demand apps perfectly align with our need for instantness; think of Uber or Zomoto. They offer value for our time.

So, it comes as no surprise that the youth of today are spending ¾ of their day surfing mobile apps, which, in turn, is propelling the growth of the on-demand app sector.

Sure enough, the race for on-demand apps began with the ride-sharing app Uber. However, the concept has crossed borders of the ride-sharing industry and is being widely accepted and experimented, left, right and center, in every industry one could think of…from food delivery to grocery delivery, from retail to healthcare and beauty and so on. Plus, today you will find apps that offer a host of services.

For example, Grab is not just a ride-hailing app; it also offers food delivery services and a cashless payment solution. In fact, today, businesses are coming up with several fresh ideas as to how to apply on-demand apps for their business.

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The on-demand hyper-growth is upon us. In the next 5 to 20 years most people will be able to get anything within a 5 to 60-minute window.

Stats and facts of the on-demand economy

  • Nearly 22% and more Americans use the on-demand economy and have invested $45 million.
  • Almost 51% and more Americans have given positive feedback and confirmed increased profits.
  • Almost 65 % of employees have established increased income opportunities while working in setups, where on-demand economic approaches are used.

How on-demand apps can help grow your business

# Offering value-added benefits will win more customers  

Satisfying customers is not a one-time thing. You need to be constantly on your toes, attending to their calls and concerns, all the time  On-demand apps have been developed in line with this thought process, which is to fulfill the orders of the customers ASAP. So, as soon as the customer places the order for services or products, the order is on its way.

Not just that, the apps offer the customers the flexibility to explore different options before narrowing down to the product or service of their choice. Further, offering value-added benefits to the app users, in the form of discounts and deals, helps grab the attention of the customers and also prompts them to order your product or services, over and over again, from your on-demand app.

Furthermore, adding easy payment methods to your app will make payments easier, which, in turn, will enhance their experience.        

# 24/7 Customer interaction keeps the customers engaged and happy

Brand awareness can bring in more customers for your business. With on-demand apps businesses will be able to connect with customers 24/7 using the chat/calling feature in the app. The constant interactions help build relationships, which, in turn, keeps the customers interested in your product.

What’s more, by responding to their queries and by resolving issues, you would be able to boost their satisfaction level and retain them for a longer time, which, in turn, could turn them into lifetime customers.

# Better buying experience build brands and sales  

 As per the SalesForce report, 70% of customers give importance to their buying experience. So, adding features such as real-time tracking tools and multiple payment options in the app are sure to please your customers, which, in turn, will help your brand and sales grow.

Additionally, as personalized services will be offered after understanding customer needs will also enhance the buying experience of customers.

# Self-service options make service faster

Also, when you make it easy for customers to find answers and resolve issues on their own, without contacting the customer service, via a well-organized and easily searchable knowledge base will also be appreciated by the customers.  And even though they might have to contact the customer service, small tasks such as updating of address, phone number and things like that, make the delivery of services and products faster for the clients.

# As a marketing extension

An on-demand application is also used for marketing purposes. You can at once track customer behavior using analytics to know the customer needs and make changes accordingly. You could also add a feature that allows customers to share their reviews and feedback, which will help you figure out the shortcomings in your app. More than that, you can use it to send push notifications to announce new product arrivals and other events.

# Increases business scalability

An on-demand app helps manage tens of thousands of customer orders easily.  More customers mean more revenue for a business. This means you could open multiple stores of your business in different regions or cities and manage them under a single platform in a  hassle-free manner. Thus, a mobile app can help you to expand and streamline your business in all possible ways.

Sending personalized notes to the dormant customers by providing unique offers based on their past purchases will also encourage them to purchase once again. As an entrepreneur, you would always be looking for ways to scale up your business. Try on-demand apps, without much ado.  Better adapt and integrate them into your business, right away, to generate sales and profits.

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