Turn Website into Mobile App – A Complete Guide For Beginners

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The world has adapted to Mobile App Development at a fast pace, and the majority of people are expecting mobile apps to get access to services or buy/sell products through that mobile app. Want to understand how this works? Read this blog for more on how to turn website into mobile app. 

Creating a mobile app is a significant aspect of increasing the reach and potential of your brand or service. Many people find mobile apps more convenient, user-friendly, and faster than mobile websites, giving them an instant way to access services. This is the reason why creating a mobile app opens up the possibility of reaching a wider audience and increasing conversions. 

If you have a website and want to turn website into mobile app, This guide will take you through the benefits of mobile apps over websites and the process of converting your website into an app. 

As per the insights by Marketing Dive, 85% of people prefer to use mobile app over conventional websites. This can be widely seen across businesses in the e-commerce, B2B solutions, food delivery, quick commerce, etc.

Turn Website into Mobile App – A Complete Guide For Beginners

Here are several ways by which you can turn website into mobile app:

  1. Website to App Conversion Platform

In the world of SaaS platforms, it is quite easy to convert any website to Mobile App by just following few simple steps. The platforms like Appypie app-maker, twinr, etc. offer you a step-by-step way to directly turn a website into a mobile app without any complex process. This gives you an easy way to simply convert the website into an app with an amazing native app or Progressive Web App. The only drawback of these apps is that they might not be the best optimized per your needs and may also not offer you many options to customize. However, This is a good option when you need a mobile app but don’t want to invest much money.

  1. Use No-Code Platform

It is not always important to learn code to develop a mobile-friendly website or convert your existing website into a mobile-supported format. With no code platforms like- Wix and Webflow, you can easily use drag-and-drop elements and intuitive features to turn a website into a mobile app that works perfectly on mobile devices. If you choose this option, you can either create a website from scratch or alternatively use a similar look and feel as to the original website but use some tools to repurpose it well, making it work perfectly on mobile devices. 

  1. App Builder Platform

App Builder Platforms are amazing tools that let you create mobile apps for websites. Using custom-built features and pre-set templates, you can create a good-looking mobile version or app of your website that can work amazingly with mobile users. For this, you can use tools like square space that work amazingly to do this task. 

  1. Hire Developer or Freelancer

It is very common to hire a developer or freelancer for any technical thing you need while planning to expand your user base while focusing on strong products, innovation, and user-centered design. To start things from scratch, you can choose who to hire. You need to decide whether your requirement suits well to a full-time employee or if you need someone to handle your tasks efficiently. The rates of all those may fluctuate a bit, but it is important to consider this as a great option to develop a native app taking inspiration from the website. 

What To Consider To Turn Website into Mobile App?

Here are some of the important aspects to refer to while converting websites into mobile apps:

  • Screen Resolution: It is always important to ensure that your mobile app fits well for mobile devices. Since there are numerous smartphones have come up with different screen sizes, it is advisable to test your app well before launching it to the public.
  • App Functionality & Performance: The app should be functional and perform well, with fast load times and smooth navigation. Since this is one of the primary aspects, you need to ensure it in order to make your app work without any challenges for consumers. 
  • Integrating Add-On Features: The best part to turn website into mobile app is to get access to add-on features like- SMS marketing, email marketing, push notifications, etc. This makes your app more powerful than a website.
  • Search Engine Marketing: Search engine marketing is a crucial aspect when you launch the app in official mobile app stores like Google Play or Apple store. You should precisely choose a title, keywords for the description, high-quality screenshots, etc., to market your app in a better manner. You should also ask for regular reviews to rank your app higher.

  • Design for Target Market & Consumer: It is the preferred option to make your app reach the masses. While developing mobile apps, it is also important to understand the design process, and once it is complete, you can release it to the public. 


Mobile apps are one of the best mediums to access services of any kind. These days, companies want to ensure that they don’t miss out on a Golden opportunity, and this is the reason why they look forward to such platforms which can change existing websites into mobile-friendly websites. Looking for mobile app development? Connect with experts at Alphonic and turn website into mobile app seamlessly.