Music App Development Guide: Key Features & Cost

Music app development guide

Who would not love music? Everyone would love to hear soothing music. From adults to infants, each one of us has a great interest in music. In this world of technology, people mainly depend on applications. So in the world of music, music streaming app development is in trend. Apps have revolutionized music streaming activities. There are thousands of musical apps available on the app store. 

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The music app development industry is growing exponentially, especially after the pandemic when everything turned digital. Anyways the industry has been well-adjusted to the digital world. If the film and the television industry have progressed so does the music industry too. We have moved from the era of downloading the latest songs and sharing on Bluetooth. That definitely needed some serious time and effort. Today with a few clicks, you can hear any music through music apps.

This blog will explain all the steps of creating the music app, including the technical aspects. 

How To Develop Music App? 


Develop Music App


For music app development, you need to understand this music apps development guide that includes the main stages of the app development.

  • Discovery and business analysis

So, if you have a brilliant app idea but are still confused about where to start? 

Before starting with the music app development guide, you need a properly planned idea for this. This also includes a better understanding of the music app market, a better understanding of the targeted audience, and defining the type of future app you will develop. With an understanding of the targeted audience, you can decide on the target platform or even devices you want to run your app on. In this planning stage, you can conduct a competitive analysis to know your competitors in the market and then plan and define your USP. 

The Discovery phase in the music app development also includes more understanding of the types of music. 

  • Type of music

Choosing the type of music app you want to create is the first step for refining your app idea. Music apps exist in many different formats and offer different listening options. Further music services have been divided into 3 common categories:

    • Music Libraries: Music is stored in server-based libraries and users have unlimited access to the music, but with the condition that the user will be the owner of the app.
    • Cloud Storage: This category offers cloud storage to users to store, organize and manage their music. Users can stream music anywhere and anytime.
    • Radio Station: The music radio app allows users to stream various online radio stations arranged by specific themes, genres, artist-oriented playlists, moods, decades, and many more. Such apps have filter options to search the songs based on the listener’s needs. 

As we have discussed the type of music formats, will this open the door for creating an app? Moving further, there is a license requirement for creating the music app. Licenses are further subcategorized into two:

    • Public Performance rights: this is a type of agreement between the music app owner and the music composer or any other agency that has the copyrights to that music app.  To meet the copyright regulations, you need to get a license from PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) and IPRS (The Indian Performing Rights Society). It is always recommended to check the copyright rules in the market of the country you are planning to develop an app.
    • Sound Recording LicenseL: The second license you require is a Sound Recording license. An agreement that covers the usage of recording rights.
  • Plan your App Features

Broad research will help you to finalize your Music App key features which can later be customized with the basic features and advanced features to match the needs of your target audience. To have the monetary benefits from the music app you can charge the listeners of the artists to upload and promote their music. 

But if you plan to create a competitive Music App that wins over the audience you need the features that attract them and make them stay. Hence it is important to plan and work on music app features for its success. 

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  • Design & Team

Actionable music apps are bagged with two main features- easy navigation and user friendly. It is important for developers to have hands-on experience with user interfaces (UI) to ensure that music apps are sound and easy to use. This indicates now is a time to welcome professionals on board for efficient music app development.  Developing the Music app requires innovation and time. For this, you need misc app developers and professionals:

    • Project managers
    • Business analysts
    • Android app developers
    • iOS app developers
    • Web developers
    • UI/UX designers
    • Back end developer
    • QA Engineer

A designer will need a minimum of 150 hours to develop UI/UX for one platform. This includes the following stages:

    • Wireframing
    • Mockups
    • Prototyping

 As an owner of the music app, you have to be patient in offering significant time to your music app development team. It takes 155 hours for back-end song-streaming music app development and nearly 359 hours for iOS or android music app development. Hence it takes 431 hours to develop an admin panel for all the apps. 

  • Testing & QA

The Music app development phase doesn’t end without in-depth testing and quality assurance. Therefore the thumb rule is to ensure that your music app is running smoothly as expected before launch.  So testing is important at all levels of development, and also at the final stage, before the launch. Once your QA engineer detects the bugs and issues and fixes them, you are ready to release the music app on the market. 

Music App Development Guide – Complete Costing 

As we have discussed all the essential aspects of music app development, hence a music app with core features (including basic features) for any single platform iOS or Android would cost you around $15,000 to $25,000. And if you are looking for cross-platform integration including all the advanced features and third-party services, then music app development will cost $25,000 to $30,000. 

The development costs vary depending on the region you choose for development

US/Canada $50 – $150/ hour or higher
Western Europe $35 – $120/ hour or higher
Eastern Europe $25 – $50/hour or higher
India $15- $25/ hour.

Build a Successful Music App With Alphonic

The music world, where streaming is a hot trend, you have an opportunity to earn music streaming market revenue with a million-dollar idea. But your execution with innovation is key to having hands on a large audience and staying ahead of your competitors. And the experts for Alphonic are happy to be a perfect Music app development guide for you. They have helped their clients in developing innovative yet user-friendly innovative apps with experienced professionals.

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