Blitz.js – A Toolkit For React Framework


Ever imagined a way of developing applications without the use of API? Blitz is one such toolkit for react framework which makes it possible to develop applications with Zero API. 

In this world where everyone is looking for new technology for simplicity, developers also need something which makes the task of developing an application easy. As the market may offer numerous options to choose from, it is critical to choose a web development framework targeted towards the optimized use of code to build scalable functionality and features without excessive effort. This is where we get Blitz.js, a comprehensive toolkit for react framework.

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What is Blitz.js?

Blitz is a simple and easy-to-use full-stack framework that works as a toolkit for React framework. Blitz uses Next.js as its primary language which helps you build a full-stack app while utilizing features similar to that of JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. It also eliminates the requirement for REST/GraphQL Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to build authorization and authentication. Additionally, Blitz has Prisma 2 for DataBase migration and access and a variety of CLI tools for code scaffolding.

Why use Blitz.js?

It is not an easy task to develop a full-stack app even if you hire developers. It takes a lot of time and many things like database setup, setting up the configuration, and folder structure, setting up the pages on the app, and adding authentication and authorization. 

All the above things consume a lot of time and this is all before writing a single code. To solve such hassle you need to use a reliable framework such as Blitz which works as a toolkit for react framework. 

Blitz.js is a blessing for developers. The extremely fast JavaScript Framework makes the development process even more productive and efficient. It works on the principle of “Zero-API” to avoid the requirement to create a new API and it automatically generates the API layer once the project has been developed. It is based on a monolithic concept in which the data access code and user interface are combined into a single program via a single platform.

It can also be nicely used for server-intensive tasks with react framework to make the tasks such as cron jobs, background processing, data loading, etc. easy.

Key Features Of Blitz.js – A Toolkit For React Framework

Here are some of the main features of Blitz which make it the brilliant JavaScript framework it is:

  • Monolithic and Full-Stack: Blitz has everything from database to frontend, you have only a single code base to develop. You do not need to assemble multiple layers across to build an app.
  • Faster & Reliable Framework: It makes development easy as it just takes lesser time to set up crucial functionality of apps such as sign-in, sign-up, and authentication using libraries. This lessens the time complexity when it comes to building apps.
  • Zero-API Data Layer: Its framework enables you to write certain functions that execute on the server and then import them directly to your components on the front end. 
  • Simplicity and convention: Blitz is suitable for all complex setups and it prefers convention over configuration. So it has a simple project structure and architecture that allows developers to migrate from one app to another, conveniently.
  • Automatic optimization of images: Its framework automatically optimizes the images using a built-in image component. The images are optimized in the WebP format. 
  • Easy to use: Blitz is the perfect tool for new and experienced developers with the ease of access it provides. It is faster in terms of developing new apps and easier to be learned.
  • Code Scaffolding: With the help of scaffolding you will have the initial code already scaffolded into your project. Providing you with full ownership of the code with the independence to customizing it as much as you want.
  • Built-in session management authentication: A critical feature of web development, Blitz offers a built-in system to prevent any unauthorized access to the application while session management helps keep track of the actions performed by users on the applications. This adds to the security layer of the framework.
  • Automatic static optimization: By having automatic static optimization you can determine if a page is static when there are no blocking data requirements. 
  • Use of Recipes: Blitz uses another interesting feature called “recipes” which makes it easy to integrate third-party dependencies using a single command.


Blitz is extremely powerful that works well with react framework. It is built over Next.js which enables the user to get all the features of Next.js in their project. The future of mobile and web app development would be more focused on optimization and performance in terms of code so it is the right time to adapt Blitz for your upcoming projects. Looking to develop an app using blitz.js? Connect with Alphonic to get your app developed with great features.

For more info: Whatsapp us at +91 9887133338

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