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Music is something that everyone enjoys. The pace of life is increasing. It’s often impossible to find the music you love and go through the entire list. Audio streaming apps have revolutionized the way we listen to and enjoy music.

Modern technologies allow us to have a seamless user experience and get music in just a few clicks. Mobile devices and an excellent internet connection only complement this trend.

This article will help you learn more about music streaming apps and create your music app. Below are statistics on the music streaming market, strategies for monetizing song streaming apps, and tips on music app development.

The music industry has also seen progress, even though the film and television industries have made great strides. Gone we the days when people used to download songs from the internet and shared them via Bluetooth. Do you remember the days when everyone downloaded the latest songs from the Internet and shared them via Bluetooth? It took a lot of time and effort. But now the times have changed. You do not have to anymore surf various websites to download a song. You can listen to music via a streaming app or website in just a few clicks.

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Music App Development – Market Overview

Stream Your Music to The World

Music industry images are often surrounded by endless parties, stunning concerts, costumes, and interviews featuring the stars of the world. It could also be seen as art for those who truly understand it. This multi-billion-dollar industry is changing how music is made and distributed. These numbers speak for themselves.

  • Global recorded music revenues reached $ 16.9 billion in 2021. This is the highest recorded amount and four times more than in 2015.
  • The global music streaming market was valued at $29.45 Billion in 2021. It is projected to grow at a compound annual rate (CAGR of 14.7%) between 2022 and 2030.
  • In 2022, the average user’s revenue was about $25
  • Spotify had 422,000,000 monthly active users in March 2022, with 182 million premium subscribers.
  • Music streaming revenue has been the main source of revenue for most music labels since 2014.

These impressive figures are a result of where? The music app development services industry grew significantly because of the pandemic. It’s hard to imagine any industry not having been affected. COVID restrictions were enforced, and people had to spend more time at home. They could order food online, watch Netflix, or listen to music.

Monetization Opportunities for Music App Development

It doesn’t matter how great your app idea is or how well it was developed to produce amazing results. What matters is whether it adds profit to your company. You need a clear revenue stream and a business model to help you maximize your ROI to make money with your music-streaming mobile application.

A well-defined business plan will help you to mitigate risks and ensure sustainable revenue. These are some of the monetization strategies you can use for your app.

In-App Ads

In-app ads are a way to monetize your services. These will be displayed to the user via an audio-streaming server as an image or video while the user switches between tracks. One of the best ways to increase your overall revenue is to allow users to advertise on your audio streaming platform.

Paid Membership Feature in Music App Development

You can use a membership revenue model to increase your user base and ROI. Users can subscribe to your app monthly or annually. This highly sought-after revenue stream guarantees customer retention and recurring profit.

Premium Model

Offering premium subscriptions to your users is a way to increase revenue if you offer your app for free. Users can only download and listen to some of the most popular music genres with a subscription package. This will allow you to monetize the blockbuster content.

Coupons and Promotions

Multiple seasonal coupons can be used to get a variety of services. Your services can also be discounted during the festive season, which will help increase subscriptions.

These are just a few ways to make money with your Spotify-like music-streaming advertisement. Let’s now look at how a music app development company can help you develop innovative ideas to make your app a success.

License Needed to Start a Music Streaming Application

This is the most important aspect of developing an app that streams music. You must ensure that all the legal rights are fulfilled before launching your mobile application. Two rights usually protect songs. The first is the right to sound recordings by record labels. Other copyrights are related to composition. This includes lyrics and melody. Publishing companies or songwriters can hold these copyrights.

Music app development allows music lovers to stream free of charge. Still, you need the licenses to be a music or audio streaming app proprietor. To create a music streaming service, you must have the following licenses: Sound Recording License, Public Performance Rights, and Musical Composition License, among others.

You can sign contracts to stream music from these huge labels. These labels include Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment Group, Tips Industries Limited, and Zee Music Company.

Market’s Top Music Streaming Apps

Let’s first review the most widely used music streaming apps. We will also examine statistics such as the number of songs listened to, popularity, and other information.


Spotify is a digital music and podcast platform that allows you to listen to millions of songs and access creators from all over the globe. Spotify Premium is an upgradeable option that allows you to access premium features.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a subscription-based music streaming service that offers global radio-like programming. You can unlock a library of 90 million songs for a flat fee.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Music, a streaming service, is free when you sign up for Prime. Members have access to over 2 million songs and podcasts and can listen offline or with skips.


Tidal, a digital music streaming platform, offers access to over 80 million songs and 350,000 videos by music artists from all over the globe.


Tencent Music Entertainment holds a dominant market share of around 80% in China’s online music and audio entertainment platforms. It has the largest market share of all top music streaming apps in China.

Key Features of a Music Application

The app’s key features depend on the audience, their needs, and desires. You can attract more people if you satisfy their needs. It is, therefore, extremely important to know what they want before you hire a live music app development company.

To assess the functionality and usability of the applications on the market, respondents in the US were asked to complete a survey. According to estimates, people value music quality at the same level that price. Another important feature is the ability to download and create playlists.

What are the key features that a music streaming app must have to be successful?


Using user-friendly navigation, it is easy to search for and add the track or album to your library or playlist. You can also use advanced search options to help you find music by mood or genre. It would be great to allow users to view their search history.


Playlists are now the new radio station. They can be used for quiet family gatherings, noisy parties with friends, alone time, or to let your crush know how you feel. Any music app should be designed to allow users to create personalized playlists quickly and easily.

Social Media

Many people enjoy sharing music on Instagram and Snapchat. This is why integration with social media networks is essential. This feature will not only be appreciated by users, but it also helps spread brand awareness.

Well-Thought-Out UI

This feature can make or break an app. You must make the user experience seamless, intuitive, visual, and engaging in successful music app development.


A music app must have a recommendation service. It is built on user preferences. Suppose they listen to the same music but must become more familiar with the artist. In that case, the recommendation service will recommend the artist to them.

A good recommendation service is essential for any music streaming app. It is a must for any music streaming app. It is a key factor in competitiveness for Apple Music and Spotify, among others.


The central goal of any music streaming application is to let the users discover or search for the desired song in the app. The discover or search section in your app is crucial. This is made easier by providing a checklist to the user after registering on your music streaming app. The following criteria can be used to create a checklist:

  • Language
  • Favorite music artists
  • Genre
  • Moods

These preferences enable the music streaming application to display the most relevant recommendations to your users. Users can create their playlists and find more of their favorite music once your music app makes these suggestions.

Music Player

Audio streaming apps must include a music player or a video player. Users can skip, play, pause, and repeat their favorite tracks. It also enables the users to play a certain song from the queue, repeat the current song, or play the next recommended song in the queue. A feature that allows users to shuffle audio or songs in an audio streaming platform, app, or app can be added.

Dedication Section to My Music

Music lovers can easily access your app’s ‘My Music’ and ‘My Library’ sections.

  • Keep track of their favorite songs
  • Listen to the top-played music track
  • Find their top music artists
  • Make playlists and much more

You can access your music media libraries through the “My Music” section. The app can also enable the users to listen to their favorite tracks offline, which they may have downloaded in the application. This will make the application handier for the users.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can increase user engagement. They provide users with timely notifications about new songs, music genres, and videos, even if they’re not using the app.

Lyrics Display

This great feature keeps users hooked to your music streaming app. Apps will now be able to show the para verses of songs to users in the background, increasing user engagement. AI technology can handle the integration of lyrics.

Offline Mode

This feature allows you to give your listeners the ability to listen to songs while on the move without requiring an internet connection. The offline mode uses the device’s internal storage to store audio data.

Social sharing

Music streaming apps can also benefit from social media promotion. Your brand will get many words of advertising exposure if you offer users the option to share their favorite song or album via social media.

What Types of Music Streaming Apps Are There?

You can find the top music-on-demand streaming apps in many formats and offer many listening options. These are the most popular music apps:

  • Music Library

Music libraries offer unlimited access to songs via a monthly subscription. This eliminates the need to purchase single tracks or entire albums.

  • Cloud storage

Cloud storage is a common feature of the largest services that offer media file management and organization. pCloud, for example, offers 10GB of free online storage that allows customers to access media files online. You can also use the locally encrypted secure option.

  • Radio stations

This app allows you to listen to different radio stations and create curated playlists, artist-centric lists, and other types of music.

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Challenges of Creating a Music Streaming App

You need to be careful when creating a music streaming app.

Copyright and Licensing

The law is the first thing to consider when discussing an app that streams an artist’s music. Public Performance Rights are the only way to ensure that music streaming apps comply with these rules. Copyright and legality are not a problem that could arise in an application but are something to consider before you make a decision.

This sensitive issue is handled by two agencies in the USA: The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI).

Different agencies exist in different countries. For example, it is the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers in Europe. Before entering any country’s market, find out who the main body is for copyright protection and buy a license.

Avoiding the Competition

Competing with deep-pocket giants like Amazon, Apple, and Spotify can be hard. You need a great idea and flawless execution to compete with the big boys and possibly even win some markets.

You can use podcasts and audiobooks, provide recommendations, and utilize the most recent technologies to meet your needs.

Splitting revenue

The digital pie can be difficult to slice. Streaming services must share their revenue with artists and copyright owners in a way that may not be beneficial. Spotify, for instance, keeps 30% of its revenues, while the rest goes towards artists, labels, and songwriters.

How to Develop a Music Streaming App?

Here is a quick overview of the steps involved in music app development.

Understand the Concept

Each music streaming service has an associated remote server to which all listeners can connect. The server’s raw music files are pre-buffered with streaming software before they reach the end user. The music track is not saved to the listener’s device but delivered in small packets.

Pick Your Business Niche

When you approach a developer or solution provider, you must be specific about the music app you are building. Make sure your music platform is unique.

  • Music streaming exclusively
  • Podcasts
  • Online radio, or a combination thereof.

Ready Your Music Library

Music streaming platforms have the best assets: content is their most valuable asset. Your catalog should include the most popular tracks, both local and international. You should also consider adding albums that were popular in the past. You can also include tracks by emerging artists and independent musicians to increase your listener base, who will be more interested in new music.

Get your Licensing/ Streaming Right

Content owners must obtain streaming rights (Mechanical Rights or Public Performance Rights) from authorized organizations to host music for the public. Broadcast Music Incorporated and The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers are the two most well-known organizations that grant streaming licenses in the USA. If you want to target European audiences, it is the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers.

Select the Supported Mobile Platforms

You indirectly select your target audience by choosing which platform your music streaming service will be launched on. You can decide wisely between iOS, Android, or the Web. This will determine your overall engagement and revenue. If you have the budget, consider multiple platforms!

Finalize the Monetization Model

Market leaders have made music streaming a business model that allows them to monetize their business. A subscription fee is better than paying for a single song or album. Music streaming can also be a lucrative business model, whether ad-based or freemium.

Get an Average Estimate of the Cost

Budget is key to any business. The solution provider can create a custom package for your business by estimating how much you’ll spend on streaming services. There are two options: create a minimum viable product (or an MVP) with basic features or build a streaming app with all the details.

Create Your Streaming Service

The best way to host your audio streaming content as a platform owner is to find the right solution provider to make your first music streaming service the best. It offers both on-demand and live-streaming options for new-age music streaming.

Update The App Regularly

Music trends, user behavior, and streaming technologies are constantly changing. Only those platforms that continue improving can survive in this highly competitive marketplace. You can keep an eye on audio analytics in real-time to provide updates based on the data you collect.

What Does It Cost to Create a Music Streaming Application for Mobile?

The cost of music app development will vary depending on how your app is structured. The time required to create an audio streaming application is another factor influencing the cost. A music streaming service can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. This is a rough estimate of the cost of creating an MVP music streaming mobile app.

United States: $140-$240/hr

Western Europe: $110-170/hr

Eastern Europe: $120-$200/hr

India: $15-$30/hr

The final cost of music app development depends on where you live and the rates charged by the professionals working on it.

The Key Takeaway

We hope this article answered all your questions about music app development company costs and the many factors that could influence them. You can put everything in perspective and ensure success by having a well-defined strategy to develop audio streaming apps.

It is the perfect time to find a music app development company to help you in music app development from scratch.

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