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Online Music Streaming App Development Company

Businesses are investing a good amount of money in the online music app development domain to leverage huge profits for their businesses. The success of applications such as Gaana, Jio Saavan, Wynk, etc. Opened a pool of opportunities to enter this industry. This is the reason why music streaming applications are becoming eye candy for start-ups and businesses. If you are also interested in capitalizing on this hot piece of cake to grasp the benefits for your business, then Alphonic can help you with some high-quality music streaming solutions that are created by professional developers.

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online music app development


Online music streaming applications are considered a way of entertainment delivered right via your smartphones. As a renowned online music app development company, we can curate a feature-rich music streaming app for your organization to make your business grow in the right direction.

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Music Editing Apps

We integrate intuitive UI/UX designs in our music streaming apps with excellent sound quality to offer the best quality services in music editing solutions.

music app development company

Music Learning Apps

Our professional developers aim to create effective music learning applications to make the learning experience effective and seamless for individuals.

music app development in android

Music Streaming App

At Alphonic, we have a team of skilled developers that have hands-on experience in creating innovative music-streaming mobile apps that run effectively on various platforms.

music app development company

Music App for Bands

With in-app subscriptions or purchases, generate a great source of income from our music industry app while connecting with the fans at the same time.

Full Cycle Online Music App Development

Alphonic offers powerful on-demand music streaming solutions. If you have an idea for a music application, we can help you make live music streaming with the latest features. Whether it is a music streaming application, a music editing program, or a group program, we offer a complete solution for online music app development services.



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Working of Music Streaming Application

At Alphonic, our professional team of highly experienced and skilled music app developers will help design and develop live music apps for Android and iPhone that will serve the right purpose for your business. From custom web development and on-demand music streaming to live music streaming, music editing, innovative band-based apps, and more, we are a comprehensive service for Android live app development tailored to your individual needs.

music app development company

Register or Login

To enhance the app experience, the users can create an account in the app or they can use social media credentials to directly login into the application.

music app development in android

Set Preferences

Not everybody has the same music taste and our developers are very well aware of it. Our online music streaming app enables users to set music preferences as per their music taste.

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Access Favorite Music

App users can easily access and listen to their favorite music from the application, or they can search for their favorite music directly from the search bar.

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Live Streaming

Users can stream their favorite music live on the music streaming application. Moreover, they can also share music audio, or video files through the application.

Online music app development company

Connect with Friends

The app users can connect with other people who have the same music taste. In this way they can listen to their favorite tracks with other users who have the same liking for music.

music app development

Download Music

Users can buy a premium membership to download unlimited songs and listen to them even when they are not connected to the internet.

Our Portfolio

We have been delivering website and mobile app solutions that operate seamlessly in every tech domain for over a decade. Some of our best and highly precious products in technology are:

music app development

Next-Gen On-Demand Job Portal Solution

music app development company

Focused on displaying the latest jobs to users

Music app Development cost

Various categories to search for a job as per requirements


At Alphonic, we have a team of professional designers and developers who have years of experience creating on-demand music streaming solutions for start-ups and multinational organizations.


Benefits of Online Music App Development

Find music streaming like Spotify with our innovative online music app development service. At Alphonic, which is a renowned mobile app development company, we are a household name in the IT industry, offering a wide range of the latest live music streaming apps for individuals and businesses. If you have creative ideas for developing music applications like Spotify, hire a music developer to make it happen for your business.

music app development Push Notification

Get high participation in all categories. Make sure you keep the user informed of the latest updates and increase user interaction.

Android Application Development Company Boston Live Streaming

Download live audio streams and stream them from anywhere in the world using your iOS or Android smartphone.

music app development company Premium Membership

Buy a premium membership for extra features such as unlimited offline downloads, ad-free streaming, and many more.

Music app Development cost User Onboarding

The Facebook API enables users to provide a personalized experience with access to user settings and other music-related information.

music app development company Radio Stations

Find and access your favorite radio stations near you and stay in touch with your favorite live music tracks.

music app development User Behavior Tracking

The music streaming tracks the surfing and surfing of the users and then shows the most relevant songs to their liking in the future when they visit the app.

Robust Features of Online Music App Development

Our life revolves around music and our day begins with it. We listen to songs while we exercise, eat, sing, relax and rejuvenate. Therefore, there is now a great demand for a good online music app development that has all the necessary functions to search for and play songs without spending a lot of time. Our highly qualified music developers have in-depth knowledge of developing on-demand music programs such as Hungama, Gaana, and Saavan and have also developed feature-rich applications for our customers.

Cloud Computing Integration

In order for your application to work better and faster, you need to solve the problem of data storage and what's better than cloud computing solutions.

Template Customization

Users like to customize their apps to suit their preferences, which makes this a great feature for your video streaming.

Child Lock

This is an essential feature these days because there is so much content on the internet that users don't want their children to see it.

Advanced Filters

Allowing users to search their favorite shows and audio by the name of the artist, category, or even music is a great feature to offer.

Comments Section

Our online music app development has a feedback area where users can comment on the songs being streamed.

Discover Music

The real-time interactive features of the app allow users to easily navigate and find their favorite song or artist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is impossible to predict a specific price for a live broadcast as it depends on many factors such as range, features, performance, number of operating systems, etc. This means that assuming a computation of $50 per hour, the rate would be $40,000.
This is because there is a huge market waiting for investors and entrepreneurs to have a lot of fortune in live broadcasts. Why people are so excited is the fact that live broadcasts basically work because they allow people to broadcast live anytime, anywhere, whatever they want to watch.
Node.JS helps set up the server logic. Wowza is here to improve audio bit rates, audio encryption, and more. DaCast APIs and SDKs help to integrate ready-to-use streaming functions into your app. Twilio offers pre-built entities to develop live chat options along with other options like messaging and users.
You must have paid a lot of attention to the development of music distribution sites over the past 3-4 years. In this live broadcast industry, there is a lot of competition in this market as well. If you want to build your own music platform, you can browse some existing websites or pick a new team for your website. You can find lots of super sound scripts at reasonable prices.
There are many features to consider when designing a mobile music streaming, some of which are listed below:
  • Market research
  • Technical specifications.
  • UI / UX design.
  • Minimum Applicable Product (MVP)
  • Development
  • Publish and support
There are many features that can be added to improve the user experience. But for this it is very important to have a good market.

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