How to Build Smart Parking System Mobile Applications?

Smart Car Parking App Development Company
Smart Car Parking App Development Company

Research shows parking is responsible for 30% of traffic, particularly in large cities. This number could rise to 30% by 2025. A smart parking system was created because of the increasing traffic congestion caused by the mismanagement of parking spaces and the increased number of vehicles. This technology streamlines traffic flow and optimizes parking space utilization. What is smart parking exactly? How can you create a smart parking management program that benefits your company? Let’s talk about it in detail. Parking spaces are a significant problem in any retail space, convention centre, or office building. This is why there has been an increase in smart parking system mobile app development with IoT. Because of the rise in cars, there is less parking space available in public parking areas.

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The hunt for free parking spaces can often become frustrating for drivers. Technology has been used to create smart parking systems to make things easier for them. This will make it easier for the driver to find a parking spot.

This blog will discuss the IoT-based smart park system mobile app. What are the benefits of developing a smart-parking system? What are its features, and what is the cost of building an IoT-based system?

What Is an IoT-Based Parking System?

A connected parking system is an IoT-based smart parking system. It allows drivers to use their smartphones to find and reserve parking spots.

The system’s hardware features sensors that can detect parking spaces and communicate this information with all drivers. The data is constantly updated, so drivers don’t have to worry about finding a space.

The system helps drivers find a spot and alerts them about peak times or prices. These alerts are intended to save money and reduce congestion.

Smart parking solutions allow drivers to take complete control of their journey, from start to finish, without the need to search for parking. IoT technology reduces travel time and costs. The IoT is the foundation for real-time data collection and analysis.

IoT allows you to connect different mobile devices and sensors within the parking ecosystem to fetch data that can help optimize operations. Integration of IoT and autonomous vehicles are the future of smart parking. This arrangement would allow for more road space and make it easier to move around.

Challenges with Current Car Parking Systems

According to research, most cars spend around 3.5 to 14 minutes searching for parking spots. Inconsiderate drivers may park illegally, which can lead to heavy fines. This can lead to a loss in car parking time of between 470 and 1870 hours in crowded areas. Is it worth the effort? No!

Another study shows that 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. This will have a direct impact on how urban drivers park their cars. We can stop buying cars or use IoT technology to optimize parking spaces.

As smart parking innovations gain popularity, the second option is a good choice. These innovations help to eliminate the following issues from the mix.


Drivers sometimes decide how long they will be staying in one place. They may pay too much for parking, but their stay time may be shorter.

Environmental Impact

Not only is it time-consuming, but so is fuel. Many pollutants build up in parking lots, causing foul odors and dirty mud.

Inappropriate Parking

Sometimes the parking lot at the mall is not enough, and customers end up parking in other spots. This causes more traffic congestion.

Overcrowded Parking Spots

The main problem right now is the increased number of cars on the roads compared to available parking spaces. Talk about bumper-to-bumper traffic!

Inappropriate Parking Space Utilization

Many people lack patience and are not aware of the availability of parking slots. People park incorrectly in rushes because they are often too busy. Sometimes, they might not allow enough space for other vehicles. They can cause traffic jams.

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Steps to Build a Smart Car Parking System Mobile Applications

Once you have identified the essential features of smart-parking systems, you can learn how to build an IoT-based smart parking system mobile app. This section will walk you through creating a smart park system.

Audience Research

This is the first step in creating a parking app. You must make sure you do audience research. To conduct audience research and to understand market growth patterns and the user base.

You can use search engines to find out more about smart parking systems. This will give you data on their growth, demand, and supply. This information will allow you to determine if you are investing in the right technology for creating a car park app.


It is also the stage where you must do market research based on your app type. This step will allow you to choose the platform where you want your app to be launched. There are two types: iOS and android.

You should conduct competitor research before you decide on a platform. This will allow you to discover the strategies, methods, and advanced technologies they use to improve their applications.

Planning and Designing

This is the next step. You will need to list all the functions and features you would like in your apps. You will need to finalize your UX/UI and study the market. This will give you many ideas for making your app stand out.

Suppose you are still unsure about the function. In that case, hiring a dedicated developer to help design your parking solution is a good idea.


You need to hire a developer to program your app’s front, and back ends. To get the best mobile app development results, hiring the best mobile application development company is recommended. Mobile app development companies have years of experience in creating mobile web apps.

The firm makes it easy to make your parking application stand out among all the other hiring. A team of talented and skilled developers will work with you to create your app using modern technologies.

Testing and QA

You must have brought your smart parking app along with you until now. This stage is often overlooked because many believe development is the final stage in building a smart park system. It is not true.

It is crucial to ensure that the application has been tested by the web development service providers’ quality assurance team after it has been completed. A mobile app developer or company must ensure that the app is free from any errors after its development. The mobile app is now ready for launch after quality assurance and testing.

Maintenance & Deployment

You are now ready to jump on board. The smart parking system has been tested and passed quality assurance. This is a crucial step as there are some challenges with the apple app store and google play store.

The software development company handles your mobile app’s launch. Last but not least is maintenance. To avoid app crashes and errors, ensure your application receives regular maintenance.

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Working Process of Smart Car Parking System

Before you jump start to develop an IoT based smart parking system mobile app, it is important to understand how the web application functions from the user’s perspective. Here are some steps to take into consideration.

User Share’s Car Location

  • Once downloaded, the smartphone navigator allows you to locate your GPS coordinates in the app
  • The smart city allows users to send their car’s location information to the parking provider

Search for Space Availability

  • You can choose from a range of parking spots to make your experience even better
  • The user inspects the parking spaces available and occupied in the area.

Parking Space Allotment

  • If the app is available, it will recommend a parking spot to the navigator
  • Drivers can also compare the recommended slots by distance or price to find the perfect match

Book & Start Parking

  • Users reserve the parking spot and receive an access code
  • The vehicle would then be directed to park in the lot available by a location-based solution

Discount on Parking

  • If there is any, the service provider will offer a discount on your go before you finally settle on the real-time space.
  • After the transaction is completed, the navigator begins parking.

Finish Parking & Billing

  • The app will notify the provider after the parking period has ended
  • The user must unpark the vehicle and then pay the bill amount.

Benefits of Smart Car Parking Solution Development

The IoT-based software for parking management helps to find available parking spaces faster. It also generates revenue for the company. Let’s talk about the benefits of smart parking management systems.

Low Traffic & Pollution

It reduces excessive driving and improves traffic movement in urban areas by allowing drivers to know exactly where they are going. Smart parking lot management software allows for quick parking and reduces pollution from cars parked in the lot.

Real-Time Monitoring

Automated parking solutions simplify and speed up parking searches. This reduces the guesswork in finding parking spaces and makes it easier to find. The IoT (internet-of-things) technology helps locate parking spaces in new towns. It monitors the occupancy of parking spaces in real time. This ensures drivers don’t waste time driving through jammed parking lots.

Optimized Parking

Parking software allows drivers to find the best position quickly, saving time, money, effort, and money. The available space will be used effectively, depending on what variables are used to assign the position (e.g., vehicle height and weight).

Lower Costs

A cost-effective system for parking management can also be a benefit. Because it requires less workforce, you save more money. You save money by automating more and requiring less manual work. Smart parking system technology can reduce overheads by automating data collection and compliance operations.

Enhanced Services

Visitors will be happy regardless of whether they are at an airport, convenience store, or corporate office. A seamless parking experience like this would significantly improve the brand image of any commercial or corporate enterprise.

Higher Revenue

The vehicle detection sensor data gives clear visibility into the traffic patterns in areas or spaces. This data allows businesses to make decisions beyond their regular working hours about where additional parking should be added and where to reduce parking costs to generate incremental revenue.

Why there is Need for Smart Car Parking Solution Development?

Parking is in high demand. As cars become more fuel-efficient, so will the number of vehicles. There are now fewer parking spaces.

Smart parking systems make it easy to find a spot and provide information to drivers about nearby spots. The system can be accessed remotely by drivers via their smartphones.

These systems make it easier for drivers to locate a spot quicker than traditional methods such as waiting or circling to find someone. Drivers can save time searching for spaces by leveraging this technology.

How IoT-Integrated Car Parking Solution Can Solve Existing Parking Problems?

The IoT data collected from sensors is transmitted wirelessly to a cloud server. This information is collected and analyzed in real-time to create a map showing available parking spots. The map is then reflected on the smartphone app.

IoT-driven parking management system systems help in meeting parking requirements by solving different issues in the following:

Improving Car Control and Safety

Smart parking systems improve the safety of cars by notifying drivers when they intend to park in an area that is prohibited from parking. The connected devices can provide information about areas with the highest parking violation density and peak times for violations. IoT monitors traffic law reinforcements. It allows for creation of a framework that tracks and controls parking violations.

Real-Time Monitoring of Parking Spaces

IoT simplifies and speeds up the packing process. Automated parking eliminates uncertainty and guesswork when searching for open spaces. This technology prevents drivers from spending time in crowded parking lots. IoT solutions can help you find parking by monitoring your facility’s occupancy in real time.

Examining Parking Patterns

IoT-based smart parking solutions can optimize high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, office buildings, and airports. Connected parking management software fills a critical decision-making gap. IoT technology provides more insight and clarity.

Smart platforms can detect seasonal trends and patterns by analysing real-time driver data throughout the year. Parking facility managers can see how vehicles flow throughout the year and what factors cause rising demand. They can also learn how to optimize parking spaces with these behavioral and environmental insights.

Making Most of Time and Space

Smart parking technology makes finding an open spot easier and less stressful, which will reduce street activity. This will reduce traffic jams and allow city residents to save time.

IoT-based parking management software can help business owners maximize their space. The parking management system can automatically adjust the meter rates based on the current occupancy of the building. Parking facilities will benefit from automated meter renewal options to increase their income and attract more customers.

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Features of Smart Parking Mobile App

Smart parking apps are designed to collect information and data about parking areas. After collecting all information will determine whether the parking area is occupied or free. It then sends the information back to the users. Users can then book the parking space they have selected using the information provided. This is the core functionality of the app. You can add unique features to your app to make it more powerful.

User Panel

  • Log in/Sign up
  • Profile of the User
  • Search
  • Booking
  • Payment
  • Push Notification
  • Select City
  • Suggestion
  • Help/Support
  • Review

Admin Panel

  • User Management
  • Book Your Reservations
  • Verify Revenue
  • Take advantage of offers and discounts
  • Accept/Reject the request
  • New users can be managed
  • Analytical Report

Parker’s App

  • Login
  • Attach documents
  • Contact Information for Customers
  • Payment confirmation
  • Accept or reject the parking request
  • Review and rate the products

Additional Features for Smart Car Parking Solutions

If you are considering developing a mobile app for the parking industry, here are some features you can incorporate into your smart parking system.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS monitoring is required to make the program more user-friendly. This technology determines the vehicle’s location and calculates the distance to the nearest parking lots.


This allows you to reserve a parking spot. The user can choose parking spots that fit their budget and pre-pay them. This helps to avoid boring daily reservations.

Price Comparison

It allows drivers to easily compare prices and find the best lot in their city. The vehicle sensor in parking locator apps will notify drivers of the price in advance and help them to find a lower price at their closest location.

Map Searching

Maps allow drivers to find the exact location of street parking and the fastest route to their destination. This search should be easy, with just one tap to find the nearest location.

Heat Map View

This app features real-time monitoring of parking availability. It displays the most crowded routes on the street. The app integrates with vehicle detectors to allow consumers to make a reasonable booking decision regarding parking availability in this smart city.

In-App Payments

In-app payment options should be available via PayPal, credit card, or cash. This will ensure that customers are happy and secure. Companies can also increase customer retention by doing this.

Top Smart Parking Companies in India

Smart parking offers several options, including in-ground Smart Parking and counting sensors. These devices can be embedded in parking spots or placed next to them to determine if parking spaces are occupied or free.

Some companies also offer in-app information that lets you find out about parking locations and prices. Smart parking is now a necessity in society. Many companies are now investing in smart parking solutions to meet these demands. We have listed the top smart parking companies in India.

Get My Parking

When you search for India’s top smart parking companies, Get My Parking is the first. Get My Parking (GMP), founded by Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare and utilizing a solid technology foundation and partnerships, is creating a future-proof platform for connecting the parking industry with urban mobility players.

The company has achieved uncountable accomplishments. GMP is an award-winning provider of an Interoperable Smart Parking Platform, which connects all mobility and parking stakeholders working in silos.


ParkingRhino is also a top smart parking company in India. ParkingRhino solves the problems of operators and parking facility owners, including revenue management, business automation, and real-time and historical information about parking lot usage. ParkingRhino’s Smart Parking Platform combines the power of Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics to provide value for its partners as parking operators and owners.

ParkingRhino offers a wealth of information to its partners as parking operators and facility owners by leveraging Business Intelligence tools.

Smart City Parking

Smart City Parking, a Delhi-based company, was established in November 2019. It began to roll out an all-encompassing parking management system and enforcement measures at Mahindra World City Chennai’s 1500-acre Mahindra World City. This is the first phase of an exclusive partnership between the Mahindra Lifestyle Group and Smart City Parking. Smart City Parking has been recognized as one of India’s top smart parking companies.

Secure Parking

Its name is what defines its quality. So, how can one stop it from entering one of India’s top smart parking companies? The entrepreneurial approach to secure parking has been the norm. This approach is based on the understanding that not all car parks will have the same requirements and that every car park should be treated like a retail store.

They have created several unique strategies and systems that maximize each car park’s potential revenue and assets.


ValetEZ, a smart parking and mobility solution firm, designs solutions that manage parking spaces and alleviate the pain vehicle owners experience daily when parking in their cities. The parking platform can be deployed on any parking lot and provides a real-time view for both owners and users. This allows for high-level efficiency and reliability. Its platform is available to users, parking lot owners, and cities.

Real-time view of the parking infrastructure. Transparency and security regarding parking charges and delivery. Flexibility in managing parking spaces and data analytics. These key attributes make it India’s top-ranked smart parking company.

Cost of Developing Smart Parking Solution

After you have made all the decisions, it is time to calculate the cost of developing an app. It is essential to know the exact cost of your app. This can only be done if you work with skilled developers and designers.

Development costs depend on how many hours are required to create an app, the country of operation, technical specifications, etc.

The rough numbers for an IoT-based smart parking system will be:

  • App Development Cost: $20,000 – $70,000
  • UI/UX Designers: $5000 – $15,000
  • App Testing sCost: $5000 – $15,000

The total app development costs will be around $30,000 to $1,00,000.

The Key Takeaway

Smart parking is not just a trend. This is necessary due to the growing population and demand for adequate parking spaces. There are not many car parking apps on the market right now. However, there will be a lot of demand in the future. It will be advantageous to start now and build a stronger user base.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and can now create a mobile application for parking support. IoT is making parking apps very popular. Hiring the best IoT based smart car parking app development company to create a parking app is the best option.

It is crucial to understand that parking solutions do not come without their IoT developers. If you want to create unique parking software, get in touch with the top mobile app development company.

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