Car Rental App Development Company Business Model 2023

Car Rental App Development
Car Rental App Development Company

Car Rental App Development Company

People from all walks of life enjoy luxury living and the opportunity to avail of services at reasonable prices. For example, the service providers of car rentals have started selling their services through the app. People have a wide range of vehicles to choose from and can even drive them themselves. However, they can also get lucrative deals by comparing the prices and availability of different apps. It’s easy to use since users don’t have to search for services via a web browser or make unnecessary calls.

Due to the growing demand for car rentals, these apps are gaining immense popularity. As a result, one can also see an increase in their use. The app allows users to place their orders and receive notifications with information about the car and timings.

This app allows you to book a car hire service anywhere in the world via an internet connection. In addition, the app will allow you to access the car rental service closest to you in your area. This builds loyalty among users. To better understand the industry, take a closer look at every detail.

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Market Size of Car Rental Industry

The global car rental market was valued at USD98.14 billion in 2020. It is expected to grow at a compound annual rate (CAGR of 4.6%) from 2021-2028. In 2028, the revenue forecast is USD 141.17 trillion.

The car rental market is growing steadily and isn’t only steady. The market’s revenue shows enough opportunities to create a sustainable car rental app.

North America held the largest market share at 52.0% in 2020. The largest market was the U.S. The scope of the Regional scope includes North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and MEA, and the Country-wise scope is in the U.S.A, France, Germany, the U.K., Japan, and Korea.

Many well-established car rental app development companies are already in business and making millions of dollars annually.

It’s easy to imagine that the stable growth of the car rental market will open up opportunities for entrepreneurs around the globe for lucrative ventures.

Business Models of Car Rental Apps

Choose the right model first. Every car rental app offers a specific model. For example, Uber lets users book and pay for their fares, while Zipcar allows customers to rent a car hourly or daily. You must choose a model that appeals most to you. Here are some of the most sought-after models for car rentals.

Local Car Rental

This is the most well-known model. This model allows passengers to hire or book cabs from anywhere at any time. This app is primarily used to provide local taxi services. Before you book, you only receive your trip details, driver details, and payment information. Some rental apps offer bookings usually made one or two days before the trip. In addition, many local car rental companies offer a rating system and review system, which allows passengers and drivers to rate one another. Lyft and Uber are two of the most used local car rental apps.

Self-Driven Model

Self-drive is the next most popular type of car rental. Self-drive is where you rent a car from a rental company according to your needs. This is an excellent option for those who love driving but want to avoid dealing with the expense and hassle of owning a car. This is also a great option for people with a driver’s license but without a car. Finally, this is also a great option if you don’t own a car but are temporarily renting one. This model is very popular at Europcar and Rentalcars.

Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing

Like the car rental model, people rent cars directly from private individuals, not companies. Peer-to-peer car-sharing apps let people pick any car from a few cars in a vibrant local area. Customers choose their destination and select a host to pick a car. The vehicle is delivered once the customer has agreed to the terms. Customers enjoy the luxury and comfort that comes with well-maintained cars. Hosts make more money at the same time. Turo is an excellent example of peer-to-peer sharing.

Outstation Car Rental

Outstation car rentals can book cars for passengers traveling interstate or intracity. This model allows customers to rent cars to travel between states or cities and to pay for the fare according to their journey duration. Outstation car rentals are a great option for travelers as they can save on fuel and maintenance. InDriver is an excellent example of an outstation rental vehicle model.

Corporate Rent

Corporate rental models are becoming more popular as companies embrace the idea of car rental apps. Corporate rental models allow employees to rent vehicles for their official use. Organizations can rent vehicles to pick up or drop off. Private cabs can be hired for employees visiting the area to attend meetings. You can hire the ride for one or more days, and the company will pay for the fare. Gett is a great example of a corporate renting model.

Essential Points to Consider for Car Rental Mobile Application Development

Developing a car rental app is complex and involves many stages. Let’s look at the most important points to consider before starting car rental app development.

Find Your Niche

It is an important step in determining your future success. It is crucial first to identify your niche and evaluate your idea. To be a successful car-sharing app, you should consider the overall concept.

Analyze the Market and Competitors

You must research your competitors and target audience to develop a successful car rental app. Also, it is important to study the local features, legal issues, and niche trends to create a great app.

Conduct a Technical Audit and Research

At this stage, you should create terms of reference for hiring a car rental app development company. This includes the functional extent and framed structure. Then, choose the technologies to implement your project. Setting goals and tasks before starting car rental app development is important. Finally, you must ensure that your project idea can be implemented technically.

Offer a Unique Value Proposition

There is a lot of talent in the car rental software field. Customers choose innovative and valuable services. Therefore, it is important to provide a unique experience for clients.

Mind UX/UI Design

Design is no longer about the wow factor. Users now prefer a personal, simple, minimalistic, and easily accessible experience. For example, your on-demand car rental app development interface should be easy to use and intuitive so people can access the service they need from anywhere.

Place a Bet on a Reliable Software Partner

It is important to choose a vendor that can help in car rental app development. This will determine the outcome of your project. In addition, you can learn more about the company, including its tech stack and niche services. These specialists will help you implement your ideas.

Create a Strong User Base

Car rental app development is about engaging new customers and keeping existing ones. You can use various advertising options and services to attract new customers, such as social media marketing, referral programs, and PR. In addition, you can create a loyalty program and provide ongoing qualified support to answer consumers’ questions.

Considering all these KPIs before you start thinking about problems is a good idea. The next major thing in car rental app development will be the ability to cater to all user groups.

Revenue Model for Car Rental Apps

Car rental services provide cars and other luxury items to their customers. This business is profitable and helps service providers to generate high revenue. They can also work efficiently without worrying about issues affecting their revenue model. Let’s take a look at the revenue streams for car rental businesses.

Own Car Fleet

This requires service providers to establish a large business that can invest a lot. First, the company must purchase cars and assign them to drivers. The base fare paid by the customer is what the driver earns. After that, drivers are paid either on a monthly or per-service basis. This business model is the basis of Hertz, one of the most well-known apps.


This one is different. Car owners can get a platform through one of these car service apps and receive money for each booking. The app developers get a portion of their earnings. A second option is for car owners to give their cars and have them driven around the city by a driver. Turo is an example of such an app.

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Common Features for Car Rental Mobile Applications

The end-user is more than just the customer. End-users can also be drivers/hosts or admins. Let’s look at these features individually.

  1. User Side

Registration: Users should be able to log in via email or their phone number. To allow users to sign up through Facebook or Google, they must have integrated social media accounts into your app.

Choosing Car: Users must be able to choose the car they want. This is an important feature of your app. The three options available to car rental companies are sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs.

Ride Booking: Users have the option to book rides at any time they wish. It all depends on car availability. The app will connect you to the driver if a car is available to commute.

Manage Bookings: Reserving and booking trips via a car rental app are easy. It’s completely up to you to cancel or change it at any time.

Cost Estimates: This feature is most popular among users. Before searching for car availability, the users can see a rough estimate of the cost of the ride. Users must know the trip cost before booking a ride. This will save time and money.

GPS Navigation: Google Map integration is a crucial feature for these types of apps. This allows users to navigate their cars easily. A well-designed navigation app can also save drivers and passengers time.

Doorstep Delivery: This service is available for both self-driven and cab rentals. Cab rental companies perform pickup and delivery, typically from one location to the next. The rental company will deliver your car to the specified location if you rent a self-driven vehicle.

Multiple Payment Options: As we have discussed, your car rental app must offer multiple payment options to make it easy for your customers. While some prefer cash, others might prefer UPI and net banking.

Referral Rewards: Every app’s best marketing strategy is earning referral rewards. Both users will receive rewards if they recommend the app to a friend.

Push Notification: This feature allows app users to get all important alerts creatively. Your pop-up message should be clear and concise to encourage users to use your app.

  1. Driver Side

Easy Sign-In: Drivers also need to log in with their email address, mobile number, and password. The best car rental app development tools are available to ensure smooth login.

Accept/Reject a Request: Drivers can accept or reject the request after completing one trip. Likewise, drivers can accept or decline the request, so it only stays pending for a short time.

Trip Details: After the driver accepts the trip request, the app will give the driver all details, including name, address, location, and payment method.

Dashboard: Again, this is an essential feature that helps drivers. An app dashboard is a collection of all important information displayed on one screen.

Ride Navigation: Driver apps must integrate with navigation services to save time and provide valuable services to their users.

Earning Register: This log is maintained by the rental car company for drivers. The log should include detailed information about the distance so drivers can earn as much as they are entitled.

  1. Admin Side

Car Management: This allows the admin to manage the car and update the card details with the details of the users to whom it has been given.

Dashboard: The admin can manage all cars and update the dashboard with information about the number of cars occupied.

User Management: All users registered with this app can be viewed, and their details (addresses, ratings, services used, etc.) are stored. Here are your details.

Payment Management: This feature allows the administrator to manage all payment gateways and payment information, as well as the commission fees for the services within this category.

Tariff Management: Trip fare depends on many factors, such as the time of year, weather conditions, peak hours, etc.

Analytics: This feature contains all information regarding cars and recent trends. In addition, this feature allows admins to manage time, cars, and services.

Top Car Rental Mobile Application in the Market

Several apps have made a significant contribution to the industry, and they are now flourishing due to the services they offer to their users.


This car rental company has a long history. Walter J. Jacobs founded it in 1913 with just 10 cars. His company was the top-rated car rental company in the world within a year. Today, the company has its app with more than 8,000 offices around the globe. They provide a smooth service with lucrative offers.


They provide services mostly in the U.S.A. and Canada. This app is the most affordable for car rentals. You can either book an hourly or daily car rental.


The additional services offered by this car rental app have made it very popular. These include the ability to book flights and accommodation. In addition, users can access a variety of services from one platform.


Hotwire, another car rental app doing well in this field, has the same business model as Skyscanner. However, Hotwire offers lucrative deals that allow users to save up to 60% on their bookings.


The car rental company is based in Parsippany (New Jersey). It offers affordable cars for rent at a reasonable price and quotes a fair price. The platform offers a wide range of cars and lets users book self-driven cars hourly or daily. It also focuses on safety, such as child safety seats and roadside assistance.


In 2013, the company had just 7 cars, but it has since grown to over 1800 cars. According to reports, the company will soon add 6000 more cars.

Working Model for Car Rental Mobile Applications

It offers cars to users on an hourly basis, as well as half-day and full-day rates. This includes airport drop-offs and pickups.

The admin and users experience different ways of using the car rental app. First, let’s look at how the app works for users.


Like most apps, the first step will take you to a landing page where you must log in with your credentials and other details. It is easiest for users to log in quickly and easily using their credentials from any social media account.

Multiple Cars

Users might have different needs and want to book the car that suits them best. The app allows them to select from a variety of cars. They can also choose according to their expectations and budget.

Choose a Car

The user can choose the car that suits their needs by choosing the color, size, number, and other specifications.

Make the Booking

Once the user has selected a car and model they like, they can choose a time to use the service. The app is not like call-in services. Instead, it allows users to book the service instantly.

Manage their Bookings

Users can use car rental apps to manage their bookings and confirm when they wish to use the car. This allows for transparency and helps to keep track of future bookings.

Calculating Fare

The price of a car rental app development is calculated according to the car selected, and the time it is required by the user. In addition, users can determine the cost of the fare by entering the distance they drive.

Online Payments

Online payments are now possible thanks to the advent of online wallets. You don’t have to pay in cash. Instead, you can make a pre-paid booking using your credit, debit card, or online wallet. For example, most car rental apps accept online payments. They also provide receipts for the booking.


After a user has made a payment, he is confirmed by a notification on his device. It also includes the details of the car and the time it is being booked.


These apps give users a sense of security by allowing them to share details about their car with friends and family. They can also track their location live.

Cancellation a Booking

This feature allows you to cancel your booking if there are any urgent changes to the plan. This feature is a must-have in any car rental app development.

Efficient Delivery

Users can have the car delivered directly to their homes and not need to visit the service provider’s office. As a result, these apps are even more useful.

Team Structure Required for Car Rental App Development

It is not an exaggeration for me to say that every mobile app that succeeds has skilled and experienced developers who can turn ideas into a business.

You don’t need to be part of a highly successful mobile app development company or team to develop a well-respected car rental app development.

It is smart to make the car rental app development accessible on all mobile platforms, including Android and iOS, as well as wearables, to reach a larger audience.

The minimum team structure for car rental app development or application would be like this.

  • Project Manager
  • Backend Developers
  • Designers of UX/UI
  • Frontend developers
  • Android App Developers
  • iOS App Developers
  • QA Professionals

Cost of Car Rental Application Development

It is more complex than it appears to calculate the cost of car rental app development. Many factors can impact the final cost of a car rental app. These factors include the regions where the app is built, the features it offers, and the platforms (Android and iOS). Because of the different hourly costs of developers around the world, the cost of each region will affect the price.

In the USA, hiring a developer costs $150-250 per hour, while in Europe, it costs $120-$180 per hour. Surprisingly, in India, it costs between $40 and $80 to hire a developer. The lower cost does not necessarily indicate better quality. The economic conditions of a country can only affect the cost difference.

The price of car rental app development also depends on the number of features. The total cost of developing a car rental app is impossible to estimate. An MVP version, which was built in India, may run between $15,000 and $30,000.

If you include advanced functionality and features in your app, however, it may increase the cost of app development.

The Key Takeaway

Smartphones have revolutionized all aspects of our lives, including the automotive sector. As a result, app owners and users increasingly use car rental apps.

This car rental app development service allows enterprises to promote their services, keep in touch with customers and offer personalized promotions. As a result, all stakeholders can benefit from the car rental app.

We hope you found all the information necessary for car rental app development. Developing a car rental app for your business is a great idea. This allows you to address user demand and establish market imprints that will lead to successful outcomes.

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