Top 10 Issues Faced by Android App Developers

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Google’s Android OS powers a huge amount of smartphones. It is very important for app developers to have a clear understanding of the most common issues they are likely to face while developing an Android app. This article will discuss the top ten Android app development issues that android app development company or freelancers can face.

Successful android app development is a commitment and needs strategic planning to work on. Any pitfall can derail the entire project and might create troubles for both client and developers. To solve this challenge, The developers or android app development company should always be prepared to understand potential issues right at the beginning that might occur during the android app development lifecycle. Such aspects listed in this blog will help you in controlling the project cost and also enable the delivery of the project within the committed timelines.

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Top 10 challenges faced by Android App Developers

Here are various challenges that android app developers or android application development companies might face while developing an application:

  1. Getting the Target Audience

With the aggressive competition in application development, it is becoming challenging to get the audience and hook their attention for a longer period. Hence, android app developers should conduct extensive research on the user persona. This aspect covers integrating UX strategies along with technology to develop an application that is usable and convenient for users. Be it any kind of app, it should be designed keeping in the needs and utility of the target group. 

  1. Selection of appropriate technology

Selecting a valuable and interactive technology for an application is one of the main considerations. This determines whether that technology needs to be hybrid, native, or a cross-platform application. It is a difficult task to develop an application that is versatile and adaptable to the needs of the end users. For this, a developer should choose on which platform or framework the app needs to be developed. There are ample options and in fact, android developers also offers the convenience to develop apps in a modern language called flutter which gives numerous features to develop scalable native android applications. 

  1. Cost Analysis

It is essential to have a clear idea of the overall cost associated with the application development. Different kinds of applications have different features and they may have varied complexities based upon cost, time, and effort factors. These are some of the common determinants of cost and might change or fluctuate if the demand for an application gets changed at the later stage of development. There are different models of cost analysis and estimation that developers should follow to understand it better. 

  1. Device Compatibility issues

There are hundreds of devices that exist in the market today and every device has different hardware specifications and different screen sizes. While developing an android application, a developer should ensure that the app is developed keeping android standards and guidelines in mind. It should also involve testing emulators and real devices to see how well the app performs in terms of functionality and visual aspects. 

  1. Compatibility to 3rd Party API

Some APIs are created for a specific Android version and cannot support other versions of the operating system. Thus, android developers are required to check the documentation of these third-party integrations to understand the scope of using these APIs during the development process of an android application.

  1. UI UX Aspects

In modern technology trends, understanding the usability of an application is a critical factor and in order to ensure it, you should thoroughly research the user experience aspects. It includes studying the existing application of the domain and analyzing mental models of what features need to be added to the app. This can help developers solve the bottlenecks of user experience in a better way. The developers can use native material UI to ensure this aspect while designing the interface of any application. 

  1. Battery consumption and storage capacity

An application is good enough and liked by users when it does not impact storage and battery by its enactment. If an application is heating too much and consumes more battery, then it may create an issue for developers. No users like to use an application that gives distress to them. So it is important for an android application development company or freelancer to ensure that the app is using limited resources and not hindering any performance.

  1. Performance

A common challenge faced by android app developers is to ensure smooth performance. The main challenge is to develop a running application that can work without bugs and should not lag or crash.

  1. Security

Security is a critical factor these days as users are not so confident about applications that ask for too much of their personal information. We usually see an app asking for a lot of permissions that have nothing to do with what it is made for, in such cases a user might find it fishy. In this aspect, android developers or android application development company should always ensure protocols and standards to provide safe communication and transfer of information between an application and the backend. 

  1. Not Using android resources as per the standards

The android apps might use various images, icons, and fonts. It is always advisable the developer should consider the resolution, size, quality, and dependencies of such resources so that it doesn’t hinder usability aspects. Android also mentions such aspects publicly on guidelines so that developers can ensure it better. 

Overcoming the challenges with in-depth understanding facilitates developers with a solid competitive edge to construct an application with fewer issues and advanced features. One should consider all issues while planning the development as it would help in avoiding delays and unnecessary occurrences of issues. Alphonic being the best android application development company offers great solutions to build your next android app without any hassles.

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