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Car Rental Software

The car rental market is on hype and staying behind is not an option. With a CAGR of 7.5% during 2019-2024, the global car rental industry will be worth $125-$160 billion by the year 2022. With the continuous increase of vehicles on the road and the huge costs of buying a personal vehicle, car software development has been in demand. This increased demand for car rental services has pushed several businesses to set foot in this car rental market to generate huge profits for their business.

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Car software development


Alphonic is a renowned on-demand car software development company that offers white-label and custom on-demand car rental solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. We create, design, and deploy feature-rich car rental solutions for multiple platforms.

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Car Rental Booking

At Alphonic, we have a team of professional developers that have integrated feature-rich car rental booking solutions with multiple scheduling models, payment modes, calendars, and so on. We have also developed business intelligence solutions that can easily operate on multiple platforms and screens.

Car software development

Contract Services

We ensure to integrate secure contract Management Services in our on-demand car rental services that can be easily accessed by the customers as well as the services providers to execute legal agreements and annexes. Our developers create car rental solutions that are reliable for vehicle processing, and the customers can easily book car rental services from the software.

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Rental Fleet Management

Our professional engineers have deployed smart car software development solutions with a seamless dashboard containing some advanced features such as maintenance records, rental status, travel history, authorization number, and so on. In addition, we consider integrating automated maintenance systems to keep the coordination transparent between customers and service providers.

Car rental software development services

Rate Car Rental Solution

Our on-demand car software development service ensures that our customers get flexible car rental services with instant configuring of quotes. Our solutions are integrated with multiple features such as distance of the trip, credit of renters, etc. To offer some extra convenience to our users, we have also deployed rate-altering algorithms for easy management of multiple split rates.


Alphonic's software development services is developed by highly experienced professionals. All the professionals are qualified and have years of hands-on experience in offering industry-driven solutions. Our application is regularly updated to offer high-functioning car rental services to users.


Corporate Car Rentals

Build your rental business by offering rental services to your corporate clients who frequently require car rental services.


Self-Drive Car Rentals

Set your foot in the continuously evolving self-drive car rental market. Offer multiple car types with transparent pricing and easy renting to your customers.


Local Car Rentals

Build your car rental business by offering local car rental services hourly, half-day, and full-day with airport pick-up and drop services.


P2P Car Rentals

Connect car renters with car owners through our white-label car software development for improved business efficiency.


Long Term Car Rentals

Be a part of the growing trend of renting a car for the long term and save your customers from spending on buying a vehicle.


Outstation Car Rentals

Expand your tours and travel business quickly through outstation car rentals to your customers on various travel bookings.

Car rental app development


Our car software development services to offer customized car rental services through seamless management software instances to streamline business processes. The car rental application can also automate the task through the highly flexible user interface and multiple features.

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Car Rental Insurance

Our expert developers have created an excellent solution with insurance policies including roadside assistance, damage waivers, personal accident, affect coverage, and other liability protection insurance. To support the claims and secure the transfers, we have integrated third-party insurance support into our application.

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Car Rental CRM

We are a trustworthy car software development company for building a car rental CRM that supports SMS communications, email, and various other insurances for all our potential customers. We also acknowledge our customers through various loyalty programs.

Car rental software solutions

Rental Services Integration

Our car software development services offer maximum scalability to users with multiple payment gateways, accounting software, third-party systems, and corporate software. This enables us to offer our users and the services provided to communicate with each other easily.

Multiple payment mode integrations

Multiple Payment Modes

Our online car software is integrated with multiple credit reporting platforms supported by all the accounting services and software. In addition, we ensure that all the transactions are conveniently executed through in-house or online processing with our on-demand car rental solution.

Real-time tracking feature

Real-Time Tracking

Our professional developers integrate third-party GPS software with other tracking systems to track vehicles in real time. Moreover, we have also integrated a reliable ignition control system for an advanced service experience. Our car rental mobile app development services are easily accessible to both customers and service providers.

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Multiple Car Types

When users look for car software development services, there is a preliminary requirement. Also, there are various factors such as budget, and convenience included. Our application is integrated with multiple car options so that the users can choose as per their choice.

Future-Ready Car Rental Software

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Customized Travel Bookings

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Easy Management of Trips

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Multiple Option to Choose Desired Car

Customized travel booking software development services

Seamless Reservation of Rental Services

Looking for a Reliable Car Rental Application Development Company?

At Alphonic, we have a team of professional designers and developers who have years of experience in creating car rental solutions for start-ups and multinational organizations.


Benefits of Our Custom on Demand Car Rental Software

With over a decade of experience in various industries such as transportation, travel and tourism, and hospitality, we offer industry-driven solutions to our clients. Our next-generation on-demand car rental software integrates an API system and some pre-loaded best-in-class features to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Custom software development company in USA 24/7 Availability

Our cutting-edge on-demand car rental software will enable you to stay connected with your users 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During peak work hours or non-working hours, you may use the digital assistant or chatbot to respond to your user's queries.

App development services Ease of Use

The application's key features that make it easy to use for users are smooth online booking and detailed listing. Customers can directly explore all the available cars with cost as well. With some additional car rental advantages, you can enable the users to avail themselves of discounts and offers.

Car booking app development Easy Booking

Handling a large customer base and large fleet of cars is not an easy task. The online car rental application can help you manage all the bookings easily, track rental statuses, bill the bookings, communicate with the designated customers, and so on.

Mobile app development Reliability and Quality

Only authorized user has access to use the car rental application. The application is integrated with secure payment gateways. This ensures that all transactions are efficient and safe. The user data is stored in the application safely.

Vehicle software development Vehicle Management

The car rental mobile application is integrated with powerful features such as seamless booking, rider and owner management, earning reports, and so on. The application connects the riders with the car owners, allowing them to manage the vehicles, such as track and locate the vehicle's status.

Android Application Development Company Boston Billing and Invoice

The on-demand car rental software enables the operators to easily track the billing details, and generate invoices and cash payments. The app maintains all the records of the cash flow to streamline the billing process.

Salient Features of on Demand Car Rental Application

We have created on-demand car rental solutions for varied industries as well as for individuals. Our team of professional designers and developers offers customized, ready-made, and white-label solutions integrated with multiple features.


Every user has different needs as they want to rent a car as per their needs. The app offers a wide range of cars so that the users can choose their preferred one. This gives them an option, but they can also choose the car as per their expectations and budget.


The on-demand car rental application has an algorithm to calculate the fare depending on the car chosen and the distance traveled by the user. Moreover, the app also displays an approximate cost to the user before they rent the car.

Push Notification

Once the user confirms a booking, all the details regarding the confirmation are shared with the user through a pop-up notification. Detailed information about the car and the booking timings are also shared with the user through the push notification.


The users can add extra details during the booking, and they can also use the "wash now" option to get the car washed directly at that time. By entering the exact details about the location, they can get the service delivered to their doorstep.


After choosing the car and the car model as per their expectations and budget, the users can schedule the booking for the time they want to avail of the service. Moreover, the users can also schedule the car wash according to them.

Booking Cancellation

This feature enables the users to cancel the booking in case of urgency or plan changes. This is one of the essential features that we integrate into our car rental application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The development model determines the cost of the rental car software. For example, if you are looking for a cloud-based car rental software platform, the monthly price for car rental software can vary from $ 200 to $ 500 per month. On the other hand, if you want a one-time, source-shipped (in-house deployment) production and deployment model, it costs between $ 12,000 and $ 50,000.
Car rental software improves all aspects of the auto and taxi industry. Car rental software makes all the difference, be it ease of use for your operators or the convenience of customers booking directly through your website. This device can do all the steps automatically by searching, booking, online payment, cancellation and DSS reports.
As people rely on smartphones for everything they need, car rental software has become important for their diverse travel needs. In addition, mobile rental car software offers customers convenience and accessibility, improves customer loyalty and attractiveness, and increases brand visibility and customer loyalty. Therefore, to stay ahead, the travel company needs to develop a mobile car rental application.
We already have a pre-built car rental page with native iOS and Android apps for customers and drivers and a web management panel to manage activities. So if all you need is a basic car rental software solution, you can get it right away. However, if you are interested in using our solution on new auto parts, modifying the rental logic, custom integration, and the like will take some time to develop and test accordingly. Contact our dedicated sales team to find a solution to developing your rental car software, knowing your specific needs and serving you better.
With the convenience that smartphones have brought into our lives, we prefer to use them in all aspects of life. For example, people now prefer renting a car to save the cost of owning a car, which has made a lot of noise for car rental software. Some of the most popular rental car apps for Android and iPhone are Getaround, Hertz, Zipcar, RelayRides, CarRentals, Turo and more.

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