Examples of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2022

Progressive Web App Development

Progressive web applications is a new web as a large number of customers in their daily work connect most of their daily work to cell phones. The 2017 comScore report on mobile apps shows the dominance of mobile apps in the US. Customers invest 87% of their energy in mobile applications compared to using the mobile internet (13%). In addition, a lot of time is spent on the use of automated media in mobile applications.

While most jobs aren’t about working or not developing mobile apps, the decision to develop web apps is still on the table. It didn’t take long for the web app development company to choose between native and cross-platform mobile events. Today another alternative has emerged: progressive web applications.

Progressive web applications are simple pages that should look like native applications that have the internal mobile experience and are similar to standard web browsers. While not really like a native program; it sends similar regular streams, stunning images, and live views that are 100; if not more, the size of native programs. They take advantage of the innovations available on the web to provide applications such as in-app appointments so that your customers can access them without downloading the mobile app. There is no longer any need to search and send Janky to a weak cellular company with quickly created application solutions that lead to important encounters for your customers.

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What are Progressive Web Apps?

The term “progressive web application” was coined by Google Chrome developer Alex Russell, who used it to describe a new generation of web applications that can be downloaded like normal websites, but with functions that are supported by modern browsers, using service applications and web application data. To provide useful features such as offline work, push notifications, and other features traditionally only associated with native applications.

In this way, Progressive web app development effectively bridges the gap between mobile apps and websites and offer the best of both worlds. PWA occurs when users want an engaging mobile experience but don’t know the number of apps on their device and are reluctant to install new apps.

Several leading companies are already using PWA and releasing their web applications, including AliExpress, which reported a 104 percent increase in conversion rates for new users, and Twitter, which reported a 65 percent increase in pages per page. 75% on tweets and 20% fewer bounce rates.

Technologies to Leverage for Progressive Web software

Progressive websites are becoming increasingly popular as an approach for mobile app development using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML that have a level of execution and usability that is indistinguishable from native applications. While there are several ways to get familiar with progressive web applications on the web, I need to borrow deeper ideas and come up with ideas for JavaScript devices and libraries that will help you build applications faster.


Based on Apache Cordova and an angular architecture, Ionic is an incredible PWA tool that comes off a high-tech stack and allows web application developers to use competing systems. Ionic offers a comprehensive toolkit to cover PWA tools, including UI components, unit tests, preset routing, and more. This is a smart answer for people moving from Cordova / PhoneGap to developing mobile applications and responsive web applications.


As one of the most experienced JS architectures and the third most popular innovation in web application development, AngularJS has a clear and mature approach. This is exceptional in any method and effectively allows developers to add some functionality. This way, reset the interaction to quickly build the PWA. It has one of the most comprehensive libraries supports and is always synced with Google for regular updates.

React PWA Library

The ReactJS architecture is used for single or multi-sided ReactJS application development. Additional JS libraries allow developers to create employee and customer-provided pages and direct API groups to direct. As one of the most important choices for web application development, ReactJS has better documentation, extensive libraries, support for biosystems, a huge native application development area, etc., and is a great choice for PWA creation.


Polymer, made by Google, is a lightweight JavaScript platform with multiple PWAs. It is wide in format and features one of the most amazing documents out there. Polymer is one of the most amazing PWA development tools that create reusable components and connects information with tools. Then optimize the entire development scale. By providing APIs and using PRPL schemes for better development, Polymer is an incredible innovation for PWA.


VueJS is open source and one of the most progressive JS architectures that is widely used due to its simple coding function. As one of the fastest-growing libraries, VueJS is a solution for more modest operations and MVP because of its ease of coding and quick deployment. In addition to simple coding and deployment, as well as providing accurate and precise documentation, VueJS ensures fast application transfer

PWA Builder

Developed by Microsoft, PWA Builder is a great way to quickly and efficiently convert websites to PWA with little development work. Almost all web development companies use PWA builders for their simple and natural components. Of course, PWA Builder recognizes whether a site can support PWA functionality. All you need to do is reset your site URL in the PWA Builder URL section.

Key Benefits of progressive Web Apps

Although Progressive Web Application development is a completely new phenomenon, more and more companies are realizing its enormous potential. They combine the capabilities of websites and mobile applications that make it possible to create a rich user experience and increase user engagement and conversion rates. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of progressive web applications and the possibilities PWA offers for businesses compared to web or mobile applications.

Native Like App Look and Feel

Nowadays, mobile device users prefer applications to browsers, applications are browser compatible because they are easier to use, can work offline, and have a more attractive user interface. Progressive web applications provide an enhanced user experience by combining the appearance of mobile applications with the best website performance. They have a design and settings very similar to the original mobile software. Regardless of the technologies, tools, and frameworks, PWA is developed on, they provide the same mobile application experience and are superior to websites.

At the same time, they have speed, responsiveness, and a variety of functions, such as websites with access to databases and automated data. As a result, search engines index them and allow systems like Google or Bing to find PWA pages. Compared to mobile apps, which only save their internal data for personal use, the pages of these apps can be found on the Internet, which can have a positive effect on the number of page views.

Quick Installation

Unlike normal mobile applications, Progressive Web Applications (PWA) do not require a lengthy and complex installation process, which greatly improves the user experience. Users can download the app quickly and directly to their device without having to go to the App Store or Google Play. This simplifies the process and significantly reduces user vacation time. After users have downloaded the application, they can access it from the desktop icon.

Some browsers even offer action-like teasers that urge users to download these apps when they visit relevant websites. This feature is embedded in browsers and enables applications to increase their credibility and reliability. Since this software does not have to be installed on devices, users can simply access PWA via URL, which helps a lot with its high shareability.

High Performance

PWAs store and deliver text, images, and other content in a special and efficient way so that they can act as a website and increase their performance dramatically. Impeccable performance in addition to fast performance is another feature that affects user experience and conversion rate.

Retailers and content providers should use this type of software because it improves customer loyalty and retention and creates a more positive user experience than mobile apps.

Seamless Offline Operation

The ability to work offline or on vulnerable networks makes PWAs easier than websites that require good internet. Internal service employees automatically save important functions and information of the leading web application and do not have to be downloaded and allow users offline access.

This is based on storing information that users already have access to, such as B. Pages. When they try to access websites, they have never visited online, the app may display a custom offline page. This feature is critical for retailers as it allows them to avoid deleting user catalogs and improve customer loyalty.

Push Notification

Like native mobile apps, PWAs can access certain functions of the device, e.g., B. Push notifications. This feature can be implemented in a number of ways and enables businesses to get the most out of content ads.

Why are pressure ads so effective when it comes to PWA? According to some statistics, around 60% of users allow their leading apps to send them notifications; which greatly increases the chances of promoting products or services. In addition, these notifications are displayed on the mobile screen; which attracts users’ attention, especially when compared to email newsletters, blog posts or posts on social networks.

That way, the company can better reach its target audience and the audience will likely respond to it. Another valuable finding is that these return notifications, along with application icons on the device’s desktops, aid brand recognition as they enable businesses to get noticed. However, users who have many applications installed on their mobile devices, many of which allow notifications to be sent, run the risk of cluttering their digital experiences.

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Best Examples of Progressive Web Apps in 2021

With more than half of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s not surprising that online businesses are searching for web application development company improve the user experience on mobile devices. To meet user demands, online businesses must provide accessible interfaces that make online shopping quick, easy, and convenient for shoppers – otherwise, they will be exposed to the residue.

This is where progressive web applications come in. Here we explain what advanced web applications are, how they work, and some examples of the best progressive web applications you will be using in 2021.


MakeMyTrip is a leading online travel company in India. Before introducing the advanced web application, they spent unprecedented costs in attracting customers and high capital ratios.

To resolve this situation, MakeMyTrip decided to use PWA to take the user experience to the next level and spend the budget efficiently.

Delivering the simplicity of the web and the native mobile experience found in users’ mobile browsers, PWA tracks job conversion rates and page load times. Here are some key results from PWA integration:

  • 38% upsurge in page load times
  • 160% rise in user sessions
  • 3x escalation in conversion rates


Pinterest is one of the most popular web education (PWA) applications that users use to find and organize photos, videos, recipes, and products. This website is the most popular website for finding creative ideas.

Compatibility with subscriptions and a mobile app installation is around 1 which is why it has moved from a mobile website to advanced web technology.

PWA Pinterest is fast and offers an easy-to-use solution with push notifications, low bandwidth usage, and offline support. Hence, several notable results have been achieved:

  • 44% rise in user-generated ads returns
  • 40% upsurge in time spent on mobile web
  • 60% increase in user engagement
  • 50% escalation in ad click-through


Starbucks is also one of the best web apps launched with a mobile ordering app in 2015. However, it was not suitable for emerging markets such as rural communities where internet connections are slow and unreliable.

Starbucks wanted to order from its main website but found that many of its customers did not have stable internet connections.

Starbucks wanted people to be able to browse Starbucks menus and even add items to their shopping carts offline. Since then, I’ve realized that building a PWA is the only way. They have developed a PWA program from their demand program to serve emerging (rural) and established (urban) markets.

It’s very easy to use and eye-catching, it works as an application and works effectively in areas with unstable network connections. It looks like a native app, but it’s fast, small, and responsive.

The offline availability has enabled Starbucks to attract customers who don’t have a stable internet connection or who lose access during the day.


Flipkart is the largest e-commerce website in India. Recently they turned their mobile website into a progressive web application called Flipkart Lite. It offers a quick and logical experience for mobile users. It integrates the best Flipkart web and native app.

In 2015, Flipkart was forced to close its mobile website and temporarily incorporate the app-only approach. They found it difficult to provide a user experience as half of the users were browsing over 2G or unstable networks. Fascinated by innovative trends and features in website development, they finally decided to devote themselves to a progressive web application. Flipkart Lite fetched some astonishing results:

  • 40% greater re-engagement
  • 70% rise in conversions
  • 3 times lower usage of data
  • 3 times more time spent on site


Uber, an international rideshare app that is expanding into new markets, has realized that it can make it easy for all users to request a quick ride, regardless of network, location, or device speed.

As the company expanded, the web was rebuilt as a PWA to provide a great booking experience for native mobile apps.

Uber PWA is one of the best progressive web applications designed to work with slow networks. PWA, developed for an application-like experience that can be found in all browsers today, is suitable for travelers on low-end devices.

The company made sure that the PWA program was lightweight – it is a 50K drive program that allows the program to load quickly even on slow networks.


Lancome is a French luxury cosmetics company with an international presence. They point out that while the number of mobile users has increased exponentially in recent years, their mobile conversion is low compared to desktop conversion.

As mobile commerce is an emerging trend, they have spent their time creating a faster and better mobile web experience.

The company used the Progressive Web App to reduce bounce rates for mobile users and acted as an attraction. Lancome PWA has also improved mobile sessions, conversions, and interactions with weird features like push notifications.

Below are certain main results: 

  • 15% reduction in bounce rates
  • 17% upsurge in conversions
  • 84% less time consumed till the page is interactive
  • 51% growth in mobile sessions
  • 8% rise in conversions on recovered carts via push notifications


AliExpress is a well-known e-commerce company owned by the Alibaba Group. This is a website where you can find almost anything from electronics, clothing, home appliances, and accessories to pet products.

Before using Progressive Web, they used his mobile website to convert non-app users into app users – which wasn’t working as well as they thought. Back then, their website didn’t offer a compelling mobile experience either.

This is why they decided to invest in an advanced web browser application that has vastly improved the user experience and overall website performance. AliExpress has had incredible results after switching to PWA:

  • 74% rise in time imparted per session
  • 2 times more pages were visited per session
  • 104% growth in conversions for new users


Tinder had a great mobile app, but they tried to stay one step ahead of the latest market trends as they found that their mobile experience lagged far behind that of their competitors.

It didn’t have a particular problem but did notice that the old phone app’s click-through rate wasn’t as high as it could have been.

The developers tested the application to develop Tinder PWA to provide dependable speed and convenience for its customers. PWA Tinder was smaller than the native Tinder applications that had been replaced.

The creative use of JavaScript performance tuning enables service providers to provide their users with a faster, smoother, and more responsive experience. The following are the effects of PWA adoption:

  • 15% reduction in bounce rates
  • 30% increase in click-through rates


Forbes is a leading US business magazine with new articles in finance, investing, marketing, and industry. This was a popular news site, but it had a problem. He was trying to respond to how readers’ content was being consumed, so he needed a way to control rapid market changes.

As mobile users grew, Forbes had great potential when it rolled out PWA in 2017. With instant broadcast, ultra-fast sideloading, lightweight design, and instant notifications, it was possible to increase user interaction and get more conversions.

Here are a few key results:

  • 20% growth in impressions per page
  • 43% rise in sessions per user
  • 6 times upsurge in the number of readers finishing the articles
  • 100% escalation in engagement rates

Twitter Lite

Twitter launched its advanced web application, Twitter Lite, in 2017 as a mobile virtual web experience for its users around the world. With almost 80 mobile users, Twitter was forced to make the mobile web experience more attractive and faster, especially since many users were slow and unstable in areas with internet networks.

Twitter Lite is the best PWA that loads pages instantly and reduces data consumption by changing images and saved data. The program keeps its users busy with important re-push notifications and allows users to add PWA to their home screen. Here are some key PWA results compared to Twitter Mobile:

  • 20% decline in bounce rate
  • 65% rise in pages per session
  • 75% upsurge in Tweets sent

The Key Takeaway

There are many examples of PWA for many brands in different industries that have shown strange results. This is the reason why most businesses are planning to hire web application developers to improve their brand presence in the market.  It works well for any user using incremental improvement ideologies regardless of browser choice. Service agents enable use on low-quality networks as well as offline.

All of the best web application examples above show that advanced web applications (PWA) can be a great option to increase website exposure by providing a user-like application experience with fast download, less data consumption, and no download.

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  21. Designed to play perfectly on mobile and any device used for the best user experience Please confirm you are of legal age in your country to access gambling products before entering this site. Please confirm you are of legal age in your country to access gambling products before entering this site. Designed to play perfectly on mobile and any device used for the best user experience We’re a growing team on a mission to take on the competitive gaming industry – will you help us do it? Please confirm you are of legal age in your country to access gambling products before entering this site. We’re a growing team on a mission to take on the competitive gaming industry – will you help us do it? Designed to play perfectly on mobile and any device used for the best user experience
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