IBM Watson Text Analytics: An Indispensable Tool For Data

ibm watson text analytics

IBM Watson Text analytics is an indispensable tool that helps to convert unstructured data into something understanding and meaningful. The text analysis is the way to measure the statistical and machine learning techniques. The Watson Text analytics by IBM gives the user a tool that serves in simplifying the algorithms of big data and converting them into simplified language.

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Features of IBM Watson Text Analytics
  • Uncovers the insight of diverse data

The IBM Watson text analytics aids in uncovering the various structured and unstructured data by extracting them. It analyses the mega-data by using the contents, keywords, entities, and categorical relations of the data.

  • Understanding the emotions

The Watson text analytics is a natural language generator. It understands the human language and reciprocates in the same manner to help the user in analyzing the big data. It has the capacity to understand the sentiments and emotions attached to a document and read them on the basis of keywords. The IBM Watson text analytics not only reads the data with emotion and but has the capacity to deeply analyze them and reciprocate to the users.

  • Multiple languages

The Watson text analytics understands around nine different languages through the IBM Watson knowledge studio. This is a major factor since most text analytics is not capable in this field.

  • Customised models

With the help of Watson’s knowledge studio, the NLU uses custom models to extract relationships and collaborate without having a single line of code. The models are easily deployed to identify the various industries and understand the unstructured data.

  • New pricing

The Watson knowledge studio has a simplified pricing structure to easily deploy the custom models in the various file. A user can easily track the usage of text analytics and know how much to spend on the functioning.

Why should you use Watson Text Analytics?

Otherwise known as Natural language understanding (NLU), the Watson text analytics a huge platform for human interactivity. The platform not only solves the problems but also offers a cost-effective solution by reading the documents and data. The analytics software gives a cognitive approach to access the data which was till today only available to the data experts.

The IBM Watson text analytics is a major platform to analyze the sentiments and the business intelligence using the natural language with ease. It helps in the automation of business functions, and developing advertisements for retailers as well.

For more info: Whatsapp us at +91 9887133338

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